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Female jinn friend and her pleasant memories

Ubqari Magazine - November 2015

Asslam o alikum Respected Hakeem Sahib!!

Hope you will be fine, some months ago when I saw Ubqari magazine in friend’s hands i thought that it will also be a common magazine like many others.

when I opened the it and saw the first page and saw the name of Moulana Muhammad Kaleem Sadiqi دامت برکاتہم and i saw the name of sheik-ul-wazaif Hazrat Hakeem Muhammad Tariq Mehmood Majzoobi Chugtai دامت برکاتہم in the Box of Editor, then i feel relaxed that These people are the  (parverdha) of our elders and they are filled with the zest of the betterment of others. May Allah Kareem put more energy in your efforts and keep you safe from evil assaults. Ameen!! Now I am a regular reader of Ubqari and I asked the hawker to send me regularly. the purpose of this writing is that i also want to send something to be printed in this magazine for Ubqari readers. Especially after the reading the story "the pleasant meetings of the fairy of Kohkaaf".  The story is that during the job I was in Balakot. i was given a flat to live in and i use to go there in morning and comes back in morning. After three or four days I felt that there also lives any unseen creature except me. It happens that pot fells down by itself and sometimes the window is opened and closed by its own self. By using strength one day i talked to this unseen creature and the same night a very ugly ghost came in my dream and she threatened me to leave this place in no time. Some weeks she annoyed me a lot and then peace came in that room and then neither any pot did not fall down nor any Ghost came in my dream. And nobody threatened me. i was so surprised that what is this and after some days when i was sleeping, my room lighted and a very pretty Female jinn came and there spread fragrance in every corner of room. She said to me that i freed you from that ghost, and now you can stay peacefully in this room. Then our meetings started, she comes in my dream and tells me about jinn and I was so happy. If there comes and problem to my relatives i gets it solved by her. She resolved a lot of problems of Magic, illness and hurdles in some days. in this duration i learned a lot about jinn. This relation with this female jinn remained for three years. She used to be with me all the night and in morning when i gets up the room used to fill with fragrance. I was not getting proper sleep and my health was also declining. Then i meet with a pious man and i told him about my relation with her, truthfully. They asked me to leave that place hurriedly, and he asked me to be separate from her, and he said that i will recite an Amal she will never come to you. if she ever comes then ask her to stop coming to you. From that day she never came to me. Respected Hakeem sahib! do not publish my name.

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