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Ubqari Magazine - April 2015

Preacher of Islam Hazrat Maulana Muhammad Kaleem Siddiqui Mad Zallahu (Phalat)

Hazrat Maulana Daamat Barkatahum Al Aaliyah is a great preacher of Islam on whose hands almost 5 lac people have embraced Islam. His famous and renowned book “Naseem e Hidayat Kay Jhonkay” (Breeze of guidance) is worth reading.

After Aftar I was walking along the mosque when a very loving friend and follower Hafiz Kausar started joined me. He said that a principal wants to see me in privacy for 5 minutes. Although he was a lazy, lethargic and discourteous person, but due to our relation of affection and frankness, I replied to him in a slightly harsh tone that do you know what is Aitekaaf? It means that one should not meet visitors and remain isolated at a secluded place. Do you understand? He said that the principal is a non-Muslim. I submitted that in this case it is all the more reason that he should not have even come here. How can I meet him? In the meanwhile the principal appeared from behind. Knowledge and wisdom are visible from his face and personality. I was impressed, changed my tone and shook hands with him. He was a serious looking person above 50 years of age. We sat down in the mosque. He said that Hazrat I will only take 5 minutes from you. He said that: ‘I am principal of  a degree college and a PhD in Physics.’ (Physics is a subject of very intelligent people) So he was a big scientist. He said: ‘Hazrat I am reading Quran for the last 5 years. I am a student of science since childhood. After going through Quran, I have come to a conclusion that it the thing of the creator and science is the thing only for those who can make estimates and assumptions. When science reaches its final results of research and development, they are already given in the Quran since no one can know more than the creator himself. But Hazrat Sahib, it is necessary that people should know that it has been told by the creator and only then they will acknowledge Quran and accept it. I therefore request you that please provide me with 5 Aalims who also know a little bit about science. Bu they should be good Aalims of Quran. It is my desire that the entire world should accept that Quran is the word of the creator.’ I was astonished that what true analysis this person is doing. But due to paucity of time, I did not discuss with him the matter of his interest. I submitted to him that ‘Masha Allah, your passion is praiseworthy. But first get your seat confirmed in heaven.’ He replied: ‘I have come for the same purpose. Tell me what I have to do?’ I said: ‘You are reading Quran for 5 years. You should have understood that that without Faith and Islam there is no heaven.’ He said: ‘Undoubtedly!’ I submitted: ‘ Then recite the Kalma’. He said: ‘Go ahead. I will follow your words.’ I made him recite Kalma e Shahadat and in hindi took a detailed oath of subservience from him. He took the oath and said that with my permission he wants to add a sentence to it. I feared that these research scholars get deviated and he might add some ifs and buts.  But this student of Quran said that: ‘My Lord, help me to keep myself on your path till my death.’

 This reader of the Holy Quran and a scientist had become so much familiar with the Holy book. He had recognized his submissiveness, dependence and Allah’s (Text in Arabic) to an extent that he was thinking that death without staying on faith will be useless. Alas we should refrain from keeping Quran in Juzdaan (A cover for Quran made of fabric) and bookshelves only. Rather we should recite it with wisdom and understanding. In this era of Education and research, we should do all endeavor to provide and introduce it to researchers.

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