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Must read: get rid of three ailments

Ubqari Magazine - March 2016

One thing I would like to ask here and want you to ponder for at least seven times that why we eat the simple diets soon after recovering from the illness. Therefore, my request is not only to act but also to contemplate about it. All the grains must be ground but it should not be that fine.

Dear readers! I bring forward the pearls of wisdom and share them with you. You should also be generous enough and share yours too. (Editor Hakeem Muhammed Tariq Mahmood Majzoobi Chughtai) Where did this obesity, arthritis, indigestion, gastric troubles, acidity, high cholesterol, creatinine and hypertension originated? Change your diets to change your medicines. You would be wondering how? Just imagine that the diets in the past were simpler than today and if someone fell ill then he was easily cured from the simple herbs and brief useful tips. The fast food, the bakery’s confectionary, fizzy drinks, the roasted and fried spicy barbeques have caused our lives to suffer from obesity, nervous and muscle strains, physical weakness, mental stress, joint pains, cholesterol, constipation, the bulging tummies and gastric troubles. These diets have also affected our household severely. Wondering how?  Just a hint that these artificial diets have deprived the men from all their necessary powers and abilities. That has generated domestic violence, quarrels, and ends up often in divorce or the daily disturbance at home and height of confrontation, which paves way for hundreds of rifts between the couples. One may start thinking as someone has done magic unto him or became a psychological patient and most commonly all the people have turned against him. Although I believe in the ill effects of magic and demons but the question is if all the domestic abuse and hatred are due to the evil magic practices. No, they are not. These are actually the diets, which are affecting our lives and invoke intolerance, protests, fighting, leading to even murders etc. The society facing these menaces should also focus on their diets along with improving law and justice regulations. A research scholar from Europe who has spent almost all of his life on researching about the diets, has said that if you want tranquility and peace in the society and if you want your youth to be loyal to their wives only and not cast a gaze on others and their mind and soul remain pure then you should consider their diets rather than taking vitamins or different tonics and doing long jogs. Shall I bring your attention to the simple Prophetic diets that led to conquering of the whole world and after consuming them, our ancestor’s rules over the whole world? You should consider the diets of that society which dominated the whole world. Their diets were based on Barley, Millet and similar simple diets. One thing I would like to point out and you should also contemplate upon it for at least seven times that why we use simple diets soon after recovering from illness. Therefore, I would like to invite you to action as well as contemplation and get these grains be ground for you but not that fine. Then make a dessert of them like kheer or make porridge of them. You can also make a loaf of it and roast it in a bit of butter or you can cook the loaves along with soup of meet and drink it. The meat should not be in plenty. You can add mild spices as well. Do this and then see how your body steps forward towards fitness and your brain rushes towards higher and better memory. You vision would start a journey of light and your boredom and stress would become outdated. You will have better joints and will enjoy a youthful vigor and vitality. Your stomach will be powerful like those who lived here thousands of years ago and forget about the cholesterol. The creatinine will fade away and the acidic burps and obesity will all be gone. Your life would be joyful, your breathes would be fragrant, your intentions would be solid and your each step would bring spring in your life.

Let us befriend this flour. These six grains will keep you away not from three but three hundred ailments and will make your life harmonious and peaceful. What are you thinking now? Shouldn’t I tell you those grains? Hold a pen, write them down, and make sure to write it legible as otherwise, incorrectly written word may create confusion and then you would be complaining to the editor. Last but not the least is never to be hasty. The problems that you have emerged from the prolonged use of bad diets so to replace them with your good diets may also take some time so bear with patience and use them for a while.  Also share these diets with your children but here one thing is confusing me. You have made them habitual of eating chocolates, biscuits, bakery foods and burgers so how will they be convinced to eat these. They will be unwilling and will resist these diets and actually they would be complaining to their parents who have not done anything to make them habitual of nature but if they show a different attitude then you should know that their mother has done her best to keep close to the nature. Should I mention them now? What if I don’t? No I love you all and here you go: Take a paper, grab a pen, and check it if it has ink and can write. Check that the paper is also clean and nothing has already been written on it to avoid any confusion. Okay so I begin with; Millet 1kg, Barley 1 kg, Black Chickpeas 1 kg, Green Lentils whole 1 kg, Kidney Beans whole 1 kg, Wheat 5 kg. Combine all these inexpensive grains. You might be wondering that after such a long preamble, I would ask you to buy something expensive but that was not the case. Now you should go and buy these grains without any delay. Buy them in the pure form or you will need some effort to pick out any stones and straws. Then get them ground in your own supervision and that is it!   Get the joy of life like 1500 years ago. Enjoy the taste of nature!

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