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Take three things from the kitchen and get rid of countless diseases

Ubqari Magazine - November 2015

Mash thin fine powder of nine masha  ( 8.73 grams / 0.306 oz ) of ginger , mix it in honey and eat it with cinnamon oil/essence and mix this medicine in nargis oil (Narcissus oil ) or farqyun oil or in any other oil and massage it on the part of paralysis. This recipe is very useful in looseness of a part of body.

Dip indigenous celery 15 grams and nigella seeds 3 grams in a cup of hot water at night. This is the best cure for typhoid, grind it with hands like herbal summer drink in the morning and give it for drink. If it is winter season then make this liquid slightly warm. By using this few days the patient will become healthy.

Treatment of obesity: Nigella seeds 50 grams , lakh umda 50 grams, black cumin 50 grams, now grind all these ingredients and make powder and fill in large size capsules. Use one or two capsules in a day with water before taking meal. This will give amazing benefits. Take ginger in half in weight of saffron grind it, mix it in pure vinegar now poultice it on forehead, this is very beneficial for pain of migraine and pain of rheumatic. Mash thin fine powder of nine masha (8.73 grams /0.306 oz ) of ginger , mix it in honey and eat it with cinnamon oil/essence and mix this medicine in Narcissus oil or farqyun oil or in any other oil and massage it on the part of paralysis. This recipe is very useful in looseness of a part of body.Take dry ginger of 6 masha (5.82 grams / 0.204 oz) and cut it slightly thick then dip it in 12 tola (139.9656456 grams) of star anise oil/essence at night. In morning take the marrow of it and make it sweet with syrup Verde and use it empty stomach. It is beneficial for saddad (دسد) and dizziness problem. Keep eating 1 tola (11.6638038 grams) quantity of ginger marmalades and grind it and use it for 6 months with honey and mix this medicine in any appropriate oil with Asafoetida and Nutmeg and use it for massage. It is very beneficial in treatment for numbness of any body part. Ginger or its marmalades is very beneficial and useful in treatment of Tic disorder same as it is beneficial in treatment of paralysis and stroke. Written by some of Muslims and Greece doctors by their personal observations and experiences.  If this medicine (dry ginger) will be used by mixing it with loaf-sugar and flora/herbage, it will drain out the dirty mucus from head muscles and drains the morbific material and stomach fluid and stops its next birth again. By drinking ginger decoction with mixing honey in it cures the coldness of body. Take 6 masha (5.82 grams / 0.204 oz) dry ginger and dip it in 10 tola ( 116.638038 grams ) nankhora or star anise oil/essence and take its marrow and make it sweet with sakenjeen / sweet lemonade drink and use it empty stomach and before sleeping at night. The problem of in sleep fear will be gone by this. Take ginger 6 masha (5.82 grams / 0.204 oz) and cut it thin and eat it by mixing it in cinnamon oil/essence or Honey and massage this medicine by mixing it in vinegar of Narcissus oil . it is very beneficial for phrenitis . Take ginger and pellitory in same weight and grind it fine thin and eat it by mixing it in honey. Specially eating it with cinnamon oil/essence and Asitkhaddos syrup/ Lavender syrup eliminates epilepsy .

This medicine is also very useful in epilepsy problem of children. Chewing ginger knot in mouth all the time, eating it by mixing in its powder of 6 masha (5.82 grams / 0.204 oz) quantity and doing massage of this by mixing it in any appropriate oil on the place of numbness is specially useful for the cure of face ague. This recipe is very beneficial for paralyzed body part. Eating of Marmalade of dry ginger in 1 tola (11.6638038 grams) quantity or its powder in 6 masha (5.82 grams / 0.204 oz) quantity with any suitable drink and doing massage of this medicine by mixing it any appropriate oil and it is beneficial for tremor problem. Eating regularly Ginger marmalade in quantity of 1 tola (11.6638038 grams) or it powder in 6 masha (5.82 grams / 0.204 oz) quantity with pure honey is very beneficial in paralysis. Similarly doing massage by mixing ginger with nutmeg oil and Jozboa oil and addition with sesame oil in it on the paralyzed part gives benefit. Eating ginger powder with fresh water or with any appropriate essence or syrup stops the intensity of flu and cold soon and by using this, also stops the frequent drain of fluid from nose. Eat ginger in 3 masha (2.91 grams ) in morning and evening with fresh water. It stops the frequent sneezing which is normally happened due to flu and cold.

Hakeem/ doctor Ibn-Nuh  wrote that: Grinding ginger with pure rose and dripping it in patient’s throat and making the paste by grinding this medicine with the water of  Badroej or badarnajboya  or lemon balm and applying it on the place of heart eliminates faintness.

Hakeem/ doctor zoak has written on the basis of his observation and experience: Ginger is an incomparable medicine for curing the weakness of heart of mabrodal mood and because it is a stimulus thing. That’s why while its usage it increases the blood flow which increases the heart function. Due to which it disappears its weakness. Same as written by Hakeem Fazil /doctor Fazil: This medicine dry ginger due to its fragrance, it directly affects the heart. That is why it is counted among the medicines that provide fragrance in the body.

v  Eating ginger, grinding it with basil sap or blue skullcap sap and applying it on heart removes heart palpitation.

v  Eating ginger powder or jam is beneficial to treat such heart paranoia that has become stagnant due to gastroenterology filth and fumes. Applying this medicine on heart is also useful in such condition.

v  Eat three masha gingers with carom seed sap or fennel sap, taking this medicine treats the disease of gnashing teeth in sleep.

v  Take one part of ginger and black salt and two parts of red rock salt (gawaliyar), grind these things to make toothpowder. Using this powder will not only keep your teeth clean and shiny but also free from fluids.

v  Grind ginger with chicory leaves sap or Cape gooseberry leaves sap and apply warm on face. It removes face and skin infections.

v  According to Imam Sweedi’s experience and approved by many dignitary Muslim physicians, grind ginger finely well like flour and mix it with three times honey. Now add chamomile extract (quarter to the weight of this extract) and keep massaging it on tongue. Tongue tetanus (contraction) will be removed soon. In addition, doing gargles with ginger decoction and a little bit of honey also treats this disease quickly.

v  Take ginger and soapstone in equal quantity and keep applying on teeth. It will strengthen your teeth and protect their shine. It also eradicates the dirty fluids. Eating 6 masha ginger powder with badiyan (Indian) anise syrup, any other suitable liquid or plain water, or just keeping its knot in the mouth and chewing it stops mouth drool.

v  Massage ground ginger on gums or do gargles with its decoction, it removes phlegmatic infections.

v  According to an Indian physician, “applying ginger mixed with raw mustard oil on teeth removes dental soreness and keeps them clean and shiny.      

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