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Guaranteed Freedom from Termite

Ubqari Magazine - April 2015

Respected Hakeem Sahib, Assalamo Alikum, I have following treatment for eradication of termites.

  1. To save government, commercial buildings from termite on asking consultant we oftenly use and its easily available in market as well. We called it “Biflex”, it could be easily available from irrigating medicine stores and it is usually of 1 liter pack, cost Rs 800 and on hardware stores it is of Rs1500 or Rs2000, If your furniture doors, kitchen shelves are infected then take one portion of Biflex and 20% water and mix them and make holes in furniture, doorstep frame with drill machine aprox    or  inch and pour this mixture in the hole by syringe and fill these holes with wooden shaving. Your furniture, wood will be saving for 20 to 25 years.
  2. If walls are infected then spray the same mixture with syringe on the walls.
  3. For insect and crawling worms in bathroom, one portion of medicine and 50% of water to be kept in any bottle and pour few drops on the floor. If the floor of bathroom is of mud then by spraying once will be save from insect for 2 to 5 years. However tiled bathroom will not absorb the medicine so you are requested to pour this medicine 1 to 2 times in a month. It s better that spray Biflex before tiling or flooring snakes, Scorpio, insects will not enter that house for 20 to 25 years. You can find following insecticide as well but now a day’s Biflex is only available i.e. 3rd in number 1st Shell drite, 2nd deli drine 3rd Biflex. Some people also used homemade insecticide formula:

Camphor 6 cubes and mixing oil (kerosene oil), grind camphor in oil and pour at the infected area. You will observe that is effective too but short span of time. Just for 15 days or a month after this span of time termite will come again. However the insecticide Biflex is very effective for long period of time, use and advice others.

Precautions: whenever you take out the medicine from one bottle to another wear gloves or shopper wear nose mask or keep cloth on nose and while mixing hold your breath for short to prevent from inhaling it.(Shah Alam, Rawalpindi)

(This article has previously been published in August 2014) 

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