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Think good for best and matchless

Ubqari Magazine - November 2015

(Dr. Nasir-ud-deen Sayyad)


All three periods of Human life are very pleasant, e.g. childhood, youth and old age. We do not know about the childhood that when it comes and it goes. There will be none who will not remember his childhood, careless life free from all worries. And then comes the youth age, this is the period when man knows about the right and wrong. The slightest mistake done in this period can dark your future. And sometimes man suffers all his life for the wrong done in this age, ever new feelings and desires and zest born in this age. Then remains the old age and i think this period is full of memories. And it is lead with the thought of preparation, as much as possible. He who has spent this period of youth in purity he remains successful all his life. With the speedy passage of time ever new things to pursue man are being invented. Mostly young people cannot understand that hoe the mistake dome in youth be destructive in their future, or we can say that they do not want to understand in such age. After handling the thousands of cases of young people I derived the result that it not necessary that we understand things after commenting mistake. How it will be good that you understand and control yourself earlier and do not waste the coming life in taking medications. I have seen most of the youth who has destroyed their health by the wrong use of internet

And unethical literature. despite they that there is no benefit in doing so, except the wastage of time and the mental satisfaction for some time, and filling the mind with such bad thoughts. when once mind gets these thoughts or see some unethical thing then it remains fill with such more thoughts. And the worse thing is that they cannot sleep without thinking all these things before sleeping. But try to think peacefully that what the outcome of this thing is. Gradually it is felt that weakness is increasing. Memory decreases and the same things happen with those who watch such things with zest instead of reading literature. Believe me when it happens one time then it happens again and again. Satan pits the thought that lets see one more time only then i will never ever watch. It happens again and again. it more dangerous than reading. Now this facility is in your pocket via mobile traveling from, cable, CD and internet, but this is the thing to think that who is the loser in this. What is benefit and outcome after all this procedure? Think on this point, only mantel satisfaction and the destruction of health with the life of hereafter, and the feeling of ever increasing weakness. Most of young people are taking medication after facing such problems. They do not feel themselves completely physically fit, and either do not want to get married or end their life. This thinking penetrates in them that they are useless now. This is the growing age,

Always remember, according to me this is the growing age and the need for doctor is the only cause of unbalanced diet or facing such situation. Bring the balance in both things then

You will never be in need of any medication. If you use any advertised medicine then there will be an endless way. I say this with authentication that if you spend your youth in a clean way then you will not be in need of any medication .if you go to any doctor for medication of such ( All are not same, but alas (Most of people are of such type) problem they will give you very expensive medicines. So isn't it good that you follow these two rules strictly. take care of your diet, exercise, take bath daily, have good company, and avoid loneliness, these all steps will make you a healthy man. If you do not believe then try once.


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