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Formula to get rid of weak eyesight!

Ubqari Magazine - April 2015

Our elderly have made many formulae e.g formula for health and fitness, formula for Istakhara, formula for Taskheer, formula for great memory, formulae for extreme beauty, for magnetism and attractiveness, formula to become a millionaire etc etc.

Today I want to present to you the formula for weak eyesight which a very common and important issue of our people. I want to inform you that my own eyesight was very weak from childhood. In those days I was mad about becoming a professional cricketer and test player but the biggest hurdle I had to face then was the problem of weak eyesight. My vision was weak for far sighted objects and my number was 2.25. Because I always wanted to be an opener and had to face difficulties due to glasses, so I read a lot of books, did yoga exercises, tried the prescriptions and remedies of many doctors and hakims, kept having fennel misri and almonds for a long time, even kept putting Arq e Gulaab (rosewater) in my eyes for some time. Whoever told me a good tip or remedy I would try that but the problem remained the same. They say when you try you best even nature tries to help you find the solution. I had this strong belief that humans came later on this earth and remedies for every illness were kept here by Allah even before us. When Adam and generations of Adam started growing and exploring the herbs were already present in this world. That’s why I often used to think that treatment of weak eyesight must be there already as well. I kept working for the treatment of weak eyesight with a lot of perseverance. Famous test cricket player from Sheikhupura like Aaqib Javed, test cricket player Rana Naveedul Hasan and former Secretary Sports Ashraf Khan are all witnesses to my effort. There came a time when Allah Taalah blessed me and I got rid of my glasses! When I shifted to Islamabad, I used to play in Marghazar cricket ground on behalf of Islamabad Gymkhana Cricket Club. At that time the famous column writer and anchor Talat Bhai used to be our club’s fast bowler. Talat Bhai used to bowl really really fast and it was shocking and amazing for me that I could play his fast ball without my glasses, because I had gotten rid of my glasses. By telling all these things all I want to tell you is that correction of vision is a totally possible thing. If some precautions are taken, some exercises are done, and some treatment is taken, then getting rid of glasses is a completely possible reality. Following formula is different from the common ways of

The Formula for correcting vision is:

 Make two circles on a thick and greasy paper. Color one circle blue and the other red. Now paste this paper on a hard board, Formica or anything else and hang it on a wall in front of you at your eye level. Make sure that this chart of circles should be at your eye level. Now look at the red circle for ten minutes and then the blue circle for ten minutes. Try not to blink while looking at the circles, but if in the beginning it does blink its okay. Just make a practice of looking at the circles. If during the practice eyes do blink, no need to strain just try to keep focused on the circles. In a few days there will be stability in the vision, till a time that you will be able to look at the circles for ten minutes without blinking.

The second thing you have to do is that just five minutes before sunrise, try to stand or sit at a place from where sunrise is easily visible. Keep looking in that direction and as soon as you see the orange sun beginning to rise at the horizon, look at it for 30 seconds and then move away from that place. When the sun rises above the horizon don’t look at it then at all. Looking at the orange disc like sun for more than 30 seconds is highly discouraged! On cloudy days you can keep looking in the direction of the sunrise. At sunrise the rays of light are very light and are healthy for the eyes but start to get strong within a minute which can be harmful that’s why.

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