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An Extract from the Weekly Sermon- Teaching of Spiritualism and Peace

Ubqari Magazine - November 2015

An Extract from the Weekly Sermon- Teaching of Spiritualism and Peace

By Shaykh-ul-Wazaif Hazrat Hakeem Tariq Mahmood Majzoobi Chughtai (Damat Barakatuhum Aliya)

The difference between Insight and Eyesight

(Note: Bring the mute men in all lectures of Hazratji as we have arrangements for sign language)

The difference between Insight and Eyesight:

Seeing with your eyes is just using them for their apparent purpose while being insightful about the nature of anything from the eyes of your heart is called as Insight and to acquire the eyes of heart, you will need to adopt the company of Godly men with all truthfulness and act against the desire of your ego and desires. You will have to follow each instructions of your master with full devotion then you would be able to benefit yourself with that vision.

The sayings of Murshid Hajveri (رحمتہ اللہ علیہ): My Shaykh Hazrat Sayyad Muhammad Abdullah Hajveri (رحمتہ اللہ علیہ) would say that he, whose spiritual master could not refrain him from doing anything or could not keep him refrained him from doing something then the disciple should understand that he is still raw and he has not progressed anything. He would cover the spiritual destination only with striving hard. Stopping from doing something is against the ego and by refraining or stopping someone kills the ego. By stopping could lead to anger of your family and relatives and wiping out the bad traditions and when these things are eliminated, then that makes the soul powerful and strengthens the faith.

Conversation between a devoted lover and a pitcher: Once upon a time a devoted lover was passing by when he saw a beautiful girl carrying a pitcher over her head. The lover while looking at it addressed the pitcher in these words: you are much better than me that you are on top of a beautiful woman like a crown on her head. The pitcher replied: you are looking at my current status but why do not you think that how many hardships I have faced to attain this status. We think that we could become a crown of someone’s head without facing any hardship and trial.

Hazrat Ibrahim Bin Adham (رحمتہ اللہ علیہ)’s reply to his minister: When Ibrahim bin Adham        (رحمتہ اللہ علیہ), threw his needle into the river and then addressed to the river: o fish of this river! I am slave of the same Almighty who is your Master too and ask you to return my needle. Allah is the greatest: whosoever becomes of Allah gets Allah as his own. All the fish of the river appeared to the surface with each of them having a needle in its mouths. Some of them were carrying needle of gold, some carrying silver and one of them brought the iron needle which was his own. Ibrahim bin Adham (رحمتہ اللہ علیہ) said  that this was his needle and then he turned to his minister who had attempted to persuade him to get back to his royal court and asked him: tell me whose lordship is more majestic? The minister was convinced to the bottom of his heart and confessed that indeed his lordship was more majestic than the worldly rule. O Godly people! It is true that whosoever learns to converse with Allah Almighty is the most fortunate and whosoever is deprived of this, should understand that Allah Almighty is not happy with him as He does not want to converse to him. Whosoever is blessed to communicate with His Lord is really the most fortunate person and needs to be congratulated for his accomplishments. By getting this Divine Insight, the minister said that indeed Ibrahim Adham’s lordship was much more magnificent than his previous rule and his throne was really had expanded to the heaven and the earth. He had abandoned the rule of Balkh which is also called as Chechnya and he abandoned his rule for the sake of Allah’s Pleasure rather than for any lust or worldly desire.

Get hold of a saint’s words: whosoever will leave his rule for Allah and rule is not limited to the throne only but also includes all the personal charms and privileges e.g. a person can say that O Allah! I could have acquired the throne by lying or by cheating and stealing poor men’s money or doing unfair and injustice or being able to silence anyone but O Allah! I never did it just for your Sake. Then such a person would be treated like Hazrat Ibrahim bin Adham (رحمتہ اللہ علیہ) on the day of judgement as he had not used his status and power and rather had abandoned it for Allah’s sake. The authority can be great as well as very little. Someone could have control over a few persons while others can control thousands or even millions of masses. Some rule over a small territory and some can have a control of the whole area or even the whole world. A ruler is a ruler even how small he may be.

Those who visit the Tasbih Khana:

 We have here the top executive of some top institutes and organisations, who once came to listen to the weekly sermon and then they become able to converse with Allah Almighty. They were wealthy, enjoyed huge esteem and a greater authority and sometimes they share with me by saying: if you had not guided us, we would never have disclosed that they were not having any money to travel to listen to the sermon. The bus fare from one stop to another is just ten rupees and some of them did not have even that little amount of money. They started from a far off place on foot and were sweating when they reached here but they had to walk as they did not have the money to pay the fare. But they had made a firm intention so they travelled to Tasbih Khana. This is a fact that due to the sacrifices of such a great people that there is coming a silent revolution in the minds and hearts of the people and hundreds of families are turning towards Allah. Another person was made custodian of fifty thousand rupees and he lost the money on his way so he started conversing with Allah that he did not have any lust for that huge sum and how would he be able to make up for it. He was still thinking about it that Divine Help came to his rescue and he found a person there gave him fifty thousand rupees and said that he would like to help him with that huge amount and he had spared the amount for helping some of his relatives. Actually it was not the case and it was the same guy who had stolen the money but he could not keep the stolen money due to the pressure of his inner self and he returned the whole amount back. It was just the Divine’s Bounty that he was forced to return the money as his heart had changed and Allah Almighty revealed on  his heart to return the stolen money as that belongs to one of His honest men who had learned how to converse to his Lord Almighty Who solved all his difficulties after having conversing with Him.



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