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Tips for Getting Rid from Termite

Ubqari Magazine - April 2015

Respected Hakeem Sahib, Assalamo Alikum, as you had asked regarding eradication of termite, I have some of the relevant treatment to get rid of termite.

  1. Like ants, termite lives in a colony. Their colony is around 9ft deep in the ground. They reach to their food through making ways for underground passage almost 200 yards around their colonies in the affected areas; these underground passages of termite get destroyed through ploughing in the fields or ground. It takes a lot of time for termite to make these ways again.
  2. Where termite is found, in that area dig and nail wood of eucalyptus (sufaiday) or any other dry wood which would be favourite for termite. Dig that dry wood 1 ft deep. After every 15 days, take it out and take off termite from it by dipping it into water and removing with the help of another stick, after that dig this wood again. By repeatedly doing this act, termite’s quantity becomes very less.
  3. When there is monsoon in June July, in first rainy night hang any light and place a big tub of water beneath it. In this night termite comes to mingle and make future termite and in the deception of light they fall in water of tub. This kills eradicates all young termite from colony.
  4.  To prevent any particular place, keep any high smelled chemical there, termite won’t come. Such as; Beng feqline etc. (Abdul Mateen, Lucky Marwat)

In june 2014 magazine this article has published as well.

Usage of Motorcycle Mobil oil eradicates termite:

Respected Hakeem Sahib, Assalamo Alikum, where termite has captured any wooden door or any wooden furniture (etc) then wash that place / wall with kerosene oil. Then take used Mobil oil of motorcycle, and rub that in the affected are (s). This oil is commonly available at any workshop. This black rotten oil never lets termite come. I live in a village, once termite had attacked at our house, I took the old rotten oil from bike and spread over the affected areas, then termite never came back. If you are going to make new wooden door or furniture then use the old (used) bike oil upon its surface first and then paint it.

( M. Zahid Jawed Maelsi) (Rasheeda Akhter, Sailkot)

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