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Severe Summers And Centuries Old Proven Tips

Ubqari Magazine - June 2015

Readers! I bring precious pearls for you and do not conceal them. You are also requested to be generous and contribute. (Editor Hakim Muhammad Tariq Mehmood Majzoobi Chughtai )


 “Take bath on daily basis. You may not consume lot of water but must wetten the entire body. Then apply a little oil on the body. You cannot imagine how useful it is. It will not spoil your dress, but will extraordinarily protect your skin from the scorching heat it is exposed to.”


 You may have heard about some people that despite harsh summers, their temperate nature and irritation of hands and feet do not reduce. In fact I have seen such people who wrap thick cloth sheets soaked in water around their bodies and yet they have a feeling of continuous high body temperature. There are many people who despite their temperate nature do not take care in their meals and bedding. Let me tell you some centuries old tips to be tried in summers, no matter how high the temperatures might be. Give them a try and you will certainly think about their effectiveness.


First of all take bath on daily basis. You may not consume lot of water but must wet the entire body. Then apply a little oil on the body. You cannot imagine how useful it is. It will not spoil your dress, but will extraordinarilyprotect your skin from the scorching heat it is exposed to. It will keep your skin and body cool. But it is necessary that mustard oil is used in summers and this oil should be pure.


2  Keep foam away from your beddings. If there is some essential requirement then use only use an inch or 1½ inch thick foam mattress. If possible get rid of foam from bedding permanently. You cannot imagine how much harm foam has caused in our lives. Here I will narrate only a few of its harms and discuss in detail later. A man’s most important part is his back and foam extracts all the juice from his back. I am mentioning this from scientific research that where ailments amongst women like Leucorrhoea, disorder in menses, continuous backache and muscular strain occur due to various causes, one major cause is also the usage of foam. No matter how expensive the mattress may be, consisting a number of springs, holes and passages for air intake and outlet, the material remains to be foam and it has the same disadvantages due to which nations have suffered. Is there no difference between a foam mattress and one which is made of cotton wool? To save yourself from heat, separate foam from your body and if you keep it out of your life then your life will remain protected from worries.


During summers, apply a little oil in the belly button, nostrils and rectum in the morning and evening. This little tip might force you to laugh or make fun of, but I have a complete chapter of its scientific research. It is so vast that a complete book can be compiled on this research.


In summers keep your eyebrows wet with water. Latest scientific research has proved that people who keep their eyebrows wet remain protected from heat stroke, temperature, intensity of thirst, tension, depression, headache and irritation due to sunlight. It will feel like as if they are in the basement of a fort and cool breeze is entering from its ventilator and your heart and liver is getting coolness. This is possible when you always observe ablution and when you feel temperature even after ablution, you may apply drop of water on the eyebrows. An even useful tip is that keep rose extract in a dropper. After every short while take a little extract on your finger and apply it on the eyebrows. This has so many benefits that I cannot possibly encompass them here.


5  Do not use hot spices in summers. Use only the cool ones. Use turmeric, dried coriander, white cumin, tomatoes, lemon, curd, tamarind and plum in your foods. It is our inordinateness that we use the same spices in food both during winters and summers. In fact there are separate spices for winters and summers. If required a little of black pepper, green chilies or red chili powder may be used otherwise cool spices should only be used. A mother was very worried about the character of her sons. I only told her to reduce the use of meat and increase consumption of vegetables and green gram and that too prepared with cool spices. Let me know about the results in a short period. It was just the change of food that I got the result and the result was that there was remarkable change in their characters. Earlier they used to have evil intentions in their eyes and loose tongue, which is now fast converting towards betterment and maidenliness.


Use light colours during summers. If your business and lifestyle permits then use only white clothes. If the same is not possible use light colours.


Another special tip for summers is the use of attar (natural perfumes) of rose, lavender, henna or fawakeh. You will not only feel it refreshing and joyful but will also find that these fragrances effectively fight against heat. I met many people who were very worried due to the problems of summers. I only told them to use fragrances three times a day. They did the same and it was so useful which cannot even be imagined. But ensure that men should use perfume at all places and women should limit the use within their homes only. 

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