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True and unbelievable stories about the protection of Quran

Ubqari Magazine - November 2015

True and unbelievable stories about the protection of Quran:

Respected hakeem sahib, assalamualikum! I am reading your ubqari magazine with keen interest since 2020. At first I used to read it whenever I went to my daughter’s home. But now I have ordered the magazine for my own home too. I remember a story that Allah himself is the protector of the holy Quran. From a long time, I always wished to write in ubqari but I hesitated because I didn’t want to disclose my name. But I have read that again and again in ubqari that one should write their health and spiritual related past experiences and if it contains any mistakes, it would be corrected by us. This gave me the strength to write and finally today I have picked up the pen to write. It is one of my life unforgettable incidents. This incident took place in 1945. At that time we used to live in a beautiful village located in the Punjab of India, Jalandhar. My maternal grandparents belong to this village. Since my parents died when I was too young that’s why I lived with my grandparents. Due to a rainy weather, I was believed that I would rain heavily and would exceed 70 days. People did not pay attention and kept themselves in their work. The rainfall reason was on its peak. One day suddenly after fajr prayer call, slight drizzling started. It kept raining for three days and nights. Different news started to arouse from around like a house had collapsed somewhere. A wall has fallen down somewhere. After some more days though the raw houses were collapsing, even the strongly built houses started collapsing. People started prayer, duas, asking for forgiveness. But it seemed like the door for forgiven has been closed. One day suddenly a cracked appear on the walls of the house. We all ran out from the house to our lane. In front of our eyes, the back part of our house went crashing down into the ranch outside. The front side of the house which was called the anter room which was very big was saved. After some hours the rain stopped somehow. But we all started crying on the bizarre site of the house, but were thankful that our lives were saved. We all were in great shock that within a moment we all became needy. Neither wheat not rice nor floor was left. Everything was buried below. No there came a point that we had to think how to remove the left over remains of the house to extract the costly jewels and the money. But the problem was that the house was double story. The mud wall was weak. The whole house from the ground till the top was demolished but a single wall was standing alone. There was a cupboard fixed on the wall. But the issue was how we will demolish this wall taking care that it does not affect the other part. So all the people standing out there were giving their own ideas and advise. During this my maternal uncle came to me and asked me to pray so that they can safely demolish the wall. I started crying and said, “Uncle, my Holy Quran is in the cupboard. I used to read it daily whenever I went upstairs. Uncle my father gifted me this Quran when I finished my recitation for the first time. He bought it from Delhi.” My uncle told this to everyone and within sometime people started coming to see this. Even people from nearby villages this site and see the miracle of Allah and the Glory of Quran. All the people were shocked that a single weak wall was standing on its own even after such damage to the whole house was nothing less than a miracle. Now somehow we had to save it. They came up with an idea, they brought too long ladders and tighten them with ropes and rested it with the wall. Now the problem was that what if the wall collapsed due to weight? And in this puzzle another two to three hours flue away. No one was ready to step on the ladder. But suddenly a youngster came taking ALLAH name he started climbing the ladder all the people around started praying for his safety  that : oh ALLAH ! Protect this boy as he is going to bring the Holy book back safely. In front of her eyes the boy went up and opened the cupboard carefully and placed my beautiful Holy Quran on his head and started stepping down slowly. As soon as he reached down people went rushing towards him and started embracing him in hugs. Everyone started to kiss the Holy book and kept on passing it to each other. Everyone was talking about the glory of this Holy book and started thanking ALLAH. Nobody even went back to their houses neither did I reach to my relative’s house holding my father’s only memory that suddenly a huge BANG! Was heard and the wall came down crashing on its own. The echo of سبحان اللہ سبحان اللہ was now in the atmosphere. Everyone was praising                                      ALLAH’s   سبحان تعالیٰ  glory so, readers this true incident at that time I was 14 years old and now I am an old women.

THE HOLY PROPHETS BEHAVIOUR TOWARDS NON- MUSLIMSA man who had wrapped up himself in a veil came to the holy prophet (صلی اللہ علیہ وسلم) he had something in his hands which was hidden below the veil. He said: oh holy prophet  (صلی اللہ علیہ وسلم), I was walking past a bunch of trees when I heard some baby birds chirping. I caught them and hide them under my veil. Seeing this mother bird became worried and started to fly in circles around my head. In order to show the baby birds I raveled them by removing my veil. After seeing them she fell on her baby birds and taking advantage I covered all of them in my veil. And now they all are with me. The prophet (صلی اللہ علیہ وسلم) said: are you surprised by the mother birds love for her baby birds. By ALLAHسبحانہ تعالی  . The one who sent me with the truth; indeed Allah is more merciful upon His slaves than the mercy of birds’ mother for her babies. (Then he  ﷺaddressed the visitor and said) “Take these baby birds back to the place where you caught them from and also take their mother along”. So he went back. (Abu Daud)


Respected hakim sahib, Assalmualikum may ALLAH سبحانہ تعالی grant you health, a long life and may ALLAH سبحانہ تعالی help you in working for mankind. I have a recipe of a powder for digestion. I and my family is using this remedy from the past 15 years. If anyone has any type of stomach pain, indigestion, burning sensation (khati dhakaar) nausea, can take a spoon of this powder with water and with ALLAH سبحانہ تعالی grace one will be fine soon

INGREDIENTS: Maghaz sonf, Zeera safaid, Jungly harair, Sabz harair, Kachoor, Ajwaein, Noshadar, Sondh, Black pepper, Rock salt, White salt, Baking soda. Mix them all and take after every meal

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