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Ubqari Magazine - March 2016

By Shahykh ul Wazaif Hazrat Hakeem Tariq Mahmood Majzoobi Chughtai (دامت بركاتهم)

The Beggar of Your Door Is the Rich of Both the Worlds

The means of blessings: The Halal has blessing in itself while the Haram has abundance but without any blessing. Always ask blessing for your generations and never be fooled by the glitter of this world. Make yourself worthy to be blessed and adopt the means to get it. If you have to choose then choose the means of blessings. The Allah Almighty always favours the seekers and even our forefathers and blessed companions have sacrificed enormously for seeking these blessings. The Allah Almighty reciprocated to them and blessed them so vehemently that in the whole city there was no one left to be given Zakat as all of them had become givers.

Always consult the scholars to know about Zakat: Paying zakat is obligatory on the owners of Nisab (the minimum amount). Someone asked me about the Zakat while he shared about all his belongings. I suggested him to consult an expert scholar who has an in-depth knowledge about it. Which assets are the qualifying assets and who should be paid? All this has to be asked from an expert scholar.

Avoid the loss making deal: O Allah Walo (Pious person)! Allah Almighty has given us an opportunity in the life. These few hours and moments should be used to instil Allah’s love in your hearts.  A non-believer spends his life in worldly joys and if a Muslims spends it similarly then it will be a loss making deal. Be careful and do not give your zakat to anyone who is begging in the streets. Rather you should consult with the scholars. I met a person who said that despite paying Zakat he bore a loss every year. I asked him to watch out where he had given his Zakat as paying to non-qualifying persons invalidates the payment of Zakat. You should ask the scholars about who you are giving out your Zakat as well as, Sadqa-e-Fitr and the general charity.

Ubqari trust and the Divine Maintenance:

I have never asked for any Zakat or charity for the Ubqari Trust. I instead ask you to consult the scholars about where should this Zakat be spent. The Allah Almighty has saved me from asking and has taken the whole system into His Own Divine control. O Servants of Allah! Adopt halal in your lives and always strive for it.  You should learn from the Godly persons how to beg from Allah. This begging would make you the beggar of Allah and how lucky is he who becomes the beggar of Allah and His Holy Prophet (صلي الله عليه وسلم)!

Indeed, the beggar of your door is no less than the rich of both the worlds


You willlearn begging by begging continuously:

During the old college days, I had to leave early in the morning. One day i could not get a seat in the bus but got a chance to sit on the engine box near the driving seat. It was freezing cold and even some students had to ride on the bus roof. As I had recited Surah Al-Quraish, I was lucky to find a rather warmer seat! The bus was going very fast and despite the unordered traffic, there was no decrease in the speed. I was watching the speedometer where the indicator was showing the same fast speed throughout. I asked the driver how he had learnt to drive so fast. He said that he learnt it while driving more and more. That kicked me in the mind that we should also carry on begging from the Allah Almighty again and again until one day we will learn who to beg. Extend your begging bowl as the generous Lord is seeking the beggars. Once I was listening the popular Na’at, which included the verse: Do not complain of smallness of your bowl, keep on asking, and keep on asking. That made me thinks if I was worried about my small begging bowl as He (Almighty) is ready to bless me. We should practice to beg and learn it devotedly. How easy is today’s lesson and this is not impossible as well.

Begging is neither impossible nor difficult: 

My friends! You do not need to wear Ahraam for it nor need you to get admission into a college or to memories the whole Quran or become a recitor and scholar. It requires neither any doctorate nor Master’s degree. It takes just a person and even an infidel can start conversing with the Lord Almighty and gets all his wishes granted. It is mentioned in one of the hadiths that the oppressed even the Allah Almighty helps the infidel.

Wishing well for the whole world should be in your mind:

We must wish that even all the Non-Muslims and infidels of the world may start conversing with the Allah. May He make them like those who wish to meet Him and enkindle His Love and Passion in their hearts as well. May He Bless us with the intense love for His Holy Prophet    (صلي الله عليه وسلم). O Allah! Let their die no one among even the infidels without becoming a slave of His Prophet (صلي الله عليه وسلم). Even we should desire the same thing for our rulers and armies and those who protect us.  Why should we hate the Hindus, Jews, the fire worshippers and the Christians? They are also among the Ummati of our Beloved Messenger                     (صلی الله عليه وسلم). (O Allah! Bless them with Your guidance and lead them to the way that pleases You). We must not have hate for anyone in our hearts. We must not swear against our rulers and should pray for them sincerely and have best wishes for them. O Allah! The ones that you have made our rulers and administrators who are controlling all of our systems with a wink of their eyes, their reign is just temporary. O Allah! give them a reign of eternity rather than the reign that may make them ruler of this world and the beggar of the next world. We must have the best wishes for everyone….(Continued…)

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