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Easy tips for Physical and Spiritual Beauty

Ubqari Magazine - March 2016

Every face has Allahs Noor on it; thats a separate thing that by virtue of ones deed either one adds to the Noor or decreases it. We find a newborn so beautiful because his/her face is free from every sin, every impurity and even the thought/intention of sin.

Respected Hazrat Hakeem Sahab, AssalamoAlaikum! Today the topic I am talking about is not one thing, in fact each component is a universe of its own, has its own place and its own work. And they are the very important parts of our body i.e the eye, ear, nose and teeth; combining them makes our beautiful face altogether. Every face represents my Dearest Allah’s creation. Every face has Allah’s Noor on it; that’s a separate thing that by virtue of one’s deeds either one adds to the Noor or decreases it. We find a newborn so beautiful because his/her face is free from every sin, every impurity and even the thought/intention of sin. The same innocence filled eyes, when upon maturing get busy in Allah’s disobedience and cross the limits set by Him, are then filled with horror. One’s own eyes seem conscious, those of a drunkard being red and intoxicated show they’ve transgressed the set limits for them. Similarly, an eye drenched in the remembrance and love of Allah is also intoxicated, but it’s that eye whose curtains i.e. lashes rise and fall in accordance to the commands of Allah. The Hellfire won’t even touch the eye that tears out of Allah’s fear. No part of the human body has a curtain/veil but by giving a curtain in front of the eyes Allah has protected us from the filth and pollution. Looking at a non mahram with the eye and fall for him/her, using the eyes to watch movies and other stuff that directly affects other parts of the body and this way the whole body is involved in a sin; hence removing this curtain/veil of the eyes costs the Hereafter too. Protect your beautiful eyes, save them from physical and spiritual filth, save them from the eyes of non mahrams; believe me Allah will give you pleasure and joy in His worship and remembrance. If you are unable to do it and the environment is such, do try your best, ask Allah for help, Insha’Allah He will help him for sure. Nine angels are appointed for the protection of each eye, these angels protect the eye and in return they would wish that you drape them with decency and shame. Adorn your beautiful eyes in accordance with the Sunnah. Every night apply Surma to your eyes before sleeping according to the Sunnah. Mix castor oil in honey and apply to your lashes every night; this will make them longer and dense Insha’Allah. Washing eyes with salt mixed water at night before sleeping gives they shine. Take two cotton balls, soak them in rose water and cool them; lie down peacefully and place one each on your eye and remove after fifteen minutes, your eyes will feel fresh. Cut slices of potato or cucumber and cool them and keep over the eyes to reduce swelling. After using tea bags, chill them and place over the eyes for 20 minutes and keep reciting any Salutation on the Prophet pbuh (Darood Shareef) from the tongue, this will reduce dark circles and swelling.


Ears, which people think are used for listening only or women use to wear tops or earrings, have forgotten their real purpose. In the human body, the worst pain is that of the ears and if the disease of the ear is not treated it can even progress to forming brain cancers. Similarly there is also a spiritual cancer. At times looking at some people makes you think their ears were only made to listen to music and then some others who only find joy in hearing about people’s shortcomings. And then some of Allah’s pious people have ears who only listen to recitation of the Holy Quran and the beautiful talks about our beloved Prophet   صلی اللہ علیہ وسلم. Their ears are mesmerized by the remembrance of Allah and recitation of the Quran and the Adhaan (call to prayer). The ear, having been thought of as a insignificant organ, hasn’t been researched upon much. However, some French scientists have done research on each part of the ear in detail and revealed that gently massaging the upper part of the ear for some time controls our hunger. So if people who want to lose weight, do this a number of times every day it will lessen their hunger and help lose weight. Holding both ears with the hands, one can even repent in front of Allah with sincerity. Our ears are directly related to our brains, the heart thinks and the tongue says replies after that. If you use the tongue to abuse then the ears immediately convey signals to the brain which then reacts to it. If you plug in and listen to Surah Ar Rahman in the ears, it instantly provides energy to both the diseased body and diseased soul. Hence, the ears are our power energy machines. These same ears when sin and transgress the limits set by Allah to feed on satanic food i.e music then on the Day of Judgment molten iron shall be poured into them. Protect your ears, don’t hand them over to the devil and don’t give him a chance to attack via the ear. Guard your ears along with the eyes; Allah will then protect your whole body.


It is a very important organ for human life. We breathe through it and life is sustained because of that. If we can’t breathe, life ends! It is one highly significant component of the five senses of the body. It senses smell and let the brain interpret it and give pleasure and a sense of freshness to the body. And when it senses bad odor or filth, we say we want to vomit or we feel nauseous. Hence, the nose is closely related to our feelings and emotions. Diseases of the nose impair our sense of good and bad odor, in fact if they worsen it starts affecting the eyes and ears too. Flu affects the nose but at times the pain is felt in the eyes or ears, hence these are all related to each other. For the sake of prestige at times, people transgress the limits set by Allah and when they are disgraced you can find them complaining about it. The very first surgery related to cosmetic beautification was that of the nose. In order to make a fat nose slender and long, people usually start molding a newborn’s nose from birth. A child whose eyes constantly dribbled kept getting his eyes checked but later it was revealed that his mother used to mould his nose so much since his birth to make it thinner that the draining vessels in the upper part of the nose got blocked and now fluid instead of draining downwards used to discharge from the eyes. If flu or common cold persists for long, then it can lead to weakness of the brain too. But may my life be sacrificed for the Glory of Prophet (صلی اللہ علیہ وسلم) who taught us to clean the nose five times a day during wuzu (ablution). Rinsing the inside of nose clears it of dirt, dust and microbes and allows breathing in fresh air again. When we sleep at night the devil spends the night inside our nose and when we wake up for Fajar and rinse our nose for wuzu ablution it cleanses us from the filth it has left behind. love our every part and nose is also the part of our beautiful face we must take care of it according to Sun'nah, we must protect it through the ablution and do not let it be the home for Satan .

Teeth: teeth are the most important part of our beautiful face, white and shiny teeth add to the beauty of our smile and laughter. Good and clean man is when his teeth ate clean. If everything is clean and the teeth are dirty then whole personality dashes to ground. One cannot laugh openly. And if there are no teeth in mouth then one looks old. We come to know the importance of teeth through many Hadiths of Holy Prophet ﷺ where we are told about the importance of Miswak, miswak is not only a way to clean our teeth but it is also a mean to end our physical and spiritual ailments. So it is so important to clean the teeth that it makes our soul pious and holy. Miswak lets us recite the Kalima at the time before dying. It cleans the throat, it also sharpens our eyesight. It is Sunnah, Barakah and health. At the last moment of life our beloved Holy Prophet ﷺ did Miswak, love yourself and do not use your limbs in disobeying the Allah, make your body capable of Jannah.

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