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Apples! The cure to Physical and Spiritual diseases

Ubqari Magazine - September 2015

(Shakil Ahmed) 

For a swollen throat due to infection, use a teaspoon to carve out a bite of apple. Eat this bite slowly, keeping it in the throat for as long as possible and then swallow it.

Dr Apples: Making a routine for a period of two three months of eating three to four ripe apples first thing in the morning and drinking milk after it will give you praiseworthy health. This will revitalise your health and would give you an energy boost. Earlier Europeans began their propaganda of promoting medicines to cure illnesses in south Asia which resulted in a boost of sales but these medicines had little effect as compared to the natural cure of apples.
Eating apples on an empty stomach increases hunger. Also having four apples first thing in the morning and before going to bed provides a cure for indigestion improves liver health as well as increases production of red blood cells. But to really improve weakened liver and stomach, one must prefer sour apples instead of sweet ones. And this is because apples contain phosphorus which helps maintain health of brain, veins and bones. For those who have more thinking oriented work, apples are a gift from heaven. Apples also contain fluoride which increases the red elements in blood.

The cure of Apples for heart related problems is a tradition that has been carried out for years and even today experts of medicine from yunan (latin) promote the use of apple containing chutney or jam. Research shows that the liquid from apples is a source of protection against many of the stomach and intestinal bacteria and smell. The tea made from the outer skin of apples is full of fragrance and is especially helpful for old and weak people. If this tea is is mixed with some amount of honey and lemon, then the medicinal effect of this drink increases threefold. This tea also proves to be helpful against the pains in joints and bones as well as protection against diarrheal and fever pains.


Cure for headaches of all kind:

Slice an apple and sprinkle some salt over it. Using this for three four days is an excellent way to get rid of headache as well as get a solid breakfast.

Infection of the eyes: take a small piece of apple and mash it into a paste. Apply this on the eye that hurts and wrap an eye patch around it. This will provide relief.


Aksari surma: surma is a form of mixture that is made from charcoal along with other substances and has its origins in the south asian and middle east culture. Its benefits include cure for watery eyes, red eyes, weak sight, and irritation etc. Ingredients for the mixture:

Surma siyah 2 tola,

Qalmi shora 3 masha,

Kaf warya 3 masha

Falfal siyah 7

For three days mix all this with apple juice. Then when it hardens a bit, put it in a container for surma and apply it in the eyes before going to bed.


Throat infection: For a swollen throat due to infection, use a teaspoon to carve out a bite of apple. Eat this bite slowly, keeping it in the throat for as long as possible and then swallow it. Eat the whole apple like this for two three days for complete cure.


For all sorts of cough: take a firm apple and mash it completely. After that, filter the juice with some clean cloth. Add some misri to the juice and use this mixture of juice and missri in the morning and evening.


For vomiting: take an apple that is hard and still not ripe. Mash it and filter the juice with a clean cloth. Add some salt to this mixture and use it to stop vomiting.

For apple juice, use a clean instrument and its better if the juice is warmed at 165 degree Celsius for 15 ,20 minutes.


For strength: Peel off the outer covering of apple kashmiri pukhta and mash these apples. Separate the juice in some container and then heat it on low heat for some time. Pour this heated mixture in some bottles and for 25 to 50 gm of apple juice, add 6 to 12 gm of shafaqal misri. Use this in the mornings and maintain a routine of it for improved strength.


For beauty: Those who want to improve their looks should eat apples because they help redden the cheeks with health. 

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