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Easy and tested remedies of opthalmic disorders, For sound sleep

Ubqari Magazine - April 2015

Grind potash alum as finely as is ground kohl. Apply the finely ground potash alum in eyes. It cures itching eyes, teary and sore eyes.

Sheikh Bu Ali Sena writes in his book “Principles of treatment” that leaves of Sadab (Lochnera rosea) ground in pomegranate juice cure sore eyes. But in my opinion, this causes swelling.

Dryness in eyes

This issue is common in people who do work on computers. Applying two drops of castor oil or glycerin with the help of a cotton swab cures the problem.

(Dr Muhammad Bilal Yaro Khosa, Dera Ghazi Khan)

For sound sleep

Respected Hakeem Sahib, Asalam Alaikum! I have been reading Ubqari magazine since 2007. May Allah bless you with His countless blessings. I am writing certain experiences. 

For sound sleep: The person who is in habit of taking sleeping pills and yet could not sleep must recite  یَامُتَکَبِّرُ for 21 times. God willing, he will enjoy peaceful sleep. 

For high blood pressue: The patients suffering with high blood pressure can keep their blood pressue under control by reciting ماشاء اللہ لاقوۃ الا باللہ . They will also get rid of medicine. 

For normal child: Syphillinum-cm of one lac potency; this is an homeopathic medicine. Give its one dose to mother within the first ten days of third month of pregnancy. Normal child will be born free from deafness, dumbness or any other impairment, God willing. 

Pregnancy and jam of Bahi (Cydonia oblonga Pers)

If a woman starts eating jam of bahi since second month of pregnancy, she will give birth to a beautiful child free from any cardiac ailment. The women of the family, in which cardiac disorders are transmitted inheritedly, if eat jam of bahi, the children born will be free from cardiac ailments. 

For tall children

A woman will give birth to a tall and intelligent child if she takes half cup of water mixed with two drops of Hydrocatle 3x in third month of pregnancy.

(Abdul Khaliq Saqib, Bahawalpur)

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