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Do not leave your children in sheer ignorance and misery Whispers of the Heart (By Editor’s Pen)

Ubqari Magazine - January 2016

During my daily meetings with the people and reading the correspondence, I come across with so many grieved and confused behaviours with hopeless faces and ruined moods. Especially when I meet the young people and learn about their worries, I feel great distress after getting to know that when both husband and wife yearn for earnings and get themselves excessively busy in their works then what happened to their children. The situation is not that different even when the wife is busy at home while the husband is too busy in his business that he cannot spare any time for the family? What sort of grooming do the children get when they are not given proper attention by both or any of the parents? I present a glimpse of these situations in the following letter. Before reading that, please remember that the first five years of a child’s life are the most important in his upbringing. You can make him learn anything and he will continue developing it throughout his life.

Once I met a police inspector who shared very useful information with me. He shared that the decisions up to Supreme Court are all based on the first information report(FIR), which if correct will lead to correct decisions otherwise the court will end up with the unfair decisions. The FIR is the foundation of any litigation. We have so many young people in our society who are almost insane, psychopaths and stress stricken who do not bother for anyone not even their Creator and they are always full of hatred for the society as a whole and even towards their close relatives too. It seems that no time was spared for their right upbringing and the result is to be faced by the whole society. Even if you put your full effort, they would never bother to leave any room for your guidance. The time that you were supposed to dedicate to your children is always occupied with mobile, internet; news and watching TV and the children are left to cartoons. What happens next, you can see from the following:

  1. I think I was doomed and unlucky right from my birth.
  2. I spent my whole life in unnatural ways/habits.
  3. I was always kept away from happiness in my childhood and then the happiness left me for ever while I had just started my youth.
  4. I was unable to perform a single deed of virtue.
  5. I was completely unaware of my nature and personality.
  6. I have been completely isolated from my family, parents, relatives and friends and I live separate from them.
  7. Why I was not killed on the first day of my life and why I am still alive?
  8. Everyone hates me and sometime I think that probably I also dislike them.
  9. Are all my problems innate or have I been a victim of magic or evil eye?
  10. My son is also following me from his childhood and he becomes infuriated very quickly and never mingles with the other children.
  11. I am also having a sobbing temper and remain lost in thoughts of my own which has turned me an absolute sceptic with a load of negative thoughts about others.
  12. I have a strain in my left leg, my eyes have difficulty in focussing and my speaking ability is also affected.
  13. I am stricken with poverty and pennilessness.
  14. I am suffering from physical, nervous and mental weakness.
  15. My son cannot sleep till late at night.
  16. I hate my parents from the core of my heart.
  17. Every day I live a thousand times and die a thousand times.
  18. O my life! I cannot care for you; I am just counting my breaths.
  19. My life is a continuous pain and I do not know what sin this punishment is for!
  20. I have an unknown fear since my early childhood and even I went abroad for a better future but due to my fear, I came back soon.
  21. I worked at so many places but everywhere I found problems and worries.
  22. I love to die but I get scared when I think about my children.
  23. My children do not have any relatives (grandparents, uncles, aunts etc.) i.e. they are there but are useless. I have so many swings in my mood which is always changing like the colours of a chameleon.
  24. A psychiatrist told me that I have some chemical deficiency in my brain so I need to sleep at least 8 hours.
  25. I love Tahajjud and Fajr prayers but I am unable to do these.
  26. I feel great joy in prayer, recitation and remembrance of Allah but I am unable to do these.
  27. The food does not benefit my body and my hands and feet keep on shaking all the times.
  28. My mind seems not to be in my control and looks like someone else has a full control over it.
  29. I have a bulk of disappointment, laziness, worries, anger, frustration and palpitations.
  30. My condition changes with the changing weather. For me, the weather in December, January, July and August is the worst and I become excessively restless during these months.
  31. Whenever I think about the troubles and ill speaks of my parents and family members, I think nothing except to quench the thirst of my anger with their blood as they are the worst creatures on earth. My hatred against them has made me an extremist.
  32. I am suffering from a number of psychological and mental ailments since my birth and although the people do not render me as insane but I do feel myself as one.
  33. I have not seen my face in the mirror for 15 years as I think myself as the ugliest of all.
  34. Whenever I start doing anything, I could hardly continue it for a very short time then I leave it and remain mostly distressed.
  35. I could still remember the days when my parents would leave me alone and would go to their jobs. I was young and would try to hold them from the edge of their clothes to take me along with them but they would always hand me over to our house maid. Although I remained with the nanny but still I was waiting anxiously for the return of my parents. When they would return, they would always say the same sentence that they were too tired and would try to sleep me by using different means. I would pretend to be sleeping while I remained fully awake. I could still remember the moments of intimation of my parents and they always haunt me so severe while my parents would always think that I was asleep though I wasn’t. Those memories haunt me to turn myself into filth of sins. I will never forgive my parents as they did not give me my share of time and dedicated it to earning money only. Now they demand from me to love them and serve them as they are retired now but I don’t want to even look at them though I know that gazing at your parents is indeed a greatly virtuous deed but I am helpless against my reactions and ill memories. How can I forget those moments of my childhood when I was in need of them but they threw me to the servant?


Dear readers! I have shared these confused writing and unordered thoughts full of weird emotions with all of you. I need your help how to answer these letters. My reply is only that I have no regret to you o ruined person who have spent your forty years waiting for the little acts of happiness, rather I have full remorse against your parents who spent all their time in earning and they left their children to be groomed like a wild bush in the jungle. Sometimes the father is too busy in his trade or occupied with his internet, mobile and TV that he cannot keep an eye on the activities of his own children. Dear readers! Let us think about it and instead of mourning over the wasted time, let us think about the reformation.



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