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Did the Month of Ramadan 2014 Make Us Better?

Ubqari Magazine - July 2015

Nabeel Iftikhar Rawalpindi

We hide the flaw in a mango with the help of sticker. What will become of us? I read in an edition of Ubqari about a person who used to sell cloth. On a cloudy day or when it was a little dark he didn’t come out to sell clothes as people would not have been able to see the material.

By the grace of God Almighty, who has given us life and for that we spent the Ramadan of year of 2014 together. It was the same scene and code in mosques. First there was a crowd in beginning of month for five or six days then their numbers started to reduce quickly. In last ten days I saw one day a scene that nine youngsters who were trying to start the car of one of their friend and it took three and half hour. Everybody was acting as a mechanic, everybody was giving advice. Everyone was taking his part. So much so that when I returned after saying Asar prayer there were still there and were having their fun. They continued to bow over the engine of car. Nobody was thinking for a minute that he is wasting time standing here in the month of Ramadan. And he is losing the prayer of Asar. Then I remembered the sayings of God 


بِسْمِ اللہِ الرَّحْمٰنِ الرَّحِیْمِ والعصر ان الانسان لفی خسر

 It is the oath of time (or swear of current time) or research that man is in loss.

I saw multiple times that when we used to return after saying prayer of Maghreb, we used to see a person hiding in a corner and smoking.  May be after aftari he used to fulfill his addiction for cigarette. Once I was coming back after saying my traweeh and there were a brother and sister playing outside their home. The young child asked me suddenly uncle where you are coming from?

I replied I just said my traweeh. The child asked his sister then why doesn’t our father say traweeh. The sister replied because he is always watching TV.

A person never said his traweeh. One day I asked him why don’t you come to say your traweeh. And you should listen to his answer which was that the mosque of my sect is very far I can’t go there, that’s why I can’t come to this mosque.

Wow what an amazing answer that was. Did you guys enjoy it? In month of Ramadan every evening after asar prayer I used to go to buy fruit from market. Especially I used to buy mangoes. Every day I used to have an argument and debate with shop keepers. It was the plight of every shop keeper. You should listen to the reason which usually was that that they had two demands which I never adhered to. And as a result there used to be argument. Their fist demand was that they will take price of their choice and second demand was that you shall not touch the fruit. Whatever they will like they will give. They never allowed touching bigger and ripened mango. And they themselves always put small or squashed up mango the one usually with hole in the basket

They were so honest that whichever mango had hole in it they hid that fault with the help of a small sticker.

Are we the followers of those saints in which were passed Imam abu hanifa Rehmat Ullah who used to warn their students that there is a minor hole in cloth so don’t sell it. And went away somewhere for some work. When he returned then student had forgotten about and had sold it. Imam Sahib regretted it very much.  He went on the horse and after much struggle of hours, found the customer. And he asked for forgiveness from customer and said please give that product back and take the money. That man was deeply touched and replied, Sir I am happy and so is my God. You can go but imam sahib said no I don’t want to sell anything with a flaw.  After much argument he took the cloth bundle back. And we sell mangoes after hiding its flaw with sticker. What will become of us?

I read in an edition of ubqari that a person who used to sell cloth. On a cloudy day or when it was a little dark he didn’t come out to sell clothes as people would not be able to see the material.

On afternoon of 22 of holy month of Ramadan I had to go to lala moosa when the wagon reached the stop then there was intense heat. There was a wagon without ac and it was charging 220 rupees and wagon with Ac was charging 280 rupees. I and other passengers for convenience instantly sat in the vehicle with Ac.  Driver was not turning on the Ac. When the travelers cried then the first excuse was that we are under direct sunlight and we will turn on the Air conditioner as soon as the vehicle will come out of station. People became quite. After some time the journey started. Whoever was to pay the allowance had already done so. When the vehicle was out of stop then driver turned on the thing called AC. People were quite for two minutes then they realized that Ac is throwing hot air and it is very suffocating. The passengers asked that o brother Ac is not doing the cooling. Driver replied in a very abusive tone the vehicle does not get cold so soon. If anyone has any problem then he can get off. Who would have been insane enough to return after travelling 3- 4 miles and passenger was not going to get his money back.

So people

Uptill lala mousa the AC was not working. Ac would have worked only if Ac would have been in working position. After half an hour or forty five minutes people got tired and turned down the windows. The hot air from outside was much better then suffocation inside. Was it not Ramadan for wagon people, don’t they need blessing and forgiveness. Of course they needed it but more than that they needed cash. Has Ramadan not blessed our lives in a positive way? Or is Ramadan only a month same as all others. Have the speeches of scholars, the speaker’s deliveries, the writings of writers and heart awakening speeches have not changed anything among us.  After seeing our love ones being buried in front of us, after seeing youngsters die instantly still our hearts do not melt.

After preaching of preachers, praise of praises, the gatherings of milad, the acceptance of saints none of these things have changed our society. But why?

 It was Eid on 29th July  and on 28th July holy Ramadan ended from moon light which means from 28th July till 31st July, only in 4 days  you should read some incidences which were published in  newspapers. You must read them as from moon night till eid, in whole month, hundreds of murders, suicides and dacoities.  And make a picture in your mind that what have we done after completion of Ramadan? You should read details only once only to guess that is Ramadan bringing any little change in our lives. But why?

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