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Falsely Swore Upon Quran and Generations Were Ruined

Ubqari Magazine - September 2015

A brother's children are being born as handicapped. Other than that, none of the other siblings have any children. There are hunger and famine in the house. They are spending life worse than the animals. Their mother also passed away last year due to an accident.

Respected Hakeem sahib, Assalam-o-alaikum! I am presented an unavoidable incident of my life for the readers. Almost 20 years ago, Eid-ul-adha was impending. And all of us were going to our village on Eid, so that we could celebrate Eid along with the rest. At that time we used to live on rent. And my brother in law, used to live with us. My husband said that after packing we should all go with his younger brother. I have an important piece of work so I shall come late, he said.

Anyway, all of us went to the village together. When at night my husband came. In order to fetch the luggage he opened the main door and went inside the house. And he saw that everything inside had changed. A thief had stolen everything. The locks of the chests were broken. There were piles of clothes on the floor. The thieves had taken cash and jewelery. They did not touch anything else. Our neighbours had stolen the things. Hazrat hakeem sahib! An extremely pious personality used to live near our house. He used to live in the mosque always. He was an extremely pious person. Everyone used to call him Qazi sahib. The people of our colony said to us to not approach the police and to leave the decision with the Qazi sahib. So when qazi sahib came to know about the issue, he said that the decision shall be made after maghrib prayers. When the maghrib prayers were offered, so all the people were sitting on their spots. And Qazi sahib asked someone to bring the Quran. The decision shall be made on Quran. Because our neighbour used to say that we have not stolen anything. The Quran was brought. My father in law, husband, and brother-in-law, all were nearby. Qazi sahib said, Say, what do you think? His father placed the hand on the Quran and said that we have not stolen. So my father-in-law said, that alright, if he has renounced from theft by putting hand over the Quran, so I have left the decision to Allah, and came back home. A week had passed for this, what while coming back from duty, an accident happened. And the person who had sworn upon the Quran died a pitiable death. All the people of the colony used to say that he received the punishment for falsely swearing upon Quran. His friends had stolen. After his death, their domestic affairs started getting worse. His mother had gotten married for 8 years. And she does not have children. A brother's children are being born as handicapped. Other than that, none of the other siblings have any children. There are hunger and famine in the house. They are spending life worse than the animals. Their mother also passed away last year due to an accident. They are living worse than animals. Their mother also passed away last year due to a motorbike accident. Respected hakeem sahib! I have only one request with the readers that never bring Quran in between in such matters, because if someone swore falsely due to ignorance, then he shall suffer from the consequences. And along with that, their generations also suffer. Allah almighty returned everything to us that had been stolen; rather He gave us better things. But their generations were ruined. I always pray for their forgiveness (Y, Attock)

30 Grams Gold Was Lost in the Shop and Was Found in a Water Melon:Respected hazrat hakeem sahib, Assalam-o-alaikum! An incident is presented, which is absolutely a true incident that when a person earns a halal sustenance and pays zakaat from his money, then he/she is not harmed. This is an incident of 1946 that my grandfather used to work as a jeweller. He had melted a piece of gold weighing 30 grams and was forging it, that the strike of the hammer, that was applied in an unbalanced way on the piece of gold, and the gold flew off and entered a water melon lying in the vegetable shop of my neighbour. And the water melon was cut. My grandfather, who was extremely pious, honest, hardworking and industrious, kept on finding the gold for a very long time. He searched each and everything in his own shop. At last he gave up and closed the shop and started coming back at home in the evening. It was his routine that he used to bring some fruit for his family in the evening. When he went to the fruit shop, all the fruit had been sold. Only that water melon was lying and nobody was interested in buying that, because of the fact that it had a cut in that. And that cut was due to that piece of gold that weighed 30 grams. The shopkeeper said that Mehr sahib, this is a piece of watermelon that is lying. This is perfectly fine. It has a small cut in it. It is very sweet. Today you should listen to me and take this.

My grandfather took that watermelon and told my grandmother to keep it in an airy place. Everyone shall eat it in the morning. In the morning, after the prayers grandfather asked the grandmother to cut the watermelon and bring it. When grandmother cut the watermelon that piece of gold that weighed 30 grams came out of it. Grandmother became quite astonished and told the whole story to the grandfather. Then grandfather also told the whole story of the previous day that how this gold entered the watermelon, and how he gave up while finding it for the whole day. This gold was theirs and not of anyone else. 

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