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Effective treatment of physical Diseases

Ubqari Magazine - November 2015

Physical Advice

For attention seeking issues, send reply back envelop with written address and the address should be prominent. If there is no reply back envelop than the query will not be answer. While writing, do not add extra glue or tape and do not use staples, privacy will be ensured, write your name on one side of the page. Do mention name, city’s name and complete address in end of the writing.


Marham Atashk:

I live in America and you cannot guess that how expensive is treatment here. If we go for check up of our usual flu and cold to doctor that it is at least expenditure of 500 dollars which you can convert into Pakistani rupees and check how much cost it is, likewise, the treatment of chronic diseases is not affordable for anyone to go to specialist and due to this reason mostly people do self medication and treatment. The issue is that this society is open in all terms and people here have chronic and worst diseases, our Pakistanis take such diseases from them and no one has the treatment. Even specialists do not have the treatment so give me treatment of Atashk.             (F, Newyork)

Advice: The treatment of Atashk is with an educated and high level physician and not everyone should handle this matter as the non physician cannot even diagnose it than the treatment is far away from him. However, I am writing to you a prescription of an ointment, if there is really Atashk than, the external use of it will benefit. The prescription is. 2 mashas of Gard Chob Cheeni, 3 tolas of Shangarf, 6 tolas of Totiaye Hindi Shasta, grind them all and make a powder. Warm the Desi egg and separate the egg yolk, mix the powder in egg yolk and apply on the wound after cleaning it.

Fearful and weak heart:

I am a patient of Leukoria for a long time and could not get relief even after spending lots of money. Taking the medicines of Leukoria has created much more issues for me. I had Pneumonia in childhood, doctors diagnosed it as allergy saying that when the girl will be grown up, than she would be fine. But I had Asthema, I have hands and feet burning, I become severely fearful and heart is weak. Suggest me any treatment of Leukoria, fearful and weak heart, but any treatment that is low cost.           (Rehana, Gujrat)

Advice: Khameera Marwareed 3 mashas eat in morning and evening but it should be essential that it would be made of correct prescription, buy it from any old honest physician and use. InshAllah, it is easy, cheap and constant solution of your all complaints.

Womb issues:

I have complaint of Leukoria for long time, and some times it get severe. Due to Sailan, it is severe weakness as the body has become a skeleton of bones and also there is mental weakness. Walking and doing work has become hard. (R, J, Korangi)

Advice: Take Majoon Spiari Pak, 6 grams with half cup of milk in morning and in evening at Asar time, take half spoon of Sada Jawani. The prescription of Sada Jawani is that dry coconut, dry dates, Kishmish Sundar Khani, pealed walnut, sugar all in equal weight and grind them all. InshAllah you will get relief as it is quality food medicine.

Strange Weakness:

I am feeling embarrassed while writing this but it is a Sharai matter. I went for many treatments but nothing gave me benefit. The issues are related to the disease of Raasha after jointure. (M, A, Abudhabi)

Advice: take 2 Mashas of Majoon Momiai with milk empty stomach in morning. Use for some time and then see its wonders.


 I have a farm of buffalos and I manage 1200 buffalos. In last summer, due to working in afternoon daily, I suffered with heat. You wrote that unripped mango cooked in ashes and taking its syrup gives relief. I had benefit that time but the thirst remained there. My tongue remains dry and there is urge for drinking water all the time. But I have less urine. I went for blood and urine tests but doctors say that they are normal, my brain has also become weak, I have normal diet, but I am losing wait. Neither I have blood pressure issue nor I am diabetic. The body remains warm and people say I am suffering from fever but it is not counted in thermometer. The urine is pale yellow and the heart beats fast. (Shahbaz, Sheikhupura)

Advice: take Arq Nilofer 4 ounce and add 1 ounce Sharbat Nilofer. You can take it in evening and stay away from sun light. Avoid, egg, chicken, fish and spices.



The Mouth gets ulcers:

I am 34 years of age and for last 2 years, I am suffering from stomach issues, sometimes there is heat in body and due to this problem, my mouth gets ulcers which also affects the upper layer of tongue. Sometimes there are worms in mouth and on taking medicine, they become fine but then the issue comes again. I use Ispaghol and there is no constipation, sometimes there is headache and I never used Chaalia, Gutka etc.

Advice: take Jawarish Shahi after food 6 grams in after noon and night, Katha pure, seed cardamom Khurd, grind them and sprinkle on the ulcers in mouth. Eat porridge, milk, butter, vegetables and roti. Write after 3 weeks. I hope InshAllah you will get relief.

Bad Habit: this issue is related to one of my friend who was in bad habits since childhood. In age of 17 or 18 years, she got rid of that habit, but then the issue of sleeplessness started. Now she is 28 years of age and her marriage is near but she is suffering from Leukoria and legs and back pain. (K, Sh)

Advice: that bad habit has gone but its memories are there which is the actual disease, when the habit has gone than there is nothing to talk. Now forget it which is the real treatment. Now remains leukoria which is due to weakness and the weakness is due to the poor diet. Take quality and constant diet and eat well and stop when there is litter appetite left. But eat on time. Take half spoon of Majoor Supari at morning. Stop the medicine after one month but continue the good diet. It is enough. When there is age of marriage than one should get married. Delaying in this usually affects the health of females.

Wonderful prescription of keeping the weakness away:

Respected Hakeem Sahab Assalamoalaikum! I read monthly Ubqari and take benefit from the prescriptions and Wazaif mentioned in it. We have a tested prescription which is following; Huwalshafi: almonds, half Pao, Ispaghol Husk 3 tolas, Misri 3 tolas, Kamar kas 3 tolas, tabashir 3 tolas, cardamoms 10 rupees. Make a husk by grinding all of them and take one spoon with milk while sleeping. InshAllah, one will feel speechless changes. (Muneeba Mumtaz, Bhakkar)


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