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Aromatherapy for health of mind and nerves.

Ubqari Magazine - February 2015

Maria Ali

Latest scientific research has proven that aroma therapy is exclusively more beneficial with pure organic oils. Especially for fight against depression and nerves diseases so in this regard their usage has become a main tradition.

Prophet Muhammad PBUH has given the education of cleaniliness, hygeine and principles of health from the first day. After the construction of Mosque Nabvi when people came to say the prayer a suffocatn was felt due to crowd.  This factor was given significance and on Friday bath and changing of dress was consdered crucial and this day wearing perfume wa given recognition as way of Prophet PBUH

Prophet Muhammad PBUH liked kastoori

For gtting rid of diseases and keeping health fitness a human being should not neglect any such way of treatment which benefits him. For that reason medical science is researching on ancint and latest medical views. And today medical science is satnding on edge of a revlotion where they have no option but to say that for a human being the most beneficial and without any side effects is only in organic way of treatment.  Aromatherapi is one such treatment which is based on ancient views which withut any doubt after latest reaerach has proven to be even of more benefit. The trust of aroma therapy is totally based on organic oils. Aroma therapy is neglected by being called massage. But it is more than oil massage. In it for different diseases different types of flowers and fruits and oils of weeds is rubbed on special parts of the body.

In light of latest scientific research it has been proven that aromic herapy is exclusively more beneficial through pure organic oils. Especially for fight agains depression and nerves diseases their usage has become a main tradition. In big countries especially in asian and euorpe countries in past the massage was done with oragnic oils, for protecting body aspects and health. But when in France one practioner keeping in view the advantages of organic oil tested on different diseases then this treatment came into being as specific aroma therapy treatment. In which follow up, today a lot of countries are trying aroma therapy with the help of unatural organic oils.

Professor Clark a mediac scientst of Germany is very tense that usage of unnatural oils is harming the views of aroma therapy. Those people who depend upon unnatural oils, for them preparing organic oils, is very difficul and expensive. He said when we get 2 organic drops from 30 rose flowers then businessmen have no option but to make unnatural and chemical organic oils. Because of such oils people are becoming vcitims of skin diseases.

The treatment of aromatherapy is not a discovery by any accident. This has been around for centuries. The remains of egyptian and babylonian culture show that in that era rich people and pharohs used to take a bath in extracts and juices of fruits and weeds and also used for massage. But the true recognition of aroma therapy was recognised in year 1920 when a french chemist announced after doing research on fruits, weeds and flowers that it is very beneficial for health.

Professor Thomas Rally from Micro Biology University of Washington has prepared a paper in which he has unravelled the fact that in oil of plant of tea much resisitance against bacteria lies and it kills them.

The Margret Meyori of London has said that oil from plant of rose removes depression of women. In Euorope the oil of rose plant is used for aromatherapy.

These days this argument is going on that from oils of aroma therapy which organic oil is more benficient. Also does all organic oil help the views of aroma therapy? Along with that discussion most of scientist believes mutually that aroma therap is only beneficient when natural oragic oils are used.

Afetr arrival of Aryan nation in indo pak the acquaintance began with oils being produced from animal resources. Since they all came from pacific Asia there came present smells of musk. That’s why the  ingrediant of dear came into india but the practioners startng considering it medicine instead of smell and the fame of usage as aroma was never gathered by it.

To keepthe amazing smell of flowers queen Noor Jahan gave recognition to perfumery industry. After extracting ingrediants from flowers along with some colourless oil a concentarted and strong smell was invented. And in city of Hindustan known as qanoj ths industry was flourished by Muslims and even today it is still in their possession. There mostly smell of flowers is usually in the form of oil but due to continuous effects of Islam they became familiar with smell of Amber and KASTURI and their perfumes have more significanc and importance.

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