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Ubqari Magazine - March 2016

My observations, contemplations and thoughts SEVERING THE RELATIONS RUINED EVERYTHING:

Dear readers! The crux of a hadith is that maintenance of ties lengthens the life, enhances the sustenance and leads to acceptance of prayers and there are so many other benefits are associated with mending your ties with others. What is meant by mending the ties with others? Forgiving the relatives despite of their mistakes, defects and betrayals and not to start quarrel with your relatives. Even if they keep on doing bad to you, you carry on doing good to them and keep on forgiving them is called as Tawasil bil Arhaam (reconcile the broken ties). If they do good to you, you reciprocate it is not maintenance of ties but doing good even if you have been hurt by them is actually required. That’s why it was said: whosoever hurts you, forgive him, if anyone deprives you, you should carry on giving to him’

Not one but many families that I know about are such that when they married their son, the daughter in law came in and started producing rifts between the families. I am not sparing the same happened by the mothers in law as well. Arguing with everyone and speaking ill of everyone. Dear readers! The truth is that the more we have an extent of forgiveness in our nature and increased tolerance, the better our relation be with our Allah Almighty and not only the next world but also in this life you will start witnessing wonders. The incident of a happy family that I am sharing today is a true story. The mother in law passed away first followed by her partner. Two brothers living in one home, one of the brother’s wife started producing differences from the very first day and the other brother’s wife kept on tolerating all this on my advice. The patient and tolerant one has been blessed with sons and plenty of wealth but the one who was full of envy and enmity remained deprived of any blessings of parenthood and the sustenance was also quite limited. The peace and comfort of life just withered away and was replaced by numerous diseases in all parts of her body. This letter has been written by her own hand. Now consider that severing the ties snatches away the sustenance, health and tranquility of mind. Let us decide for ourselves that we will continue keeping good relations with our relatives despite their wrongs and keep on forgiving them. That pleases the Allah Almighty enormously and He would bestow the bounties of both the worlds on us.

‘Respected Hakeem Sahib! Assalam-o-Alaikam you would be very angry with me as I should have seen you two weeks earlier but my finances were hitting so low that I did not have any money for fare and spent 10 days in just three hundred rupees. Even in the last week of March and first ten days of April, we had a meal only once a day. The children were just given boiled rice for seven days. I prayed a lot and recited a lot. I also sought forgiveness for ten days but nothing happened. I was mocked but I never requested any favour from anyone, neither asked for anything. Even my husband suggested that he could go and buy something on credit but I forbade him to ask anyone as it will be quite disgraceful. I bore all this with great deal of patience, this hard time left permanent impression on my memory, and it almost killed me. I would never forget these days till my last breath.

When all this was over and I was able to get some money then for each bite that my family or me would take was full of thankfulness. I have been trying from the same day to meet you and I have tears in my eyes while I am writing this letter. The circumstances that I was through were shocking indeed. Now I tend to belittle myself all the times and I try to take every breath full of thankfulness and forgiveness from the Almighty. These memories will always stay with me and whenever I feel little big headed, these ten days flash into my mind and I feel myself landed on the ground again. As you are my spiritual master (Murshid), so I am, sharing this with you only and I have never revealed this to anyone before. I had no idea of what a spiritual master is before joining the Tasbih Khana and my curiosity led me to see the Tasbih Khana. Now this thought always scares me if I would ever make you angry from me (Although this must be the Almighty, whose Pleasure should always be taken care of: By Editor). I feel like I have lost almost everything except my relationship with the Tasbih Khana’.

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