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A Great Hurdle in the Wake of Correction of the Society

Ubqari Magazine - November 2015

Preacher of Islam, Hazrat Maulana Muhammad Kaleem Siddiqui Madzillah (Phallat)

Hazrat Maulana Daamat Barkaataham is a great preacher of Islam, upon whose hands almost more than 500,000 people have embraced Islam. His renowned book, “Naseem-e-Hedaayet ke Jhonke” is worth reading.

All the people of the family had gathered. All the members of bazm-e-ameen had also gathered. When his turn came, he started talking on the topic of correction of society. He said that the society is not being groomed because every person is worried that how the society sould be groomed. He is not worried that how he should be groomed? The speech of the small girl jolted everyone in the family. When I listened to this speech, not only I gained confidence about my ideas, at the same time I spoke from the depth of my heart: [الحمد للہ الذی ھدانا لھا ذا وما کنا لنھتدی لو لا ان ھدانا اللہ]. What a beautiful religion Allah Almighty gave that in order to straighten the bends in life, daawah was made an obligatory duty. If the nation makes daawah its purpose, then Allah Almighty opens the mouths of blessings. With this thought that an atmosphere of daawah be established in the home, children develop a preaching consciousness, it was started in every home in the family that once in a week, there should be a gathering of the family members, and every member of the family should speak on some topic. The benefit of this would be that everyone would have to recall something, and some interest in getting to know about something. And when they would say those things in front of others, they would naturally develop the tendency to act upon that. On the eves of Eid etc. when all the members of the family gather, in which this is practiced. Due to the name of the father, its name was changed to bazm-e-ameen, bazm-e- Ameem B etc. In the wake of daawah, children speak about different topics in different styles. It is surprising. A similar speech was made by this girl. Really this is a key concept that every effort to groom the society is useless because everyone is worried about correcting the society. By being oblivious about one's own grooming and self-practice, no effort to groom the society can be beneficial. Iblees, whose name was Azaazeel. When he developed the arrogance about his worship and popularity, an announcement was made by Allah, that We are going to expel one worshiper. All the angels trembled. Everyone would go to Azaazeel as frightened to ask to pray that may Allah not expel them. Iblees would say with a lot of pride not to worry about anything, I shall pray to Allah for you. He did not even think that he could as well be expelled. That is why he considered himself absolved of any self correction. This is a satanic instinct. That has made us oblivious of the self correction. Everyone has the worry to correct others. The people who try to groom the society, and who speak about it, their minds are normally empty about correcting themselves. The truth is that who listen to the speech also do not have any thoughts about correcting themselves. The people, who listen to the sermons and speeches, often leave gossiping that so and so haji sahib said this and that. Loot! What was maulana sahib saying? And what does that person do. The thought about correcting oneself and self-catharsis is becoming extinct. The truthful people who made the innovative achievements about correcting oneself, they used to preach people to correct themselves. Hakeem ul ummat says, when I see any deficiency in myself, I say a few sermons for this topic, as if they used to preach others and advise them so as to correct themselves. In order to bring livelihood to the idea of correction of the society, the idea that I am in most need of correction. This is a great key. Should we have any thoughts about that!




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