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Clove (loong)! Fragrance, Taste along with Medical Benefits

Ubqari Magazine - December 2015

Muhammad Mustaq, Multan


Clove has strong and germs killing competency and contains quality of freshness. Itching and rashes will get better with the use of clove. Now-a-days it is used in medicated creams and packs. It is useful for teeth and generates freshness in breath.

Gram Masala gives fragrance as well as it is quickly digestible. Different food has been decorated with different ingredients for instance pulse with garlic or white cumin, Korma with Garam Masla or with black cumin, fish with dry fenugreek, sweet dishes with elaichi and Clove (Loong). Interesting thing is that yogurt decoration looks great in these dishes and neighbors will get notified that today what is cooking. Just like the clove is, which gives fragrance and great medical benefits.

Initially clove (Loong) was cultivated in East Island of hind/India and in extreme initial time Hindu frequently use it. In Europe, before the birth of Hazrat Esa, Eskari Bunatious Lagas had told the native of Rome about the usage of clove (Loong). In ancient times women in Bagdad use the clove oil as fragrance. Afterwards clove had been used in cooking and its extract has been used for weak eyes. They thought that by using it eyesight will get better. Ancient Greek used to suck it for improving their memory and in Ancient Greek, women (who don’t have children) are advised/ recommended to use clove. Clove has antiseptic properties and has the properties of freshness. It is effective when using it for itching, Anthony's fire and etc. Now-a-days it has been using in medicated creams and packs. It is useful for teeth’s and creates freshness in breath. Women used it in cooking for good taste and fragrance. According to the opinions of wise-men, it is very useful to use it for the cure of tooth ache. This is the reason that clove has been using for the cure of many diseases since primordial centuries. Constant use in food helps in growing of long, beautiful and strong hair. Experts use it in all creams for skin care. Its oil is very good for the body massage.

Clove Tips:

Clove contains beautiful fragrance and delicious taste as well as it provides good physical health. During indigestion; Grind two piece of clove and mix it in half cup of boiling water; let it cool down and then drink it. Usually results can be seen with in the usage of three to four days. Take one part of clove and three part of pomegranate peels; mix them and grind it well, use one-fourth of it daily with half tea spoon of honey for acquire benefits in coughing. By putting clove in mouth, mucus will easily discharge and smell of mucus wills easily verve. Smell of mouth and breath will go and fragrance will be encompassed in breath. Clove is being useful for the cure of tooth ache. Grind five piece of clove and mix it in lemon juice; scrub it on teeth and tooth ache will leave. Put clove on Tooth mantis or use clove oil to get benefit. Put clove in boiling water and use it to minimize the thirst. Wise-men ask to use clove in low blood pressure, flue, coughing, indigestion, hiking, and asthma, and impotency, diarrhea. If there is head ache due to flue, then massage of clove oil on scalp can cause quick relief in pain. To get rid of swelling; message of clove oil can be beneficial. To avoid, fever and vomiting; tea of clove can be taken.

Note: Clove should not be used for child less than two years. Pregnant women and women who give mother feed use it carefully.

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