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Ubqari Magazine - September 2015

True biography of such a person who since birth till today is under the guidance of saint Jinnat. His days and nights are spent with Jinnat. On insistence of readers, strange and interesting revelations are being published in episodes but to understand this mysterious world, lot of patience and courage is required.

The groom of heaven was being taken to heaven:

Similarly the flames kept on coming and they were throwing them away. I was amazed at this act, what is this act and what is its real reason? In a little while the flame stopped. Angels removed his old clothes, made him wear new clothes and decorated the new clothes in such a manner that he seemed to be dressed up like the groom of heaven, being taken in the heaven. I asked this person that what was this fire, some sins of mine, some shortcomings, I asked why did these angels came? Said! Angels came because of my act of ablution and they supported me because I would stay with ablution and because of staying with ablution, saved me from every trouble, problem, evil and every pain. I was really amazed at this act and Tabeyee رحمتہ اللہ علیہ. further said that a person who always stays with ablution, Allah سبحانہ تعالی gives him persistence on Silah Rehmi (being kind towards relatives) and due to Silah Rehmi prayers are accepted and with Silah Rehmi there is Barkat in the age, and respect and honour is increased.

People staying under the umbrella of the mercy of Allah سبحانہ تعالی:

Tabeyee رحمتہ اللہ علیہ. further said that person doing ablution always stays under the umbrella of Allah’s (سبحانہ تعالی) mercy, mercy is attentive towards him and rain of blessings are always showered upon him every second and with every breath, Allah’s (سبحانہ تعالی) special help stays close to him. Further, told about a person always staying with ablution that how ablution attracts the help of Allah سبحانہ تعالی and how the help of Allah’s (سبحانہ تعالی) stays attentive towards him in such a way that no common comprehension can understand it, and then narrated an instance of his wife, that once, I was coming with the caravan of Hajj, on our way robbers and thieves surrounded us, they wanted to take away our money and horses etc, they attacked us and I put everyone behind me and came forwarded myself and took all their attacks on my shield and kept on killing them, 11 of them were killed on the spot and many of the injured ran away when the attack ended. Our scattered caravan assembled again and they were all very grateful of me and were thankful and surprised. What was this act that you had so much power, energy, trust and confidence in you, I made them attentive and just said one thing that the secret of my power, energy, trust and confidence is that I have always continued doing these 7 acts and whenever I acted upon these 7 things, I have never been defeated, have never given up hope, have never been insulted or dishonoured and I have always got respect and honour, I have always been successful and my success was such that people trusted me with closed eyes and they did not know it, they thought perhaps, he has such diet that his power and energy is tremendous. He eats such things or does such battle exercises due to which he is successful but they did not know that the basis of my success is actually these 7 things which I adopted whole of my life and never left them during my life time. I was hearing all this in amazement, he was not a Jin, was a human being and there was element of surprise as well as confidence in his conversation and his trust and confidence and amazement was letting me ask for more, and I inquired, that did you read these blessings in Ubqari, he said yes! I said please narrate your whole instance which happened to you, tell about that too. He said I was young that my father suddenly died, we were 5 brothers and sisters, small house and from the beginning I saw my mother doing labour and mother always spent the days & nights of life with patience, faith and courage, my mother was young, and I can still recall that one of our neighbours use to send a lot of things to eat and drink to our house but my mother would not take them and at times I would quarrel with my mother that why do you not take them? But my mother use to keep quite.

For the protection of the honor of late husband: When I grew up and became conscious, I got to know that his intentions were bad towards my mother. Widow mother, for her honour and respect sacrificed the delicious foods. I remember the time when on the occasion of Eid, she would return best clothes and gifts with tears in her eyes and now I realize that she had learnt to take care of her needs but she would have tears in her eyes looking at the desires of her kids, on one side were quality food and best clothes and on the other side was the protection of the honour of her late husband and was to take care of the promises with him, but, I felt that my mother would recite something all day, I did not know what it was but now when I have read the blessings of Surah Quresh in Ubqari, it reminded me of its recitation by my mother and its benefits and blessings, it all came back to me, it was in my heart, now I was over 46 years old and my old mother was still alive but now she was not leading a miserable life but was leading a prosperous life. Amongst the five brothers & sisters, I was the one who gave the maximum support and respect to the mother. I was in Metric (grade 10) when, once our English teacher told us during the class to do some recitation all day, as I was grown up so I asked my mother that when I had hardly learnt to speak, you would recite something, what did you recite?

Getting wazifa from the baba from mountains of Kashmir: Mother said son! Once our father took us for outing to Kashmir, I was very young, at that time and we stayed in a house and there was a pious person in that house to whom everybody in the house use to address as Dada Jee (Grandfather), he told me that kid I can see from the lines on your forehead that you will have a difficult life with problems and troubles, therefore, if you have to lead best life then always recite Surah Quresh with ﷽   and every stage of life will become easy and problems will be solved and you will get such Barkat, and blessings in your life, which you will not have even thought about. Thus, keep on doing your work also and also keep on reciting Surah Quresh in every condition, I knew Surah Quresh a little bit but not all of it but there was such an impact in the advice of Baba Jee that I memorized Surah Quresh and started reading it from the same day, I had recited it for few months only that son your father suddenly developed kidney problem and after staying sick, he died after a short period of time and left us back crying, I again recalled the advice of the pious person who had selected this recitation for me by looking at the lines of my forehead.


Surah Quresh protects my honour: Son! I use to recite this day & night and I still do. Son! This Surah Quresh protected my honour, provided me means from nowhere, when you 5 brothers & sisters use to fall ill and I would not have money for medicines, I would recite Surah Quresh and you guys would become well, at times there would be meal for one time and I would be worried for the next one but while reciting Surah Quresh I use to be confident that my job will be done and will definitely be done. I never recited this Surah with mistrust, always with trust and confidence. At times, I would recite it in less quantity and my father would come in my dream and would tell me not to reduce the quantity and would tell me to read more as today your recitation was less. One time it so happened that my father came in my dream and said that where recitation of Surah Quresh in hundreds & thousands of time have solved your household problems, problems of my grave and life after death have also been solved, and I have been forgiven. Son! Since that day until today I just recite Surah Quresh. Where expenses of your education were paid for? I use to do labour all day and my labour was not as much as provider (Allah سبحانہ تعالی) uses to give me. I raised ground level of my house also as it was lower than the ground level and rain water would come in, your clothes, your books, food, wedding of 2 sisters.

The biggest thing in the world is this surah Quresh:  Son! I did it with Surah Quresh. One of your brother in law use to bug your sister a lot and I fixed his temperament also with Surah Quresh, I see a universe in Surah Quresh and for me Surah Quresh is the biggest blessing in this world and I found Surah Quresh to be a better shade and of help than my husband, have found it to be a means for wealth, shield of protection, and fulfillment of my every desire, a companion of life. I got happiness with the mean of Surah Quresh, all my worries ended with Surah Quresh. I recall the day when you’re younger brother came crying to me and said that Mummy, get me a ball, get me a ball, I did not have money and I told him alright, I will bring you one, Allah gave me some labour from nowhere and I brought a ball for your brother. He would kiss the ball and would tell me that you have given me such a good ball which no kid in the neighbourhood has. My tears would come out looking at his happiness and I would wish that he stays happy always but Son! Today he has left me, he---was of help to me but some time back I thought that it seems that I have become negligent of Surah Quresh because I have not recited Surah Quresh till today with his imagination and now since some time I have recited Surah Quresh with his imagination, Son! My life is Surah Quresh and I am sure that I will become a good mother? And Allah SWT will forgive me, Why? It is been more than 40-45 years that I am reciting Surah Quresh, I have seen my house in heaven with the blessings of Surah Quresh. I saw a dream, it was a lengthy dream in which I saw that my mother has come to take me and there is a huge garden in which I can see all the blessings & gifts of heaven and she is making me see them, she would tell me that this house is of that person and this house is of that person and finally she took me to her house and this house was a big heaven and vast till the eyesight could see, I only ask one question that mother, is my house over here? She kept quiet and suddenly an angel came from behind and he said to the mother, do not make her hopeless as she has a house in heaven, she has recited Surah Quresh with sincerity, trust, attention and from the bottom of her heart. A very big house in heaven is waiting for her and the only wait is of her death that she comes here and her house is handed over to her. When this dream ended, there was Kalma in my mouth and tears were falling and I got to know for sure that this is a true dream and I saw this dream on the night of Friday. Son, you also recite Surah Quresh, I was listening to my mother in amazement and it was surprising that I had reached 10th grade and did not ask my mother about her recitation. Today, on asking of my English teacher I asked the recitation from my mother and it was not recitation, rather it was strange stories of 40-45 years of life of my mother. I was listening to these revelations with surprise. I don’t know why suddenly this thought crossed my mind that mother you have the permission of Baba Jee, do I also have the permission? She said: Yes son you have permission, I read about the blessings of Surah Quresh in Ubqari and realized that I should also tell about them. With lot of difficulty I have met you. It is my desire to tell you about the blessings of Surah Quresh. What has Surah Quresh given me in my life and to my mother? The story of my mother is too long and lengthy, now you listen to my story:

What did I get from Surah Quresh? When I heard the blessings of Surah Quresh from my mother, I was amazed that now the secret has been revealed upon me that how the lips of my mother constantly moved, I have rarely seen my mother crying during her life. If did not see her laughing, did also not see her crying…! The basis for my mother not crying was the help and strength of Surah Quresh. Since I have started reading it, its benefits and blessings have started opening up on me, perhaps the prayers of my mother were with me, her love and affection was with me and so much benefits and blessings opened up on me that I got 2-3 tuitions, the burden of expenses on me became very light. I stopped taking from my mother. My expenses started getting paid from my own means and so the days & nights of my and my brothers & sisters started becoming better and better, I was happy, satisfied and there was feeling inside me that I wish! Every person of this world would develop friendship with Surah Quresh and with Surah Quresh












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