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Announcement!!! New Packing with new Name while formulation, effectiveness and healing power is same like previous. Please recite "Ha Meem Layunsaroon" in large numbers for the protection and help of Hazrat Hakeem Sb, his generations, and Ubqari organization. Recite and spread. Important Change: Earlier, the Halqa e Kashaf ul Mahjoob (The Circle of Revelation of Veiled) used to held every month after Salat Maghrib. Now it has be rescheduled to morning soon after the spiritual glow of the Great Name of Allah, so that the travelers can go back to their homes conveniently.

Significant and experienced writings

Ubqari Magazine - September 2015

Readers! Do not is miser in telling, of you experienced and any spiritual or a physical tip and you saw its benefits or if you have heard any wonderful incident then pages of ubqari are available for you. Do not consider even a trivial experience as valueless it can be a remedy of someone's problem. This is sadqa e jaria for you.  Write even if dispersed write on one side of page. We will edit and make it proper.


My journey and the benefits of Ubqari

Respected Hakeem sahib Asslam o alikum! I need to travel due to business activities and I just came back yesterday from a business tour and in this duration ubqari was with me every time. And its company was very beneficial for me and other travellers. And there were the patients of joint pain, heart patients and high blood pressures, I have given them your prescription of "tasty sauce and forty benefits" and I asked the heart patient to take one spoon of honey in warm water. And with the paste of cinnamon and honey on bread to eat in morning and he is eating and he got benefited. During our journey to abroad at one place police stopped us and they checked our identity card, and travelling documents then we come to know that two of companions did have identity cards and other documents.

They said that you cannot go until you show your identity, I said to my friends to recite

لَا تُدْرِکُہُ الْاَبْصٰرُ وَ یُدْرِکُ الْاَبْصٰرَ وَ ھُوَالَّطِیْفُ الْخَبِیْر (الانعا م 103

They were taking us to their officers one by one; we faced a lot of tension.  Then Allah put into the heart of officer and he started to console us politely, and then send us to a local police station. They checked us and let us go, surely, this benefit of this verse. This verse benefited a lot, those benefits I will tell them later.

Once when I was travelling I was asked to come back to office by a call. After reaching the station I came to know that there is no seat or berth available in the train. I started reciting the amal of Subhan Khan (surah 1 time Fatiha and surah 3 times Ikhlas and Drood pak before and after) and went into the train. And I sat on the floor after spreading the piece of cloth. After some time TT came and he said you did not get any seat. he arranged a seat for me the journey was quiet long and there was coming a Procession from a near city who have reserved many berths one man said to me, uncle you exchange your seat with this berth, and give your seat to us, in thus way I spent whole night while sleeping and went to office in Moring in a fresh condition. Allah solved all these problems with the Barkah of Ammal.   (Rayaz Ahmed, Makrawal, Mianwali)


Unwanted hair of face vanished

Respected Hakeem sahib Asslam o alikm! I have been reading monthly Ubqari from last some years and I do attend the live speech every Thursday on internet. Alhamdulillah your dars made me to recite Aamaal and gave an aim to my life now my tongue remains in reciting some zikar i.e. dua before and after eating. , and the recitation of surah Quraish after eating, dua of entering the home and going out of the home. I try to recite every time this verse وَ لَسَوْفَ یُعْطِیْکَ رَبُّکَ فَتَرْضٰی I was suffering from Lakoria and for this I am reciting اَلْمَلِکُ اَلْقُدُّوْسُ اَلسَّلَامُ 100     times in evening and morning. There was hair on my face for this problem I try to recite 100 time                       یَااَللہُ یَاخَالِقُ یَامُصَوِّرُ یَاجَمِیْلُ

After every namaz. These hairs on face are vanishing with the barakah of this wazifa. Alhamdulillah now started offering the Tahajad. For the pain of half head or flue, I told many people to use lukewarm turmeric oil and salt, after mixing them. All are benefited by this, Alhamdulillah. (One daughter)


Equality justice and our society

Allah سبحانہ تعالی says “O man why have you gone astray from your Great Lord, Who created you and then make you even and put justice (proportion) on you. (الا انفطار 7)

Justice keeps the society alive and only pious people can perform justice, by speaking the truth consistency comes in people and man stays at the middle path. Where as telling a lie creates distortion in man and he goes astray. Lust have derailed man from the right path

And a society one cannot be saved from lustful people. Social injustice has gone in to the roots of our society and nobody is safe from this evil. The help of oppressed is the compensation of his pains. And the help of cruel is that stop him from cruelty. Allah says that when you say something, be careful about justice, even if you are saying about your relatives. The pen of just should not be under the influence of relations, favouritism, and expediency.

Holy prophet ﷺ said " I am ordered form Allah to say true words either in happiness or anger" poor is the one who could not provide justice when he is appointed on the place of doing so and he is influenced by a thought. Allah ordered that if you have any complaint against anybody even then this should not urge you to be unjust to him. Always be just because justice is nearest to piety. Allah loves the justice provider and on the Day of Judgment there will be shadow of Allah on just ruler and his ranks will be higher than all.


Unavailability paces the way of turmoil, pace of society is fixed with justice, it needs a long and consistent guidance to influence your emotion by wisdom in human emotions the emotion to get benefit is very important.
















Attaining spirituality:  the one who is unable to find the way to Allah, he should recite theیَاتَوَّاب   with the deep absorption of Allah.



This is the guiding spirit of human action. Human being is afraid of human being today. There are no fewer veils, lust of the powerful and the fear of powerful. If there man is the ruler on earth so how it is possible that one should not afraid of his lustful hands and how one should not expect from his actions. Want of a lot of wealth has detracted man from the lighted way of justice. Lust is the base of cruelty.    It seems that justice is vanished from our lives.

Allah says, “Do justice it’s more near to piety” (Maida, 8) man is superior according to his shape, wisdom and knowledge to all other living beings. But in present age man has forgotten his place .His is lost in the brightness of world and unaware of his destination. Living on wrong path and the impracticality   and characterless life has brought devastating destruction for man. For the benefit of humanity it is necessary to prefer justice from meanness and self indulgence. Fear of Allah, Love of Holy Prophet ﷺ and strength of character are desperately needed. The biggest insult of man is that he is not given the justice is the society of man, he crave for justice and wander from door to door .Allah does not takes the responsibility of security from this type of society any more. Slaves of Allah are those who keep the just way firmly. Allah Says, verily those who are afraid of Allah will be at the place of peace (Alduhan, 51)

              Imam Gazali (رحمتہ اللہ علیہ) writes that fear is the whip that make you run towards the destination of acceptance.  One should have the relation of hope and fear with Allah at the one and the same time, basic relation is of hope but there should be the check of fear. The time span of fear of should be longer than the pauses of happiness. Allah says, “Be Pious to Allah and say the right thing so that Allah perfect your deeds and forgive your sins”. (shikh Muhammad Ishaq Kamalvi, Islamabad)


Ascites and its remedy


Istasqa , ascites or water in abdominal cavity , in a famous quack’s book  its symptoms and treatment is written in this way, when patient gets water in his belly , the belly starts to become large and health gets down , the quantity of urine gets less, skin and tongue gets dry , eyes becomes dull and pulse gets weak. It becomes hard to walk. The name of this condition is Ascetics in English. This water stuck in belly for few diseases otherwise it gets spread in whole body. Great quacks have suggested female camel’s milk with the water of rain. And this treatment is also suggested for kidney diseases. Face gets swallowed because of kidney problems, later legs and body swell. Swelling starts from feet in Heart disease. Beside this heartbeat problems and spreading of heart and other problems also start appearing. This treatment is also effective for these all problems  The people who cannot get female camel’s milk they should add honey in boiled water and give it to patients, rain water is most beneficial . Add honey in this and give it to patients three or four time in a day.  When heart stops working and heartbeat gets weak, that it cannot pump the blood, then female camel’s milk mixed with rain water is most effective.


Benefits of yogurt in my point of view:

From milk yogurt is produced and gets sold out in tons every day. It’s so healthy food and treatment for many diseases.

There always remains the germs in the big Large-Intestine of humans these germs only react on sweet particles and starch food which creates sourness, the existence of these gems others germs cannot flourish but sometimes such germs come in to being that reacts on food which creates the harmful liquid which cause loose motions acidity and deficiency of hunger burning of Liver (kaleja) and heaviness, pale and lifeless face. One does not want to perform any task. Give yogurt in such condition to eat, it is very helpful in common weakness of body and blood deficiency.  Yogurt is food as well as a medicine for child’s loose motion marz e Sal weak mescals deficiency of blood and diseases or arteries.  Yogurt is very beneficial in the dangerous fever and the diseases of arteries. But the condition is that it must be made from pure milk.

It must be sweet and fresh.


End of piles in one day

 Respected Hakeem sahib! Asslam o alikum! May Ubqari flourish by leaps and bounds, my father in law, who was a great Indian Hakeem, I  tried his prescription once and I recovered in one day, nobody believes but I make Allah Witness, only He knows and the one who suffers.  Following is the prescription; one KG milk of Cow or Goat, half kg leaves of Hashish, boils the leaves in milk for 15 minutes on slow flame. Then spread it on the plastic sheet and sit on it until its warmness becomes bearable. Keep sitting for 10 to 15 minutes.  Some recover in one day as I recovered and some in two days but not more than three days.  And do not use it more than 3 days. Watch the amazing results of this medication, like you never suffered the piles. Remember me in duas. (K.S. Chakwal)

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