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Eat sugar beet to remove weakness

Ubqari Magazine - November 2015

Making its pudding with milk not only increases its taste but makes the body fat and powerful. If used only with sugar, it is very effective treatment for diseases like spermatorrhoea. Its dumpling is an incredibly nutritious food for the body.

It has been revealed through scientific analysis that using sugar beet (a famous root belonging to the family of potato) is a complete treatment for the people suffering from physical weakness who do body building, and eat saturated and fatty foods. Similarly the people who consume drugs for trying to fill the vulnerable parts of their body, using sugar beet will be sufficient for them. In the same way, the youngsters who destroy their health by their own deeds and are exposed to numerous sexual diseases, they suffer from the weakness of body and nerves. The use of sweet and tasty sugar beet in a specific manner has been considered to be very effective for such people. Scientific analysis has revealed that sugar beet, containing a moderate disposition, is a combination of carbohydrates and natural sugars. These two components are more essential than proteins for mental and physical health. According to a nutritionist from London, people eat as much proteins as they can to increase their weight, while keeping the body structure in view it is not good. They consider the examples of the body builders who take dozens of egg whites in breakfast and eat lots of chicken in lunch. But thin people need to thicken their muscles. So, for them, carbohydrates are more important than proteins. Indeed, proteins are very important for mental development and for the improvement of physical erosions. But while taking foods for carbohydrates, it automatically provides proteins to your body. In this sense too, the importance of using sugar beet high lights further because along with carbohydrates and proteins, it also contains glucose, iron and vitamin A, B, C and E. Sugar beet is eaten either boiled or baked. According to physicians it is more useful and effective to eat baked sugar beet than boiling it. Making its pudding with milk not only increases its taste but makes the body fat and powerful. If used only with sugar, it is very effective treatment for diseases like spermatorrhoea. Its dumpling is a very nutritious food for the body. To remove physical weakness and to strengthen the sexual power, sugar beet dumpling is the best natural diet. Let’s look into the recipe of nutritious sugar beet dumpling: cut sugar beet into thin slices and dry them. Grind the dried slices and strain to make flour. Fry 30 gram flour with 25 gram ghee, add half quarter (of a kg) sugar or honey syrup and make dumpling. Sliced almonds, pistachios and coconut can also be added to make it more nutritious. Obese people and those whose stomach is already weak, means they suffer indigestion should avoid using sugar beet. The heaviness and indigestibility of sugar beet can be removed by using honey with it. This is how its usage becomes effective and a good source of natural energy for everyone. To remove physical weakness and to be sexually powerful, using sugar beet in breakfast on an empty stomach is very effective. For this, eat at least 100 gram boiled sugar beet. Also soak 12 almonds and 25 gram raisins in water for night, throw the water in morning and eat these things with sugar beet in the morning. After this, take one glass of milk with one table spoon honey. Doing so can increase your mental and physical strength in short period of time. If you exercise regularly, you start getting the fruits of it even earlier. 

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