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Ubqari Magazine - February 2015

BY Hadhrat Maulana Muhammed Kaleem Siddiqi (Phullat)

[the reknowned scholar on whose blessed hand, almost half a million people have embraced Islam and his famous book in Urdu’ Naseem-e-Hidayat ke jhonkay’ is a must read.]

I called a friend of mine and learnt that he was going to hospital. When I asked him further he said that he was taking his former business partner who had fallen in the bathroom and has fractured his hip bone. I asked him why he was taking him to hospital, why not any of his relatives. He answered that he had three sons and one daughter.  The sons are settled in UK and Canada and are managing big businesses there while the daughter had been married in Puna. My friend had just received a phone call from his business partner’s wife who was also very ill that her husband had fallen in the bath room and there was no one there to help her as the servants were also on leave. She was feeble and unwell and could not help her husband to move even an inch. I took my brother with me and rushed to his house which was almost 7 km far. He was lying down restlessly and was crying in pain. We called in the doctor ho diagnosed a fracture in the hip bone.

E had been my business partner about a decade ago but we departed due to his misconduct in our mutual business and our relationship had turned so bitter that we hadn’t even seen each other for years but when they requested my help in my distress I could not control myself and now I am feeling quite dejected to see this bad condition of a billionaire person that though being fathered two successful sons and a daughter had to lie on the cold floor of bath room for as long as an hour or so…. I wonder that we only prefer these worldly attractions and lust for more & more and even pledged our lives for this valueless return which my friend was having while lying helpless in the ambulance.

The wealth and worldly progress results into weakening of emotions and relationships and the person starts considering all around him like business partners. While the poor and less wealthy people keep full regard for one another and their heartbeat conjoin each other. If we use little wisdom, we can easily understand the meaninglessness of this world and all its resources with open eyes.

How knowledgeable are those who have understood the cheating desires and wealth of this world by the Grace of Allah and they do not prefer the world over the everlasting hereafter and seek the pleasure of Allah Almighty and His Paradise... They are termed as Zahideen and they have been described by the scholars  as if someone pledges to invite then 10  wisest people of the world to a feast then he should invite such Zahideen who are always content with meeting just their living needs and always think about the hereafter. We should learn a lesson from these contented souls who have negated the worldly desires and they endeavour to prepare for the hereafter and they feel like kings in their hearts by refraining from the worldly desires.

I wish Allah Almighty blesses all of us with taufeeq to enjoy such a life (Amen)

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