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How my Life was Changed

Ubqari Magazine - November 2015

Readers! With the lectures of Hazrat Hakeem Sahab, on mobile phones, memory cards and internet etc, thousands of lives have been changed. As Isme Azam has been recited with the Dars and where there is Dars, the household and domestic worries so away amazingly, you should also listen to it even you listen some part of it but listen daily. There should be dars in your house and car all the time.

 Respected Hakeem Sahab Assalamoalaikum! I am reading Monthly Ubqari for almost 3 years. Now I am narrating you the story of last 15 years of my life. I spent these last 15 years in hell. I lived every moment and died every moment and then how I got peace in my life, I will narrate you later but first listen to my story: I was a school teacher where a man used to come to drop her niece daily. He used to come in front of me daily but I used to ignore him. Than for almost three years, he sent me messages from different sources. Then slowly I felt attraction towards him and we communicated through letters and then we reached to the extent of meeting with each other. My parents were very noble and simple persons and were known as respectable in eyes of people living in area. No one ever heard my father talking to any one in loud voice. After sometime, I started talking about my marriage in house and told about my choice to everyone. My parents tried to convince me but I did not listen to them. I asked them if they will not get me married with the person of my choice than I will leave home. I was going crazy in the name of so called love. So all of my family went against me but I was consistent on my demand. At last, my father and brother agreed with me and got ready for my marriage. They were no happy but they did so for their own respect. The marriage was like that to get one love I left all of the loves. At the time of my Rukhsati, I saw that my father was crying on the corner of the street helplessly but I sat happily in the car and went away. I forgot the love of my parents, they prayers and their wishes and accepted an unknown person as my life partner. All the way, I was so happy that what I desired, I got. My husband was also happy that we found our love. But who I was considering my own, were all changed when I entered the house. For some time, my husband treated me nicely. After eight months of marriage, my husband got a job in Jeddah and he went there leaving me with his family. I got married with my own will so my family never looked at me. After my husband left, I used to get scolding and angriness of my in laws, my family was not ready to meet me and husband was not ready to listen to anything against his family. How my days spent, I died and become alive daily and while writing my pen is not letting me write anything.

After one year of marriage, Allah Almighty blessed me with a baby girl. After wards, the situation became so worst that me in laws thrown my out of the house. I was crying sitting in street helplessly on my mistake and that day I was recalling my father’s face when he was crying. I myself was calling me that you have hurt your father and now you got its punishment. So I called my husband in Jadda and he felt that now water has risen from the surface. He asked someone who arranged a house for me on rent and in four hours, I was in a strange house of a strange locality. First, I was away from my parents, than there was no one mine and away from husband and then I was imprisoned in a walled place and crying. My husband used to send me money from abroad and I used to run my life and then my life took another turn and there was a Karyana shop in front of my house and there was salesman there and when I take things from him, he used to talk to me with love and affection and then I got trapped in his love.

There was no one to guide me, stop me and there was no fear. Once again, I was getting buried in sins and I spent three years with that guy. Neither I remembered Allah, nor thought about his fear. After 3 and a half years, my husband came back and far from that area, bought our own house and my relation of sins was than stopped with that guy. After that he never came behind me. On coming back, my husband saw his daughter and when he went to meet his family than still there was no change in their attitude with me. My husband was jobless for a year and he become habitual for coming late at night and on asking, I get nothing expect abuses. He was the person for whom I left my loved ones and become against them but now he was not ready to sit with me even. Than in the same time, Allah blessed me with a son. Than on disappointment from life, I tried to commit suicide but he asked me that if you want to die than go to your own family and die. Some times ago, my neighbor gave me monthly Ubqari and when I read that I thought that I have found a true guider. I asked my neighbor in detail about Ubqari and Hazrat Hakeem Sahab, (دامت برکاتہم). She gave me all of your lectures in the mobile card and I started listening to them. Than what happened that I was listening to lectures and my life started changing. I started hating my sinful self. I did not remember that I remembered my Allah after a long time. I cried a lot and asked for forgiveness to my Allah in a begging way. On the next day, I took permission from my husband and came to parent’s house and put my head on their feet and cried a lot seeking forgiveness from them. My other relatives also gathered and all of them tried to my my parents normal. They forgave me, when I came home in evening than there was some peace in my heart. Now I have started offering prayers and now I remember Allah Almighty all the time. The lectures remains on all day in my house, I hurt my parents and disobeyed them, was unfaithful to my husband and in his absence, I gave my respect to an out sider for which I was punished. If I could not get Ubqari than I don’t know where I would be today?  But Ubqari and dars have filled my life with peace. My husbands’ attitude is also changing day by day. He also loved his children now and got a job in the same city. Now my issues are being resolved slowly. All of my day is spent in Aamal and there is serenity in life. My husband is also listening to dars. It is the blessing of Dars that my husband is getting changed. Now when I think about my past sinful life, I become shiver. 

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