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Kids! Adopt usage of miswaak and get rid of all dental problems

Ubqari Magazine - November 2015

Children’s page

Kids! Adopt usage of miswaak and get rid of all dental problems
(Rabia qamar, Lahore)

Assad took medicines regularly and also used toothpaste. But he did not get well and he visited 2 or 3 doctors one after the other but his gums did not stop bleeding. One day grandpa said to Assad, who was on his way to take a bath, “hurry up son, It’s about time for jummah”

standing in assembly at school, Assad was very worried. Cleanliness and tidiness was going to be checked in a while. Children, who did not come to school clean and tidy, were being separated in a queue on one side. His turn came. After checking him, sir said, “Why are your teeth not clean? Don’t you brush them? Then sir also made hi stand on one side. Assad studied in class 4. He belonged to a middle class family. He was a hard working boy, always passed in good marks. His father was a worker in a factory. They were 5 brothers and sisters. They had a good livelihood. His teeth were affected by carries because he did not take care of his teeth in childhood. Whenever he brushed his teeth, they would bleed and become painful. When he returned from school, he told his mother that he was being punished daily at school because of dirty teeth.
Mother said, “Son, when your father will receive his salary this time, we will have your dental checkup”. When there was checking again the next day, he hurriedly said; Sir my teeth are unclean, when I brush, my gums bleed, when my father will receive salary, we will have them checked by a dentist. On listening to this, sir allowed Assad to go. Next day his when his father received salary, Assad went for a dental checkup with his mother. After examining his teeth, the doctor advised medicines and toothpaste and asked him to come for a followup after 15 days. Assad took medicines regularly and also used toothpaste. But he did not get well and he visited 2 or 3 doctors one after the other but his gums did not stop bleeding. One day grandpa said to Assad, who was on his way to take a bath, “hurry up son, it’s about time for jummah”. Just coming grandpa! Assad went to take a bat after saying this. He was in the courtyard of the mosque after a while. The molvi sahib was saying, “Cleanliness is a part of our faith, we perform ablution 5 times a day and using miswaak is a sunnah. This sunnah is the favourite sunnah of our prophetﷺ ­ which is the best way to keep our mouth clean. One gets rid of foul odour from mouth and our oral cavity is refreshed by it. New research has also accepted the efficacy of miswaak for cleanliness of mouth”. Assad was listening to molvi sahib very keenly. He promised himself right at that moment that in future he will offer his prayers regularly and also act upon the sunnah of miswaak. Then it happened as said, his teeth got cured in a few days and the bleeding from gums also stopped. Sunnah heals. Now he stands right in front in the school assembly and is not ashamed in front of anyone.

Prayers pursue, so does the curse….. No doubt!
School time was over, children ran out from classes while screaming. Sharjeel was also among them but he was walking calmly instead of running. Sharjeel had this routine of going out of school walking calmly and not running and screaming like other kids.
When he came out of school, he saw an old man standing, he was looking here and there anxiously, and sharjeel went to him and said, “Baba ji what’s the matter? You seem worried. The old man replied: Son, a naughty boy has snatched my stick and ran away, I am a blind man, and how will I go home now? I am standing here anxiously because of this. Sharjeel felt sympathy for the old man. He took his hand with respect and said, Baba jee, don’t worry. I will take you to your home and also give you a new stick”. Then Sharjeel took the old man to his house, gave him water and food to eat. He brought a stick for the old man and then took him to his home. The old man gave lots of prayers to Sharjeel. 20 years passed. Sharjeel kept studying and then got a job in a big office. One day while he was going to his office, he saw a man on the side of the road who was begging. He had a stick in his hand. Sharjeel saw the man closely and recognized him. He was Mushtaq, his childhood friend and classfellow! Shrajeel went towards him in a hurry and said, Mushtaq! I am Sharjeel! Do you recognize me?” Mushtaq also recognized him; he took a deep breath and said, “Yes Sharjeel, it’s me!” “But what happened to you?” Sharjeel asked. Tears fell from Mushtaq’s eyes. After a while he gathered himself, took a deep breath and said, “What to tell you! You know I was a very mischievous boy in school. One day I snatched a stick from a blind man on which he scorned me and cursed that may you also depend on a stick. That curse had come out from a broken heart; therefore it was accepted at once. One day I fell from a moving bus and became crippled forever. Then my living deteriorated day by day, now I have reached the situation where I have to beg. On listening to the story of Mushtaq, Sharjeel recalled with a start. He recalled that the old man who he had helped and took prayers from him, Mushtaq had snatched stick from that blind man and he was cursed because of it. Now I understand how it feels to be crippled. He repented and promised himself never to hurt anyone.

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