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Dear Children Must Help The Poor in Ramzan

Ubqari Magazine - June 2015

Waheed was an intelligent child but his parents were so poor. As compared to other people in town his parents were not less than baggers. Waheed has grown to school going age but no one thinks about his basic education. He went out from home early in the morning with the intention to play but when he sees his age fellows going to school he feel amazed that where and why they go? His neighbors' children go to school with colourful bags in hands and many edibles and He watched them with desirous eye. Not only has this but they also had different colorful dresses, toffees, sweets, biscuits, bareefi and cake in their lunch boxes.

This poor child of bad circumstances asks his parents that where are his shoes and dress. That I can go to school and buy things to eat. His mother says that "my dear we will give you better things but let’s come Ramzan first". This child asks daily and his parents says " ramzan is about to come we will give our child alot of things". So months passed away and child keeps on waiting that when ramzan will come but it did not come soon. Waheed daily asked his parents that when uncle ramzan will come. I also want to buy like other children.

One day waheed was playing in town market with clay and a man came out form shop holding big shopping bags in his hands and went to bus after coming out from the bus. Shop keeper called him “uncle Ramadan" and went to him having glasses in his hand, he said "Uncle Raman" your glasses were left in shop. when child heard this name he became so exited and get into the bus after following that man and said to him that Uncle Ramadan I am waiting for you from last many months, and you finally you come today, millions of thanks to Allah that you Come, you are being waited in our home. Firstly that man astonished but after understanding something he looked at Waheed and told himself that I am sure that his elders have given him the consolation of Eid money after the end of Ramadan. child said that " uncle Ramzan my home is here, let us go my parents are waiting for you, when you come they are going to give me sweets, dresses and many more to make me able to go to school like others and play like them" that man was so sage and pious he went to that child home with his belongings. Child made noise after taking that man to his home and said that uncle Ramadan has arrived. That man gave his things to his family and child said that give money also. Uncle Ramadan gave a lot of money from his pocket and he went away. The child was very happy that finally uncle ramdan come and his parents were very shocked that how this can be possible..... ? However they thanked that man and he went away. 

Dear children! This is a story of a God fearing and a poor child, whose parents has made him contented with the name of Ramadan and Eid. They were helpless due to poverty and console him because he was impressed by other children. But By chance the child grabs the man whose name was Ramadan and took him to home. He was rich and fearing so he understood the child and gave him whatever he wanted. Now when we see in our society that there are thousands such children who are waiting for help. People who help the child like Waheed are very less in our society, who understand their desires and help without delaying. Poor and needy people are not less in our society. They are away from the atmosphere of school. They also want to go to school but everyone is waiting for Uncle Ramadan. Their parents always give them the hope of Ramadan. And give those dresses and food with the money of Eid at the occasion of Eid. At the same day they shop otherwise they are not having money to buy things. In our neighbors people remain hungry and thirsty but we do not understand their desires and feelings. Our parents send us splendidly to school but they our neighbor's children remain watching only. Being a Muslim Our Holy Prophet ﷺ­ gave us the teaching of taking care of our relative and neighbors. What kind of Imaan or belief is this, that you fill your stomach and your neighbor stay hungry. His children live on hope and desire and you enjoy. Allah says in Holy Quran that " and only worship your Lord and do not make his companion and do good to parents, relatives, orphans, needy relative neighbors, and unknown neighbors, ..... To those who sits in front, and to purchased maids and slaves. No doubt Allah is not friend to those who walk with stiff body and brag of. These are such people who have hidden sting and orders others to be same, and the wealth Allah has given them with His mercy And blessings, hides it and we have prepared punishment of harsh disrespect for those who deny Blessings"(53: القران, النسائی) 

holy prophet ﷺ­ said " he is not Momin (Muslim) who's neighbor is not save from his bad attitude" in another Hadith, holy prophet ﷺ­was told about a woman who remain busy in prayers in day and night and keeps fasts and she is the symbol of help but she talks ill about her neighbors and they are not happy with her. He ﷺ­ said that the hell is ready for her. is said about another woman that she only offers Farz prayers and not much but her neighbors are Happy with her. Allah's Prophet ﷺ­ said that Allah has prepared Paradise for her" 

It is proved from Quran and Hadith that we should take care of our relatives and neighbors. What children!! What you think that did you ever think about the poor and neighbors. Think about those who wait for Eid for whole year.

“Man is created for having pain of others Otherwise there was not less” 

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