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Your dream and its optimistic Interpretation

Ubqari Magazine - November 2015


Infant baby:

My mother often has visions of a new born baby in her dreams. She sees it walking and sometimes in her lap. At times she feels as if it were her own child and she feeds it. In some of the dreams she also gives birth. She finds herself doing things for a baby and sometimes she sees a bay in some else’s home. It three years since my father dies though. We are seven brothers and sister and she is having this kind f dreams since last two years. (Sara Khan, Bahawalnagar)

Interpretation: Your mother’s dreams indicate either a stress of some issue or some forthcoming disease. Moreover, some enemy is trying to harm you people through black magic. You need to recite maooztan 313 times daily, blow it over water which should be used by all family members. You should also sprinkle this water in all the four corners of your home. You should continue it for 41 days.


Leaves of green onion:

I saw my mother cooking bread in my maternal grandmother’s home.. In the meanwhile, I saw my late father arrived there. He was holding leaves of green onion. He shook hands with my mother. After that my younger uncle shook hands with my grandfather. My uncle turned his face and started crying, saying that I did not cry in front of my father as he was a sugar patient and his life is volatile. Seemingly, my grandfather was healthy. When he was alive, he was a patient of sugar and had a skinny appearance. He died because of sugar.    (Rabia, Khazdar)

Interpretation: According to your dream, your grandfather is in a very good condition. Your mother should continuously recite Quran for him as a present. However, your uncle should do some charity on behalf of his father because crying hurts the people who had passed away.



Lost Love

I saw a car standing in front of the main gate of my beloved’s home. She was sitting on the bonnet of the car, holding a copy and pen in her hands. One of its pages had a statement that “you live in my heart” in one sentence. On the second page the same sentence was written in scattered form. Then she told me to collect them and say them. It seemed that she wanted me to express my feelings in those words. I hesitated. I tried to collect these words but failed to do so. She became a bit angry and went to her home. After she left, some people came out of her home holding water bowls. She came out and sat next to me and then I found myself awake. (Anonymous)

Interpretation: According to your dream, your beloved is involved with someone else. You cannot marry her. You had better take care in this matter otherwise you may regret.



Dangerous Person

I saw myself and my mother in a relative home, in a room on ground floor. I heard a voice and then saw my relative wearing a long frock like a gay. The scene changes and I found that relative sitting on the road outside my friend’s home. There is some electricity issue. The sewerage cleaner opens the gutter which has wood pieces on it. He says that it is closed. However, he gives a meter type watch to relative which was not running. The scene changes again and I found myself on the roof of my house. I saw a black and white sparrow flying my roof. Suddenly the weather changed, the sky took earth’s color and earth took the color of sky. The earth looked like blue water of a sea. I also saw my brother’s wife with me.    (F-Lahore)

Interpretation: Your dream indicates that you should be careful of your relative you saw in your dream. He can put himself in trouble and other people of family as well. Please do some charity on behalf of your family. (Allah knows all)


Pots filled with Fruits

I saw an orange or twice or thrice chard in my dream. I pass through it. The oranges are well ripe. And tree was laden with oranges. I choose oranges which I like; they are large size. I fill my bag with them. It happened two three times and I also ate those oranges. I also see beautiful kids in my dreams. I often see fruits. A few days ago, I found myself eating banana, apple and mango in my dream lying in a earthenware. The fruits were without stain. I also see fresh beautiful fruits in my mother’s home. I saw myself saying that these fruits are for making juice perhaps, but I did not ask for that and so I did not use them.    (Shakeela, Lahore)

Interpretation: Your dream indicates that all your desires will be fulfilled. And your hurdles will be removed. However, you should continue giving alms and observe the punctuality in say prayers five times a day.

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