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Opportunities of Progress

Ubqari Magazine - November 2015


My relatives and friends here are saying that you have made a mistake that you left America and came to India.

There is a Muslim young man whose some relatives are residing in America, he went to America and got education. He did job in America for 2 years then he realized that he should come back to his country and built his life here. So he came back to India. I met him and he said that I am in mental stress and anxiety on coming back to India.

My relatives and friends here are saying that you have made a mistake that you left America and came to India. As you could get more opportunities of progress there and now you have no scope here. I told him that you friends and relatives are not talking right. I say that there is no scope in India and for this you have scope here. You have all opportunities for progress in India like you had in America and even you can progress more here than America. The reality is this that progress is connected to 2 things. One is external opportunity and other is internal chances.

External opportunities mean those things that are outside your self in external world and the internal chances are the natural traits which Allah Almighty has put in your mind and body. Usually people look at the materialistic opportunities and they say that some countries have the opportunities to work and some have not. But for progress, there is more importance of the natural abilities which nature gave to every person and no one has the dearth of it. When hardships in life challenge human beings, then the hidden abilities come out. The jerks of circumstances polish human beings. And this thing is very important in the way of progress of people. America has the scope of external opportunities and India has the situation of challenge which awakes the natural abilities of people to last extent. In comparison of first and second scope, the second is much more valuable.

Maulana Waheed ud din Khan

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