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Questions from readers regarding medical and spiritual problems and answers from readers

Ubqari Magazine - April 2015


I have kidney problem from last one and a half year. I am on dialysis. I have donated one of my kidneys to my elder brother. Please advise me so that I can get rid of dialysis.  (Syed Abdul Samad Shah, Sukkhar)

Answer: Drink boiled water up to 8 glasses and increase the quantity with time. Take black seeds almost 2 kg. Wash it in water. Now add 10-12 kg of water to it soak it overnight. In the morning let it cook on low flame. Let the water boil for an hour. The black seed will turn reddish. Now take 2 glasses of black seed water and add honey to it.  Drink this water on empty stomach every morning. Read “شفاء من جانب اللہ” before you drink this water. Your diseases will be cured with weeks.                    (Mrs. Ali Akhter, Islamabad)


I have stayed at home for some times and now I feel my habits, walking, talking and appearance is similar to girls everyone makes fun of me. I am physically fit person. I don’t have any interest in females. People call me gay. Please help                                                                                                    (Rameez, Multan)

Answer: Increase the intake of meat in your food. Make good friend and have have good company. Reduce company with females. Exercise regularly after fajr prayer. Atleast react “یا اللہ یا رحمن” for ten minutes with full imagination of a golden light drizzling on you from the sky.                        (Kashif Kaleem, Shadra) 


My son is on habit of peeing on the bed from last 17 years and he doesnot even feel it. He is mentally fit. Please advice.                                                                                                                                   (Z. R)

Answer:Let your son eat (til) ladoo made with brown sugar before going to bed every night. Also make him religiously follow the related course of ubqari for bed wetting. IN SHA ALLAH his problem will be cured with in months.                                                                                                            (Ain. Sheen.  Banu) 


My son is twenty years old. He studied till 8th grade. Since then he is free and does not work. He comes home late at night and roams around. I am very upset.                                                  (Ramzan’s wife)

Answer: Read one tasbi of “اھدنا الصرٰط المستقیم” day and night with imagination of your son.

 (Farrukh, Lahore) 


My daughter’s height is less. She is 15 years old but her height is stable and doesn’t increase. I am very upset regarding her height. She doesn’t pay attention to her studies as well. Her feet smell bad as well.

(Za. Sardar pora)

Answer: read the 1st three ayat of surah Aal-e-imran 313 times along with durood shareef in the beginning and end. Blow on water and drink this water regularly for 3 to 6 months. This water has spiritual and physical benefit. All your problems will be solved. Boil neem tree leaves in water. Add phatkari to the boiled water. Let your daughter wash her feet with this water.                      Zehra Naseem, Abbotabad) 


My mother is 75 years old. She is sick from long time. She has blood in her back bone. This may result of an old wound or injury. Doctors say that it can be cured by giving her current. Her body is also swollen please advise.          (N. R)

Answer: Let your mother follow the below mentioned tips continuously for few months. These remedy has never failed. Whoever has tried it, they have got good result.

Asgandh nagori, Budhara, Bakhra, Sunday maghaz badam, Maghaz akhrot, Maghaz narial, Munaqa

Take each 100g, grind them all well. Drink it with milk for 2-3 times.                   (Abbuzar, Multan)


My father has paralysis and his right side is paralyzed. Please suggest some good medicines. (Zehra Ramzan)

Answer: Your father should consume fresh vegetables. Drink lemon in water with honey so that it can facilitate liver function. Dry apricots are also good. Dry apricot can be dipped in water and eaten when soft. They can also be eaten dry as they are good source of vitamin B. which is good for people suffering from paralysis. Let your father also consume the ubqari medicine “majon murad aur sattar shafaein” (Ejaz Gondal, Sheikho pora)


I am sick from childhood. I am not financially good. And my age is 22 years. Doctors say that I have a hole in my heart. I have got many treatments but did not help. I get breathless on walking little. Aamil people say that this is all because of evil spirit. Please advice.  (Riyasat Ali. Attock)

Answer: Reader, please refer to an article in ubqari about ALSI OIL that is useful for opening the blocked valves of hearts. Drink 10 drops of ALSI OIL in 1 glass of lassi. The drops can also be added to fresh milk but the milk should not be hot. The benefit of this drink is as follow: Joint pain, back pain, muscle pull, mental weakness, and weakness in any part of body.  (M. Zaman, Karachi)


When I am pregnant with the boy child, I am sick for 3-4 months. This is not the case if I have female children. I have had 4 operations till now. Please advice:                              (C. Rashid)

Answer: Read Surah Fatiha 121 times after Isha prayer. With Durood shareef 11 times in the beginning and end. Whenever you reach the following ayat of surah fatiha “صراط الذین انعمت علیھم”، Read, “مثل ابراہیم و یعقوب و زکریا علیہ وسلم” 3 times and complete the surah. Continue this for 9 months۔

Wazifa 2:  یا باری یا متین یا بدیع یا حافظRead this 70 times by keepin hand on your stomach for nine months. This amal is to be done only by mother herself.

Wazifa 3: Read surah kausar countless times for nine months,. Both husband and wife can read. At least 313 times should be completed in the day. These three wazaif should be done daily. If you need more benefit, all members of the family can read. It should be completed in thousand in numbers daily. Complete 1 lakh 25 thousand times in 11 day, 21 days or 41 days based on your convenience. Continue doing this and have faith.                                                                                                                  (Sawera, Rawalpindi)


I am in prison in a case where I am innocent. I have old parents and younger brothers and sisters. Who are living from hand to mouth? I am the only support after Allah. Please advice. (Mateen Khan, Lahore)

Answer: ولقد فتنا سلیمن و القینا علی کرسیہ جسدا ثم اناب (ص 24)Read this 313 times every day and night and ask Allah for your release from jail. This is very effective amal.


I am reader of ubqari since 2008. I have been successfully doing many wazaif of ubqari. The problem is that my husband came back from Dubai after 4 years but did not go back. He is scared and time and also talks wired things. Maybe he has some psychological problem. Please advice.                              (Sidra)

Answer: Read یا قھار day and night 1100 times with imagination of your husband. If you need quick result, this wazifa can be done twice a day. You will notice positive change in your husband.  (Ghazala Munir, Lahore)


I am student of 10th grade. I am involved in bad habits from last year due to which I am getting weak. Please advise me a wazifa to get rid of bad habit. Also I wish to get 80% marks in my 10th grade. (Ain, Rawalpindi)

Answer: Pray 5 times a day. Leave bad company instantly. Walk for 3-4 km after fajr praryer. Stop watching movies, dramas and reading inappropriate magazines. Use “Nojawan Shifa” from ubqari office for some months. For studies, read Surah Alam Nashrah 3 times after prayer. This will sharpen your memory and you will remember all what you study.                                               (Dawood But, gujarnawala)


Readers, I am regularly reader of Ubqari. This magazine has solution for so many people. I have also got benefit from it by following some of it wazaif; my problem is that my parents have struggled a lot to get my admission in one of the best college. But I don’t like a teacher there due to which I have very bad result. Now due to this I have lost interest in studies. I want to leave my college but my parents don’t agree. (Saeeda Shaheen)

Answer: Read one time Surah Fatiha and 3 times Surah Ikhlas with 3 times durood shareef in the beginning and end. Give the reward of this praying to your teacher. You will notice that your teacher will have soft corner for you in her heart.                                                                                  (Lubna Bint Shakar)


Our problem is that we siblings fight a lot. This never happened before. Second problem is that I am student of MA. I forget fast whatever I have studied. Third problem is that my family is trying to find a good proposal for me since last year. But I have not succeeded yet.                                               (Ain)

Answer: Read حسبنا اللہ و نعم الوکیل یا وارث یا نصیر countless times in a day. All members of the family can read. It is very effective for all problems.                                                                     (Uzma Kareem, Lahore)


My husband is suffering from gastric problem due to which he feels uncomfortable. He also gets blood in his stool                                                                                                             (Gohar Ali’s wife)

Answer: Make mint and ginger tea (Kahwa) for your husband. Let him also have HAZIM KHAS medicine from ubqari for good result.                                                             (Malik Sohail, Checha watni) 

Student’s Problems:

I am a student of grade 9 and completed my Hifzul Quran. Now whenever I am studying I am not concentrate but I want to get good position. I am in doubt of again and again.

 Problem:  My stomach is not working due to mall function of liver which is creating extra secretion. Please advise some solution.                                                                       (Muhammad Abdullah Lahore)

Suggestion: Recite following ayat with complete focus while placing your hand on your chest; [رب اشرح لی صدری و یسرلی امری واحلل عقدۃ من لسانی یفقھوا قولی], Insha’Allah your problem will resolves with this, as far as your stomach is concerned please use JAUHAR SHAFAI MADINA.             (Jaffar Khan Peshawar)

Astonishing Condition of Stomach:

 My stomach is in real trouble, right side of it has nitration and pains while eating or drinking. Intake is only water or portage that’s too is heavy on stomach, feeling pain while eating or even breathing. (Zaffar Ahmad Khan, Karachi)

Suggestion: You may use following; Huwashafi, Take 100 gms of Bill Gari and black Hareer, crush both and brown it in Desi Ghee. Keep it safe and take ½ spoons daily, can use very small quantity for kids 4-5 times a day. Use it constantly/regularly for some time, this treatment is good for all abdominal diseases.  Along with also use SHAFA- E- HAIRAT of UBQARI. (Shehla Nawaz, Islamabad)

Pack of Difficulties:

I am a graduate; my bothers had married me to a person six year younger than me who was already a father of a girl. He was a greedy person however I lived with him but three year later they (my brothers) got me divorced from him. I don’t want to live any more; I am grabbed in pack of difficulties.  Please advise some wazifa which removes in heart hatred for my brothers and sisters and I also get some good life partner. (T, Attock)

Suggestion: You should recite [یا کریم] every moment, all the times throughout the day. (Ayesha Zafar Sahiwal).

Get Rid of Constipation:

My age is 25 years; I had severed constipation from last six- seven months. When I go to bathroom even after three four days, I cannot release myself completely. Please advise some effective solution. (Muhammad Shafiq Ahmad KPK)

Suggestion: In fact we do not care and loose balance in our diet. This effects and makes our intestine work slow which causes constipation. Floor mill Atta is not good as all gradients are taken out of it; good floor includes all natural ingredients in it. Our body require minimum eight glasses of water per day, some people are casual and do not take enough water, low intake of water also cause constipation. One major cause of constipation is lack of physical exercise; do find time for exercise and jogging along with other activities like study etc. You are requested to increase your water intake and also take “Qabaz Kusha” tablets of ubqari after every meal. (Muhammad Hanif Gujranwala)

Would Opt to Suicide:

I like to marry somewhere but my parents are not agreed on it, Please tell me some solution otherwise I have no option but to suicide.    (Nauman, Peshawar)

Suggestion: Everyone at home should recite [یاحی یا قیوم ایاک نعبد و ایاک نستعین برحمتک استغیث], if not possible than all those who can recite should do it 313 times a day with 7 times DAROOD SHARIF at the beginning and at end. For maximum gain, whether with abolition or not read in thousands and in every condition with total commitment and focus. In sha Allah your problem will resolves with this. (Q, Gujrat)

Amazing Sickness:

My son is 18 years old, remained perfect till the age of 9 years but later started falling while walking, now he cannot even stand/walk rather fell down. My elder so who is 30 years old has same disease, Doctors/ consultants reason this disease due to cousin’s marriage. Someone please advise me some good and speedy solution.                                                                                             (Muhammad Afzal, Gujrat)

 Suggestion: Please take Ubqari, ROHANI PHAKKI, which has been prepared with ISME AZAM. He must take it a gram size at least ten times a day. Besides give him ROHANI GHUSAL, pious bath at least once a day. Procedure for pious bath is, Recite last six SORAS thrice with Tasmia and three times DAROOD SHAREEF at beginning and end. After this recite Bathroom Dua [اللھم انی اعوذبک من الخبث و الخبائث] and enter bathroom with left step first.  Take bath with above narrated procedure; keep repeating the DUA in heart only do not use tongue. While doing so keep imagining that all sickness is washing away. When coming out, keep right feet first out of the bathroom and recite the SORAS as did earlier. In case of bath after intercourse do not recite SORAS before taking bath, but do it twice after taking bath and remember do not recite by tongue inside the bathroom but only by heart.                                 (Mrs Tallat, Mandi Bahuddin).


My age is 25 years, when I was 9 years old I started getting mesmerize. Slowly and gradually these were decreased but at the age of 16, I started feeling numbing in my brain, fingers and arms and a feeling of tense body. Please advise some solution.                                                                           (Hatia Afzal, Gujrat)

Suggestion: My sister had similar condition; I got her checked up from Hakeem Sahib’s assistant. He suggested us two of Ubqari medicines, AKSEER UL BADAN and JAUHAR SHAFAI MADINA. My sister used these medicines for five continuous months and now she is 80% improved.  You may also use these Ubqari medicines continuously for some time.                                              (Muhammad Tayab Lahore)

Small Height: 

My age is 18 years with a short height of 4.5 feet which is very less as compared to my parent’s height who are fairy tall. Due to this I am getting sense of inferiority. Please have mercy on me and advise some solution.                                                                              (Bint e Munir Ahmad Athara Hazari Jhang)

Suggestion: Dear sister, thyroid growth or increase in height is not possible; however, with requisite exercise some increase in height is possible. In this regards hanging execise is goog, hang your body with arms and pull yourself up. Repeat this exercise for 10-12 times a day. Also do neck exercise, move your neck right left and up down on daily basis. This may help in increasing the height. (Shoaib Ahmed Lahore)

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