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Announcement!!! New Packing with new Name while formulation, effectiveness and healing power is same like previous. Please recite "Ha Meem Layunsaroon" in large numbers for the protection and help of Hazrat Hakeem Sb, his generations, and Ubqari organization. Recite and spread. Important Change: Earlier, the Halqa e Kashaf ul Mahjoob (The Circle of Revelation of Veiled) used to held every month after Salat Maghrib. Now it has be rescheduled to morning soon after the spiritual glow of the Great Name of Allah, so that the travelers can go back to their homes conveniently.

Busy Schedule of Hazrat Hakeem Sahab during the Eid days!

Ubqari Magazine - November 2015


Respected Hazrat Hakeem Sahab (D.B) met people from every religious sect, every social status, and every group whether political or non-political, religious or non-religious. Whoever Hazrat Jee met he gifted them with something or the other.


We had a dars of approximately an hour and a half there. From there he went to his birthplace near the city in the village called AhmedPur. He stayed there for four to five hours. Then for sometime he paid a visit to Qazi Adnan Fareed in his house and came back home from there. On 22-07-15 Hazrat Jee, along with his college teacher Professor Mazhar Masood, Master Muhammad Akram Kambu, Mansoor Khan, Jawad Khan, Sajid Khan, and Khalid Bhatti visited Habibabad (Gumaani) to meet Ahmed Khan Mastoi Baloch, grandson of Hazrat Maulana Habibullah Gumaani on whose life he wants to write a book. It took them one and a half hours to reach that place. There we visited Hazrat Maulana Manzoor Ahmed Noumani’s Jaamiah (madrissa) and the tombs of both these two Hazraat. We recited Fatiha and the people there took us around Jaamiah Tahir Wali. We prayed Zuhr there then we reached Tarinda Muhammad Khan bypass where Jaamiah Usmaniya is located and met Qari Ubaid Sahab to offer our condolence for his father Maulana Noor Muhammad Taunsvi Rehmatullah’s death. We reached home near Asr and met Chacha Hameed Daal wala who has served Hazrat Jee D.B’s Father Rehmatullah 42 years back. He kept listening to old stories told by the Chacha and cried. Meanwhile, he              (دامت برکاتہم) had a detailed meeting with his father Rehmatullah’s close friend Syed Ghulam Murtaza Shah known as Daadoo Peer and listened to his stories about the elders and the people living in that area.

23-07-15 on our way to Bahawalpur we saw a site for Tasbeeh Khana on the main KLP Road (meaning Karachi Lahore Peshawar). In Bahawalpur, ex-MNA Arif Aziz Sheikh’s father Azizullah Sheikh lives who is 80+ now and is a close friend of Hazrat Jee D.B’s father Rehmatullah. Hazrat Jee went to meet him and ask him for his health but could not meet him. He then he met Sheikh Hafeez ur Rehman and Syed Muhammad Manzoor Shah in Model Town. When they insisted he accepted their offer of lunch and ate with them, then met with Safdar Shehbaz in the plaza which he is constructing himself. Then he moved next to the house of the Hajj group leader Muhammad Shafeequr Rehman in Hashmi gardens. On his way back from there, he went to the internal Ahmedpuri gate in the Muhalla Thalla Noor Jahaniyan to meet both his paternal aunts. From there he went for condolence to the house of a young man who was a companion at Tasbeeh Khana and had passed away, at Chak 9, Baghdad Road. At Hussaini Chowk was Hakeem Saeed Sahab’s shop called ‘Mian Pansaar Store’ where Hazrat jee offered dua.

Then he went to meet his teachers Principal Professor Syed Aaqil Ali Rizvi and Professor Malik Ijaaz Ahmed at Multaani Gate Tayyaba College Bahawalpur. From there he went to the house of Qasmi New Agency’s Hafiz Ashraf Ali to meet him. He then met Tasbeeh Khanas well wisher Saleem Khan Tailor at Cantonment Market. On our way back after offering Maghrib prayer we stayed from Maghrib till Isha at Masjid Yousaf Markaz near Bahawal Wah Canal. During this time he also visited along with other companions our country’s famous senior journalist Ehsaan Seher to ask for his health. He stayed there for almost an hour there. On 24-07-2015 there was a Saraaiki Mushaira in Aab e Hayat Manzil after Maghrib Prayer in which Jahangir Mukhlis, Zafar Lashaari, Shahid Aalam Shahid, Munawwar Siraj, Mukhtiar Must, Munir Shah, Saleem Saeedi, Abdul Amjeed Chahal, Azam Baloch and then finally our Hazrat Jee had a detailed Dars on the Benefits of doing Amaal. On 25-07-15, we went to Jhangra Sharki village to meet and see some guests of ALLAHسبحانہ تعالی . There was a lot of rain there, with flood water and puddles everywhere but the journey continued, and he tried to find his close friend Malik Rafique Hassaam. We went to his residence at Bungalow Peepal wala and met his father Ilaahi Bakhsh. Then we even went to Ada Khairpur Daha Thana Dhor Kot but could not find him. Near this place at Head panj nand he had fish for food along with the others accompanying him. We then went on to meet a 90 year old man Haji Mithoo Gadola in his town to ask him to pray for us. On our way back Malik Jahangir Waren accompanied with his friend Major Riaz who were looking for Hazrat Jee met us. On the second day his brother Malik Jahanzaib Waren, former MPA, also came to meet Hazrat Jee with his brother. In these ten days Hazrat Jee visited his maternal uncle’s dughters in their homes individually, visited his paternal aunts’ daughters individually and congratulated them. He tried his maximum to do Sulah Rehmi (good conduct with family members) despite less time. Despite this, he kept on explaining that he is not good at moral conduct and lagging behind in this, may ALLAH سبحانہ تعالی give me the ability to practice Sulah Rehmi before I die. During his stay he tried to look for his respected Father Rehmatullah’s devoted helper Haro Raam and met him and his sons Maangoo Ram, Teerat Ram and Suraj Ram and made them learn the words “YaHaadeyu Ya Raheemu” after explaining it to them in detail. These were the same people whom we had met early and have mentioned about them above. In these days he met his father’s old friend Dr. Shabbir Qureshi Sahab and went to meet him after Maghrib. He told us that I had my stepmother I was taking her on my bicycle somewhere I helped her and served her. In return she gave me a Dua. I have had 27 children from one wife only out of which 14 are now alive and now I have 153 granddaughters and grandsons. Then we visited the tomb of Maulana Nazeer Ahmed Sahab, who was the Khalifa of Peer Fazal Ilaahi Qureshi Rehmatullah Miskeen Pur Shareef at Masjid Quba Wali, Offered Jummah Prayer at his family’s Masjid Chabootra. He also met his father’s acquaintance Chacha Kala Dhobi and his friend Haq Nawaz Seyal Sahab who is a pious old man. He offered the First Day of Jummah in Farooqiya Masjid. Near his birthplace he met Khawaja Ata Ullah Sahab and offered condolences on the demise of his brother Khawaja Ehsan Ullah. He also offered condolences of his primary school teacher Syed Mukhtiar Hussain Shah Sahab to his brother Syed Noor Hussain Shah. Following his mother Rehmatullah’s footsteps he visited the house of his mother Rehmatullahs friend who had passed away. He met her sons and asked for the health of the ill husband of that lady. 16 years back one man had hurt Hakeem Sahab a lot but he took him, made him sit in the car and respected him a lot. He went to Qari Allah Bakhsh Sahab’s education centre Fattihiyah. Met an old famous physician Dr. Ishaaq Sahab. On our way back to Lahore we stopped at Askari II in Multan and had lunch at the well wishers Nusrat Shah and Tariq Shah’s house. Hazrat Jee D.B had also invited Editor of Khatam e Naboowat Syed Muhammad Kafeel Bukhari Sahab and Editor of Ehraar Syed Muhammad Muawiya Bukhari Sahab on lunch. They were given pick and drop from their houses and thanked for joining.

(Software Engineer Syed Hassanullah Hashmi, Gulberg, Lahore)

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