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The water that sprang from the holy fingers of the Beloved Prophet ﷺ is the most sacred water

Ubqari Magazine - April 2015

An extract from the weekly sermon of Shaikh-ul-Wazaif Hadhrat Hakeem Muhammed Tariq Mahmood Majzoobi Chughtai (HafizahuLLAH Ta’ala))

Hypocrisy of the hypocrites and the true love of the companions’ رضوان اللہ علیہم اجمعین:

When the announcement of departure for the battle of Tabuk was made, the compassionate companions came out of their houses with full fervor and took everything with them that they possessed. There is a point to ponder here for the wise people, it will apply in whatever condition, and whatever time it may be. That does not matter if you like it or not; your finances, business, health and your nature may allow it or not. Whosoever walks on the path suggested by Allah and His Beloved Messenger ﷺ ,will never remain deprived of the Almighty’s Bounty and He would not only take good care of him but also of his generations to come and will bless them with prestige and abundance in their health, wealth and status.

The hungry and thirsty companions:

The supply was consumed soon and they were so badly affected by hunger and thirst that to quench their thirst a camel was slaughtered and they used the smelly water accumulated by the animal in its stomach. 

Suggestion of Hadhrat Umar Farooq (رضی اللہ عنہ) and the Mercy of the Holy Prophet ﷺ:Hadhrat Umar Farooq (رضی اللہ عنہ) came to the holy prophet ﷺ and requested him to pray for the miseries faced by the companions. He ﷺ asked him to collect and bring everything that they still had at one place. Someone brought a piece of dried date, someone brought a fresh date, and some pieces of cheese etc. until it became a small pile of food. They also accumulated all the water from all the wineskins in a pot and it was just enough to cover hisﷺblessed hand. Then the Holy Messenger ﷺ raised his fingers just a bit and there sprang a fountain of water from his figures. On the other hand, the small pile of food was ordered to be covered by a sheet of cloth and then heﷺ asked them to come one by one and take out whatever they may need including plentiful cheese and dates. Everyone took more than their desire as they not only needed it to save their life but also as a barakah from the Holy Prophet ﷺ. Although all companions were in deep love with the Holy Messenger ﷺ but all of them turned so desiring that they thought who knows this blessing will become available again or not. The water was so abundant that all their wineskins were filled to the top along with an abundant supply for all the horses and other animals and even some water was stored to be used in later as well. 

The most scared water on earth is the one, which sprang from the blessed fingers of the Holy Prophet ﷺ:

There is a consensus among the scholars that the most sacred water was the one sprang from the blessed fingers of the Holy Prophet ﷺ. Just imagine that how caring and loving prophet we have been blessed with and what a pity that we betray him and try to cheat him by following deviant paths other than his to find success. Who will be more foolish than us! 

Whose orders were obeyed by even the rocks and the trees

Our beloved prophet ﷺ was going somewhere while Hadhrat Jabir (رضی اللہ عنہ) was also accompanying him. The Holy Prophet felt the call of nature but there was no place to hide him. There were some bushes at a far off distance. He asked Hadhrat Jabir (رضی اللہ عنہ) to ask those bushes to come along and make a hide for the Holy Prophet ﷺ. He (رضی اللہ عنہ) went to the bushes and conveyed the message. By the Grace of Almighty, the sky witnessed that those bushes came down the track and made a hide for the holy messenger ﷺ when he fulfilled his need. Then when he ﷺ finished, he ﷺ ordered them to go back where they were before and they obeyed the order accordingly. 

Shahadah (Bearing witness) by the branch of a tree:

A Bedouin was coming along the road. He ﷺ asked him why he does not believe in him and asked him if he would embrace Islam if a branch of a far off tree detaches itself from the stem and bear witness of Hisﷺ prophet hood. The Bedouin was amazed at this offer and accepted it instantly. He ﷺ pointed his blessed fingers to the branch of a far off tree and it detached itself from the stem and came near the Holy Prophet ﷺ while ripping through the earth and stood in front of the holy messenger ﷺ. He ﷺ asked it about himself. It said that he ﷺ was the last messenger of Allah. He ﷺ asked again who was he ﷺ? It replied that he was the blessed messenger and also praised him and bore the witness of his prophet hood. He ﷺasked for the third time and it praised him for the third time and bore witness of his prophet hood. Then the Holy Prophet ﷺ asked the Bedouin if he was convinced then and he replied in positive and bore the witness that 
’’اَشْھَدُاَنْ لَا اٖلٰہَ اِلَّااللّٰہُ وَحْدَہٗ لَاشَرِیْکَ لَہٗ وَاَشْھَدُ اَنَّ مُحَمَّدً عَبْدُہٗ وَرَسُوْلُہٗ‘‘

the branch was still there. The Holy Prophet ﷺ ordered it to go back and attach with that tree just like it was before without any sign of its breaking. I wonder how comes a man can even think of betraying such a noble and loving messenger ﷺ. (To be continued)


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