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Golden Rule to increase strength in the month of November

Ubqari Magazine - November 2015

Although each month has its set of instructions to follow for healthy living, the cold weather in the month of November requires more instructions than normal.

The most common issue is that of getting a cold which comes about due to a change in temperatures. Winters bring about mornings in which particles in air are very prominent i.e. Smog or fog and the atmosphere is not very clear. Women mostly begin their household chores in this weather without following proper instructions and this can have negative effects for the child. To solve this problem, proper ventilation outlets should be present like some sort of metal net coverings over window or doors etc. Since rooms are warmer then the cold weather outside, women tend to forget this and venture outside without proper warm clothes and this change in temperature often causes body aches and flu. Lungs are affected by this too which can increase the probability of breathing problems. Pneumonia also poses as a possible illness. And patients of asthma are at greater risk in this weather. Children are often dressed for school in haste and so proper care for their wellbeing in the cold morning results in illnesses since they often walk about without socks or shoes after getting out of bed and then they shower without taking the time to dry themselves and clothe properly. Women who perform household chores do tend to sit in front of fires or heaters but on remembering some chore they go outside in the cold and this temperature change is often problematic. Some women walk about barefoot and don't wear any shawls or sweaters too. Women who feel hot even on cold days should get their blood pressures checked.

A healthy diet should also be opted for, that neither is high on too hot foods or drinks like coffee nor is high on spicy or sour foods like pickles (achar). Sour foods often affect the veins in the throat giving you a sore throat in winters. Vegetables and pulses are rich in vitamins which are why they are encouraged.

Some women don't bathe properly in winters and in fact just wash their hair after 3-4 days. This causes a difference in temperature and puts your cleanliness at a risk; hence a proper bathing routine must be established. At Least two three times in a week, a bath should be opted for. Experts recommend that a bath each day in the afternoons can be very beneficial too.

Sometimes women treat cold and cough with common medicines which can be problematic since sometimes virus or infections or even pneumonia is too strong to be cured by simple medicines which are why doctors should be consulted. Joshanda works best for at home cure of nominal illnesses without side effects. Along with this olives and olive oil is a good source of nourishment too. Olives are quite helpful in keeping illnesses at bay and many Arab dishes use olives a lot. Olive oils are used in salads and sauces too but we often only use this oil for massage.

Also some people use eggs a lot in winters while some do not use them. A research on 1 lakh people shows that an egg a day is good for health but this should not be exceeded. Using only vegetables and pulses and getting rid of meat is also not healthy since people instinctively like eating meat. Along with this, sangtaray and oranges have many benefits as well. Research in Canada and Britain tells us that orange juice increased HDL in the body which is needed too. Most importantly it is beneficial for patients of the heart. LDL in the body is needed too since it controls cholesterol.

Some people increase vitamin tablets and researchers in America's Institute of Medical Science tell that people should decrease vitamin tablets since healthy people get the required amount of vitamins from their daily diet. People should opt for such a diet that naturally provides them with the required vitamins. Foods such as sangatara, oranges, potatoes, strawberries, and green leafy vegetables are rich in Vitamin C. However sick people should take vitamins according to their doctor's instructions and it is suggested that weak people should not take vitamin tablets more than 2000 mg daily since a lot of Vitamin C is dangerous too. For vitamin A people should use peanuts, almonds and dry fruits. And if they are prescribed to take tablets then these should not be more than 1000 mg. increased amount of Vitamin A can cause more blood to be made in the body than required. Also what must be remembered is that water should not be lessened to such an extent that it causes dehydration since this effects mental fitness as well.


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