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Benefits of pouring salted water in nose

Ubqari Magazine - November 2015

Rabia Majeed, Lahore Cantt.

Many people are afraid of using Neti Pot for first time. Idea of pouring salted water in nose sounds strange in first place but one comes to know its benefits gradually. My paternal uncle Farooq Ahmad who lives in Sheikhupura used Neti pot twice a day regularly for eight months. He had been suffering with sinusitis since his childhood. Due to years long flu, cold and sore throat he had been using antibiotics, physicans would prescribe him. But he did not recover. Antibiotics would provide him temporary relief. Flu would show up as soon as he would stop taking antibiotics. He had become immune to antibiotics.

Then one day he came across Neti pot while searching internet a remedy for flu. Coming across its method and reading reviews of foreigners who had used it, he also started using Neti pot. By continuously using Neti Pot Pool he got rid of antibiotics, flu, cold, sore throat, sinusitis and difficult breathing. He is happy with his life now.

He advised many of his friends to try Neti Pot. Out of many, few shared that how they did away with bad odour and blocked nose. Many of his friends made their families use Neti Pot and reaped several benefits. One of his friends was too happy defeating his years long sinusitis that he wished of distributing sweets in all Lahore for he had lost all hopes of recovering.

Two months back while on a visit to Dubai my maternal uncle saw Neti Pot available at all medical stores. He found that many people were using and capitalizing its benefits. Europeans and westerns use it twice a day like they brush their teeth twice a day. Advised by uncle my mother also started using it four months back. She had been suffering with flu, cold for fifteen months. She would sneeze all the time. Despite having undergone rigorous medical treatment she didn’t improve. She feels good now after using Neti pot. She has introduced Neti pot to many others. I am reproducing here some of the reviews people have written on internet about Neti pot.

Treatment of sinusitis that lasted for three years had deprived me all hopes of recovery. I would feel like having lost all immunity. A friend of mine told me about it. I used it and realized that I can breathe, I can live life. That night I slept peacefully. My six years old son was also suffering with sinusitis. He too used it to bid farewell to this ailment.


What is Neti pot?

Take a 60 ml syringe for making Neti pot at home. Cut half of its nozzle at one inch with a pinking knife. Use sandpaper to even the surface of the cut. Now take half inch wide surgical tape and wrap around where you have cut the nozzle so that the nozzle comes fit in nose. Five or six layers would work. Your Neti pot is ready.


How to use?

Boil half litre of water for three to five minutes. Add one table spoon of un-iodized salt when water cools lukewarm and mix well. Fill syringe with this water. Standing by a wash basin tilt your neck towards left shoulder so that your right nostril goes above the left nostril. Put nozzle in the right nostril taking care that water does not run out of the nostril. Breathe with your mouth open, it will neither impede breathing nor will water enter mouth from nose. Now push the syringe slowly pumping water in nostril. Water will flow to left nostril and pass down to sink. Having pumped all the water in right nostril take syringe out form nose; exhale from nostrils and blow your nose.

Now fill the syringe again. It is your left nostril’s turn now. Do it twice a day for both nostrils. It takes only three to five minutes.


Wash your Neti pot (syringe) properly after using.

Replace the tape wrapped around nozzle after a week.

Don’t share your Neti pot with others.

Start with half table spoon of salt. Keep on increasing its quantity. In case of sensitive skin, apply some petroleum jelly in nose before using Neti pot.


Things you need

Syringe, lukewarm water, salt


It cures allergy, infection, flu, cold, dry-cough, dry and itching nose. It also cures swollen nasal membrane.

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