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Whispers from the Heart (By the Editor’s Pen)

Ubqari Magazine - April 2015

My thoughts and observations:

A must read for the animal hunters especially the deer hunters

I have special attachment with the lone wilderness and deserts where there are no traces of human life and I love going such places. I am loneliness zealous and go there quite frequently, where you can see nothing but the sand humps…the deserters who are living there on the banks of some natural ponds and springs are still millions of miles away from the modern civilization & technology and they do not even know how to betray. When the voices of Haq and Hoo are enchanted with these content souls, you should be certain that their hearts are in conjunction with the tongue and each particle of sand is enchanting in synchronisation. These wildernesses have also given me some messages for the whole humankind, whom I share with my visitors and through internet to the whole world and I am surprised to see the great deal of interest by the responses I receive from the recipients. These messages have a great insight of hope and destiny.

In relation to the lessons learnt, I would like to mention here that I go to those boundaries where no one can reach except the birds and the deer hunters only. I know so many hunters’ tales… when a man goes out to hunt in fast moving jeeps with a gun in his hand, then he is intoxicated with a veil of lust and that veil is only lifted when he finds a wounded dear lying  in front of him with wide open eyes. That brings the glitter back in the hunter’s eyes although the deer’s eyes have lost their glitter of life. That gone glitter leaves a message behind for the hunter. You did not kill it for need but you killed me out of your lust. Although I am not saying that hunting is Haram (prohibited) but there is a hell of difference between killing for need and killing for lust. I have met various hunters, who suffered from paralysis and decapitated legs with a majority of them turned blind and those who were billionaire once, have now turned beggars and living a miserable life. I have personal accounts told by hunters and their guides that when they shoot at the animal, they do not even bother to consider whether it is a male deer or a female deer, a lactating deer or a pregnant deer. They just shoot them down and then rush to slaughter the deer. They are completely ignore the breaths of grief and terror from the mother deer, whose calves are waiting for her to feed them with her milk or the fetuses that come out of their wombs and they die there while breathing their last before their eyes don’t give them any lesson? I do not care whether they get any message or not but they are inviting Almighty’s wrath while eating the roasted meat that their own destiny has also been doomed. Their wealth is been taken back, their light is converted into darkness and their health is snatched back by the Lord Almighty and this happens in real.

One of my close relatives, who was a zealous hunter and was quite fond of stealing the deer cubs and then giving them as gift to his seniors and took a pride in it, is living in a very small rented house these days and it is almost impossible for him to make both ends meet. He was going somewhere while riding on a bike when he was stopped by his lenders who beat him up and snatched his bike from him that he had purchased on installments. Many people had witnessed him while doing hunting and even I personally requested him once to leave the bad hobby as there are so many other hobbies, which are harmless, but he made a joke of my words and ignored them. I turned quiet but the time was not and there came the time when he had to face the brunt of his mischief. Then he cried and cried vehemently but there were the cries of the dying deer’s and their hungry cubs, which became a wall between him and the Almighty’s Mercy.

I would like to mention here an incident from our beloved Messenger’sﷺ life when someone had caught a female deer and tied it to a tree. He ﷺ heard someone crying as O Apostle of Allah! Repeatedly He ﷺ found it. The deer was reported as requesting him to let her go to feed her young calves and she would come back. He ﷺ asked what if she did not return back and fulfill its promise. She said that then she would also face the same doom as the reckless hunters in both the worlds.

Whenever I go into the desert wilderness, I remember that punishment and it reminds me about the various accounts of the ill-fated hunters. I wonder why we do not learn from others’ mistakes. Why we completely forget their miserable fate? Have we turned blind due to our lust and recklessness? I do not mind if someone hunts for his legitimate necessity but I plea to the hunters doing it for their lust only to change their hobbies to something other than blood hunt. Otherwise, they should be ready for the Divine Verdicts against them. The world and the people living in it will go away from you; you will lose all the respect and fame and will end up in disgrace and forgetfulness. Hurry up and change your thoughts and emotions. Sometimes whenever I am walking along a track and although I could see nothing but still I could hear whispers of those cries. I see here and there but cannot find anything there physically but a whisper comes from the bottom of my heart that these are nothing but the cries of those deers.  The innocent animals that were killed for lust only had come out for grazing to feed their young calves but fell a victim to someone’s ruthless gun and doomed the destiny of that ill-fated person. The decision is in your own hand. Would you like to have a boom or doom…!

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