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Virtues and manners of traders in Islam

Ubqari Magazine - November 2015

(Note) according to Islam trade is most dignified and superior among all other occupations, and why not because according to some narrations nine out of ten parts of livelihood are only in trade and according to others there are 20 doors of livelihood among which ALLAH has connected 19 with trade and that’s why in Ahadees it is written that on the day of judgement honest traders will be with Honest, Martyrs and righteous, and person who did his trade with honesty will be under the shadow of clouds and will be among first ones to enter heaven and trade was occupation of most of the Messengers علیہ السلام of ALLAH. May ALLAH سبحانہ تعالی   make us one doing trade with honesty and May HE count us among honest and Ameen. Aameen! (O M Qasim)

ALLAH سبحانہ تعالی said: “in such homes people praise ALLAH سبحانہ تعالی  and do HIS tasbeeh, whose traders and sale purchase are with ALLAH’s سبحانہ تعالی  remembrance, and they do not forget Namaz and payment of Zakat. And they fear from that day on which heart and eyes will be replaced (with this good intention and reason) that ALLAH سبحانہ تعالی   will give them best return of their deeds and bless them more with his generosity, ALLAH سبحانہ تعالی   gives tremendous livelihood who so ever HE wish) no doubt ALLAH سبحانہ تعالی   is the creator and livelihood provider of humans and HE is provider of all their financial needs, because    ALLAH  سبحانہ تعالی   is taking care of all humans. That’s the reason in different places in Holy Quran ALLAH سبحانہ تعالی   has announced in different manners that HE is the provider of livelihood. Therefore ALLAH سبحانہ تعالی  said in Sura Ankaboot in very precise and clear manner “And how many a living creature is there that takes no thought of its own sustenance, [the while] God provides for it as [He provides] for you- since He alone is all-hearing, all-knowing (Ankaboot 60) and to provide livelihood ALLAH سبحانہ تعالی  has provided many ways (agriculture, trade, daily wages and job etc) ALLAH سبحانہ تعالی  says “ and in this land we have provided many ways of earning livelihood” (Araf 10) ALLAH سبحانہ تعالی  has narrated these ways of earning in two verses of Sura Al Inam (Inaam 141-142) and explained that ALLAH سبحانہ تعالی  has created concise system to reach food for agriculture and animals, and explained more in Sura Qaf (verse 9-11), Sura Rehman (verse 11-12), Sura Zakhraf (verse 32) that  different types of gardens, seasonal different grains and dry fruits and many fruitful trees are best way of earning. No doubt ALLAH سبحانہ تعالی   is real food provider, HE is Hakeem and Intelligent and maker of best system to provide food and HE knows the need of every creature and HE provide them as per their need and HIS Wisdom.

Importance of Trade: among these ways of earnings (agriculture or gardening, industry, trade, business and etc) trade is the best way of earning, this occupation is very respectable and blessed. According to some scholars occupation of trade is the best among all, therefore someone has written that “among the entire occupations first if agriculture and then trade but according to one group trade is the best occupation. (Aanta Altalbeen). According to Hazrat Shah Abdul Aziz Dehlwi رحمتہ اللہ علیہ “{یاایھاالذین آمنوا کلوا من طیبات مارقنا کم}” in the explanation he said trade is the best occupation after Jihhad and said it is the most preferable occupation “ best earning is Jihhad, after that it is trade, especially that trade which is from one country to another and from one city to another city to fulfil needs and import export of things which is beneficial for Muslims, if a person doing such trade does it for profit and also keeps in mind to help Muslims and fulfil their needs then his trade gets the status of worship.

In Quran and Hadees trade is discussed in good words and persuasive manners. In different verses of Quran (Baqra 162, Jummah 10, Ankaboot 17, Qasass 77, Jasiah 12, Muzamil 20) benefits of trade has been explained and it is prescribed as blessing of ALLAH سبحانہ تعالی  and adoption of trade is explained in persuasive manners. In one verse journey for trade has been made equal to recitation of Quran in Tahajut.  (Sura Muzamil 20) similarly trades has been praised in Ahadees. It is on Hadees that trade is the best way of earning, HE ﷺ  said “ a person who brought grains to the city of Muslims and sell those at the price of that day, he will get closeness of ALLAH سبحانہ تعالی  ”.  (Ibne Mardoya) similarly it is said in one more Hadees, earning livelihood for the needs of children and employees with righteous ways is said to be reason of success on the day of judgement. Blessed words of Hadees Sharif are “ who earned with Halal money so that he shouldn’t have to beg someone else, did hard work for wife and children, did good with neighbours then he will meet ALLAH سبحانہ تعالی  on the day of Judgment as his face will be glowing as the moon of 14th. (Behqi) similarly in another Hadees doing hard work for Halal earning and getting tired is one of the best act in front of ALLAH and this hard work will be the reason of ALLAH’s سبحانہ تعالی   forgiveness. HE PBUH said “seeing his man tired due to hard work for Halal earning is favourite of ALLAH سبحانہ تعالی   ”. (Firdous Dailme) hence HE   ﷺ said in another Hadees “person is forgiven who get tired in evening due to work done by his hand” (Kanzl Alaam). Hence trying for earning is reason of forgiveness for some sins. HE  ﷺ    said “few sins are forgiven only by trying and for pondering for earning livelihood”(Tibrani). Similarly there is another strong saying that facing hurdles, restlessness and and bearing disrespect in the line of earing halal livelihood is the reason of Jannah. Hazrat Abu Ishaq Ibrahim Bin Adhm رحمتہ اللہ علیہ said “ I have heared a saying of some pious men that “ who so ever faces disgrace in search of halal livelihood will definitely enter Jannah” (Isthaf Ul Sadat)



No doubt searching of halal livelihood is wanted in Sharia, therefore in two sura (Surah Qasas 77 and Surah Jumah 10) of Holy Quran order of searching for livelihood is present and in many Ahadees order of search for livelihood is present, it is in one Hadees that  search of Halal livelihood is praying. HE ﷺ  said “act (search of livelihood) of this young man is only for the sake of ALLAH سبحانہ تعالی  ” (Tibrani). This reality is also accepted that trade is the most prioritised and blessed among all other ways of earning livelihood. In different Sura of Quran (Noor 36, 38, Isra 66, Nakhal 14, Jasia 12, Muzamil 20 and Hashar 8) trade and people related to trade are prised and people are encouraged to trade, and also in Ahadees  people are said and encouraged to do trade. There is an order of adopting trade as an occupation in one Hadees, HE    ﷺ said “adopt (occupation) of trade as it contains 9th part of livelihood”. (Ahya Aloom Adeen) therefore occupation of trade is the best and most profitable among all other occupations. There is a narration of saying of HE ﷺ “nine parts of livelihood are in trade and 10th part is animals (livestock)”. (Athaf Alsadat) and in another Hadees “there are 20 doors of livelihood, among which 19 are for trade”. (Kanzal Alamal)


Most of the Sahaba and Tabee were traders: there was so much respect and encouragement for trade that most of the Sahaba رضوان اللہ علیہم اجمعین were traders and trade was consider the best among them. Once Hazrat Omar Farooq said رضی اللہ عنہ “after Jihad for ALLAH سبحانہ تعالی if I ever wish to die it would be that I am passing by a valley in search of ALLAH’s سبحانہ تعالی  blessing (livelihood by trade) and I die there” (Behqi) similarly in the era of Hazrat Tabee trade was praised, they did trade by themselves and also encouraged others to do so. Therefore Hazrt Imam Hassan Basri رحمتہ اللہ علیہ said “these markets (centre of trade) are place of ALLAH’s سبحانہ تعالی  blessings that who so ever come (gift of ALLAH سبحانہ تعالی  ) here he will get it”. (Athaf Alsadat). Similarly it is narrated that Hazrat Abu Qalaba  رضی اللہ عنہ used to encourage his followers and said “hold your markets (centre of trade) tight because (by tread earn as per your need, by righteous way, with good intention, do not see others, and never beg from others) it is a great blessing”. (Beqih)


Benefits of trade and traders: trade is the best among all other occupations and it is need of every person of society, like others Hazrat Messengers علیہ السلام used to buy and sell as per their need and also used to go to markets. Hazrat Qatada رضی اللہ عنہ narrated that “before HE ﷺ  all Messengers علیہ السلام used to visit markets”. (Dar Manshoor 342/2) trade of goats is Sunnah of Messengers علیہ السلام. It is in one Hadees “among best occupations agriculture and goats are two and these are also occupation of Messengersعلیہ السلام”. (Muslim)


Hazrat Zikriya and Hazrat Dawood علیہ السلام have great position in trade and industry. It famous about Hazrat Dawood علیہ السلام “ Hazrat Dawood علیہ السلام used to make one thing daily and sell it in six thousand Dirham,  he used to spend those 6000 Dirham in such a way that he used to spend 2000 on his family and rest 4000 among the poor of Bani Israel as charity”. Hazrat MUHAMMAD ﷺ  also did trade on partnership before BAIST. Therefore Hazrat Saib


رضی اللہ عنہ.  once said in front of HE ﷺ “ HE ﷺ did partnership for trade with me before declaration of Nabowat and HE ﷺ was the best partner”.(Abudawood)  similarly HE ﷺ before declaration of Nabowat did trade partnership with Hazrat Khadija رضی اللہ عنہا.(Ibne Saad) HE ﷺ also herd goats on payment.


In one Hadees HE ﷺ  clarifies “I also used to herd goats of people of MAKKAH on payment”. (Bukhari) and job of Hazrat Mosa علیہ السلام is discussed in Holly Quran. Definitely all Hazrat Messengers علیہ السلام d adopted occupation as per their needs few adopted industry, few adopted growing animals and some adopted trade and business, by doing this these Hazrat showed us their practical life as an example, and explained importance of industry, on payment job and trade, our beloved Prophet Hazrat Muhammad   ﷺ encouraged us to do trade. It is one Hadees that trade is among best and blessed occupation, therefore in answer to the question of best occupation HE  ﷺ said “ best occupation is that what a man does by his own hands and trade which is done by the rules and regulations of  Sharia is the most best and blessed way”. (Ahmed) if your intentions are good there are a lot of benefits in this world and after world, and trade based on truth and honesty will be reason of special blessings of ALLAH سبحانہ تعالی  on the day of Judgement, and trader having this traits will be as among Hazrat Messengers علیہ السلام, Truthful رحمت اللہ علیہ and martyrs as said by HE ﷺ “ Honest and truthful trader will be with Hazrat Messengers علیہ السلام, Truthful رحمت اللہ علیہ and martyrs”. (Tirmadi) in another Hadees HE ﷺ said honest trader will be in Highest Heavens of ALLAH سبحانہ تعالی.  HE ﷺ said “person doing trader with honesty will be under عرش of ALLAH سبحانہ تعالی on the day of Judgement”. (Trgeeb) similarly honest trader has been given a good news that he will be among first ones to enter heaven. HE ﷺ  said “first one to enter heaven will be honest trader”. (Kazl Alamal). Honest trader will have different glory in heaven. Honest trader will go to heaven without any hurdle. HE ﷺ said “no one will stop honest trader to enter heaven”. (Athaf Alsadat)  (Courtesy Monthly Alhassan)

 (Khalid Faisal Nadwi)

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