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The Inborn Friend of Jinns - Part 5

Ubqari Magazine - July 2015

Result of bringing up off springs on forbidden:

My off springs kept on bringing up on forbidden wealth even I used to get sufficient salary for my job. I used to make my earning Haram and spent life like this. My death was horrible and cursed. What should I tell you about my demise? I will only say that I feel pray to the forbidden wealth and due to this I never got peace and throughout my life, I saw my children in diseases, fighting with each other, in worries and troubles and in enmity.

I never saw love for me and my mother in eyes of my children. I always saw hatred for us and the hate destroyed my children.

Destruction of forbidden wealth chased in grave:

I saw the destruction throughout my life and   the same continued in grave. Alas! The right I took of people I should give them returned it back.

I wish! Somehow I go back and would return every single particle by selling every piece of my body. Shaabi Baba said I left him crying and concentrated towards third grave.

Spirit of third grave was in worst condition as compared to previous two:

When I did Muraqba  meditation on third grave I found his condition more dangerous and worst then precious two.  He said I was only son of my parents and had no siblings, my parents were poor. They treated me very well. Their love destroyed me; I developed so much mutiny, arrogance that I never cared about anyone even my parents included and my parents day and night full filled my wishes.

In wife’s love forgot my parents:

My father was a potter he used to make crockery whole day and in evening went to Jungle to collect some woods to burn. I saw this routine whole life. I used to help him rarely, but my father let me study very well. Then I was married, I loved my wife so much that I forgot my parents then I started disliking my father’s profession.

Arrogance with father and separation:

Why? I became good person of society I asked my father so many times to leave this creepy profession, one day after irritation my father said son by this creepy profession you became big person. Why you think it is not good? You don’t know which profession you are calling creepy? I replied him harshly and decided to live separate from my father. I started living in a good house I used to contact my father but gradually it decreases, my wife molded as my mood and she played a role to put fuel on fire (تیل پر جلتی).

Father’s death and my formal tears:

one day I came to know that my father died, when I reached there I felt that his dead body was waiting for me. Till now I am living in this feeling, I formally cried over his body, gave shoulder to his body and buried him.

Prosperous life, journey and death of mother:

I was living happy life had children. I had everything then one day mother died. Alas! At that time I was on long journey this journey was of boats and horses. I didn’t see my mother, didn’t give her shoulder and didn’t take her to grave.

And at last I also died:

time came I also died since that day I am in continuous pain, my mother’s spirit come and say son we didn’t raised you to forget us. She also mourns on my pain on my punishment on the rack which I am facing since centuries. I wish! I am forgiven! I wish no one leave their mothers useless.

Condition of fourth grave and sob of Sahabi Baba:

I went to fourth grave, while saying this he place his both hands on his face and started crying and sobbing, and said what should I tell you that how horrible scene I saw above and inside graves, above ground and underground. How I tell you each scene? How I tell you each single detail? How can my heart, feelings, my body explain it. How I tell you? At last he took deep breath and started telling about fourth grave. That was grave of a male.

Obedient of parents but suffering from punishment of grave:

That male was a husband, a husband who was obedient to his parents since childhood, respected parents, and did so much good deeds with his parents. Even when he got old he remained obedient and obbligato to his parents. He got married Sahabi Baba took deep breath and said that person in grave told me all this. He got married and started loving his wife very much, after few time he thought that love of wife might apart him from love of parents?

Ignored wife and his downfall started:

Since this thought he diverted his attention away from wife, infect parents were so good that they were not baring his ignorance towards his wife, don’t know what happened to him that he ignored her so much that he didn’t even see her face for many days. After coming from business he used to sit with his mother, when his mother asked him to go to wife he used to say no mother in your life I am yours, and that’s how he spent his life.

Sighs of wife waiting for closeness from months:

Wife waited for months for his closeness, when she insisted he used to arrogantly refuse and said that my mother who gave birth to me is more important then you, her love is far more then you, her respect and affection are more then you. How can I leave such mother? How can I forget love of my mother? This was his voice day and night. Wife kept on crying over her rights.

At last this man suffered consequences of wife’s rights:

She kept on asking her right but he didn’t fulfill them and at last wife died. He also died, but hidden sighs of wife, sorrows of her heart, her loneliness, alone night even in life of husband, nights of loneliness, this man faced consequences of love of wife.

Best human is that…!:

Best human is that who… while saying this Shabi Baba started so crying bitterly that his inside condition changed. Shabi Baba said best human is that who do justice with both mother and wife. One shouldn’t make wife’s life hell in love of mother and in wife’s love one shouldn’t forget service towards his parents. Humanity and justice is that one should do justice with both and should fulfill their rights.

Fifth grave, but women and worst consequences:

Sahabi Baba said I went to fifth grave, it was grave of a lady who was very rich, had lived good life, had sons and daughters, vehicles, food, money, she had every blessing of this world and had best loving husband. Most loving in-laws. She had 5 losses in her life that put her grave on fire, made it burn, her soul is sobbing, writhing, in sorrows and grief. Her soul never had relief and peace, her soul is in continuous pain and writhe, her soul is in continuous sobbing.

I thought that may be is was GOD:

she said abundance of things and money made me insurgent of  ALLAH and Prophet ﷺ, I always kept my head bare, I never offered Namaz, Tasbeeh, zikar and other acts. I scorned poor. I had servants I helped them but didn’t have honor in my heart, I always used to live with them like I was their GOD? I liked begging servants, I never gave them without their asking, I made them beg and I liked this begging.

Criticism was my habit:

I used to criticize people, sometime I heard that ALLAH has made everyone but I ignored, criticism was my habit.

Without veil was my way:

Living bare headed was my way and used to wear such clothes those were unable to cover veil of my body, and wore such clothes which were unable to give cover to my body.

Fasting was painful for me:

I spent my days and nights the same way, fasts of Ramadan came. I had money so I used to charity against it, fasting was painful act for me. I asked my servants to fast and considered it as everything my heart was full; I forgot ALLAH and his HABIB ﷺ. I considered all pious men of ALLAH Awaleen Saleheen as I am benefiting them.

I used to live my own way:

I spent day and night with same feeling, at last my age finished, at last stage of my life one pious lady became my friend, and she used to drag my attraction towards righteousness, Tasbeeh, Darood Pak and good deeds but I never considered her attraction anything, I was spending my days and nights by living life my own way with open dress, open body open hair.

My condition 3 days before my death:

Three days before my death I felt congestion in my heart I wanted to leave my home and this condition remained there. I went to my servant’s home. My children came to take me and said mother it is your insult to live here. You are sleeping on her broken bed. I said son I feel comfortable here, human inside me wake up but it was too late.

Message of ailing soul suffering from punishment:

this human inside woke up many times, but I never heard it. I always negated it. Remember there is human inside every human and it keep on shaking you and say beware but when this human sleeps then it sleeps for long time I also slept the same way. Then he did not like any one’s suggestion, any results any saying of pious man. Then he negates everyone, I am being punished for these deeds. Shabi Baba said then I offered 2 Nafal for them and prayed while crying for their relief. What should I tell you that conditions of spirits are very painful, exemplary and also very good. In next sitting I will tell you some conditions of grave from where I got some advice and acts too Quarrels and fights have ended. Alhumdulillah this amal is still being done. (To Be Continued)

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