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Whatever I got, it is due to serving my mother and caressing her feet

Ubqari Magazine - November 2015


Respected Hakeem Sahib!  I am 21 years old. I am a student of diploma. With the grace of Allah I was taught reading Quran by my parents when I was a child and all thanks to Allah Who gives me power to recite Holy Quran. I'd read the magazine of Ubqari and a few of your books. Now I am passionate and I intend and pray that Allah brings me closer to Himself, and thanks to Him he helps me at all occasions. I want to share some secrets of my life with the readers of Ubqari so that more and more people get the power to achieve what I have achieved. My matriculation examination was going on. My mother has been sick since 2004. She is paralyzed and she also had epilepsy in those days when my exam was going on. She was very sick at that time. I did all the domestic work. I washed the clothes of my mother, father and my elder brother.  We are only two brothers. My brother is elder and he lives in Multan. I was kneading the flour, cooking bread, washing dishes, helping my mother for Wadu and saying prayers, in short all those tasks which woman does in the home.  My mother was always praying a lot for me. Believe you me I was not at all satisfied with my papers but see the blessings of my Allah. When my result was announced, I was surprised to know that I got first position in my college. I have not only passed the exam but also I got the first position as well. I fell on my mother's feet.  I was already serving her but now I started serving her more.  With the grace of Allah! My mother praised a lot for me. In return, Allah blessed me with everything. First of all I am youngest of all my cousins but I got married before all of them. I also observed the Sunnah of Holy Prophet (ﷺ­) of keeping a beard. Allah saved me from sins and accepted me for practicing my religion.

With the grace of Allah Almighty, I started hating music, TV and songs; I wear dress according to Sunnah, and am blessed with bounties of Allah in this young age. When I caress my mother’s feet, I feel very peaceful; I am never short of money, whenever I give alms, I get two to seven times than that. I am not saying it all to praise myself. I am just sharing the example of serving a mother with you so that you may be motivated to serve your parents. I strongly recommend you serving your parents watch how much progress you will make in your life. I allow Ubqari magazine to publish this letter anonymously, so that maximum people can read it. 

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