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Domestic psychological problems and their ensuring and proven remedies

Ubqari Magazine - March 2016

The letters of distorted families and their comprehensive answers

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Do something other job:

I m learning the reporting he takes me with him with difficulty, because he is very busy. Anyhow whenever I get the chance I take camera and go with him on my motorbike, if there is fire, bullets and people are injured he remains fearless, and does not feel worried but keeps taking the pictures. He is successful in his profession, but I feel fearful at such places, I cannot look at injured people then how can I take their pictures and make news about them, he says me to do something else. (Asad Ali, Lahore))

Suggestion: careless attitude about one's life for the success professional life is not good, human life is more is important than profession. Either it is your own life or someone life of some other the first obligation is to save the life; the time which is consumed to take their pictures can be use in finding the ways to save their lives. This will be the bigger thing than that, there are a lot of people who cannot look at injured and blood but these are the realities of life. Those who are brave enough to face these things can help other people. Whatever the work is but one should give the preference to humanism.

Stupidity of the girl:I went to the engagement ceremony of my friend, there I saw a girl who was looking very pretty, she has used the makeup in such a quantity that a married girl would not used. in the end of the ceremony everybody was going and I saw her also going with her parents, they seemed very oppressed, she was talking to them very rudely, and my all dreams of having her as mine dashed to ground when I saw this. Later according to the situation I asked my friend about her, he told that she is psycho patient; people of her area called her mad; then again I thought about her and felt soft corner for her in heart. Can this type of girls be fine and if they also use to hit others? (Arif Raheem' Jahng)

Suggestion: one of hundreds patients face a time when they became senseless so, of you have not any relation with her then only sympathy is enough, for you it is good to forget her. When it is known that she is psychological patient then she needs his parent’s care. Some psychological problems which are genetic along with intensity, attacks again and again, to live life with such people are very difficult and it needs patience.

I do forget: I do forget after placing my many important things, I use to think a lot but cannot remember. I forgot the place jewelry and then could not sleep at nights. Then I found it in the shoe box. Then I put somewhere important documents and later they are found in the cupboard of children, I do not know how. When I was tiding that cupboard and saw them, I cannot tell that how much I am worried about it and I also have listen things from others, ( Sheeza Karachi)

Suggestion: If man uses his brain in good way then he does not need to think and he does not forget. Make a proper place for documents, jewelry, and for other important things and place these things at that place. Especially, when you are putting anything at a place, then stay active and fully in senses. And do check the important things after some time. One forgets when one does not remain active mentally and mentally present there at the time of keeping the things in safety. He thinks something else and does something else.

Be a doctor: From my childhood I always saw a dream that I am checking the patient being a doctor. I did matriculation in science and when I got admission in college meanwhile my father died, I need to take care of home. And after one year I got married, my daughter has done metric in science, but she has the intention of study journalism in coming years. he likes the journalist but I make her understand that you will be h

good after being a doctor but she does not care for my feelings, she is very strong in her will from very start, I do not know that how parents make their children to follow the path they want, here the situation is that children are not giving any importance to their mother's desire, actually their father has given them a lot of freedom.

Suggestion: every child has his own personality so children cannot be made a mean to attain personal desires and wishes, because they have not the ability to accomplish them. the mentioned desire in letter is telling that you have not accepted your daughter existence and personality as different from your personality . but the desire of being journalist is telling that she is having different mental abilities. there is another reality that your time period there would be a trend of being doctor while in daughter's age there are many other fields for girls, where they can be successful, the selection of one's own favorite profession is not the disobeying or not giving the value to parents.

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