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Ubqari Magazine - February 2015

Allama Lahuti Pur Asarari


True biography of such a person who since birth till today is under the guidance of saint Jinnat. His days and nights are spent with Jinnat. On insistence of readers, strange and interesting revelations are being published in episodes but to understand this mysterious world, lot of patience and courage is required.


Surah e Muzammil is a treasure itself: It was such fragrance that I could feel it all my life, it was strange fragrance and strangely it contained piece and amazing harmony. Upon smelling this fragrance I got astonished, extremely astonished …. !!! And instantly there were tears in my eyes when he left, that O ALLAH! Today I have felt that how much blessings one gets through Halal income and Surah e Muzammil, today I realized that Surah e Muzammil itself is a treasure and whether one gets a treasure from somewhere else or not, this itself is a treasure.

Halal and Blessing of Quran:  The kukry farmer took a deep breath and some more tears of his fell and he said that after this day I started reciting Surah e Muzammil 41 times daily with Tasmiah (Bismillah Hir Rahman Nir Rahim) with 7 times Darood Sharif in the beginning and after ending. Sometimes I would recite in the morning and some times in the evening. I try to be at one place and maintain the same time for this act, However even if I miss the same place or time, I do not leave the act. I kept on doing the act of reciting Surah e Muzammil 41 times daily. I got many blessings of it , Vegetable seller Jin said that when I got up after meeting him, he tied his package which contained more Urdu wazaif and tears were falling from my eyes and I lifted my face towards the sky’s and said that ALLAH! Actually one gets Barkat in the wealth, in generations, in time, in breath and steps only when HALAL is included, your Holy Revelations (Quran) is included. It is a fact that there is Barkat in HALAL and QURAN. Vegetable Seller Jin said that I would lift my eyes towards the sky again and again and would say the same thing to ALLAH and would say it again and again that ALLAH blessed is your name and there is mercy in your name and how much is the glory in your name. It is your mercy that you made me meet this person--- otherwise I was not capable of it and you did mercy on me. Four causes of safety from loss: Vegetable farmer Jin said that I got up , shook hand with this person and asked him that can he show me his farm? When I reach his farm he told me another strange thing and said that since I have started reciting Surah e Muzammil 41 times and take continuous care of having only HALAL things , another strange experience which I had is that my crops are not affected by worms and insects or termites, or epidemics. Rains come, hailstorms occur but no damage is done to my crops- why - - - ?? I think that there are four reasons for this. 1. Surah e Muzammil 2. Precaution for HALAL HARAM means, permitted and prohibited and HALAL means of wealth 3. Usher 4. Zakat. Pleased in the will of ALLAH: I have made a promise with ALLAH that O ALLAH! I will never leave these four things and I understand that perhaps my ALLAH has also decided that if you do not leave these four things then your protection and Barakat for you is my responsibility and I shall give you more and said that one such time also came, that ALLAH as a test, destroyed my crops with hails and only a small part was saved, I was contented in ALLAH’s will, that O ALLAH! If you are pleased in it, I am also contented at it and I gathered the little crop which ALLAH had saved and strangely the price of my saved crop increased in the market as crops of remaining people were totally destroyed and ALLAH even after destroying my whole crop, still gave me the same amount of money with this little part of the crop which I was suppose to get after selling the whole crop. Again my neck and head bowed in front of ALLAH and I said that actually , ALLAH I have decided for four things where as your decisions are permanent that you will award me HALAL wealth making it pure and your mercy is eternal that you have to give me your special generosity and O ALLAH ! Keep on giving me. And the Kukry wala farmer said that I have written it in my will, that sons! Never refrain for from these four things as whoever will remain away from these four things he will always suffer and I have also written in my will that never to leave even one among these four things, as a vehicle has four wheels and if one is missing the vehicle does not operate. A Question From Vegetate Seller Jinn - - - ! Hearing these things from the vegetable seller Jin I was surprised and astonished., I asked a question from the vegetable famer jinn that do you also have some observations and experiences of Surah e Muzammil, the vegetable farmer jinn took a deep breath upon hearing me and said that if I tell you the observations and experiences of Surah e Muzammil, you will wonder if I am telling the truth, as you are its aamil yourself. I said ALHAMDULILLAH (Praise be of ALLAH). I am its aamil (permanent reactor) and actually I have many observations and experiences but, you also tell some, as during conversation this topic came across whereas our subject was not Surah e Muzammil at all. The Kukry Farmer narrated his experiences and I was surprised as myself had many observations of Surah e Muzammil and getting surprised on these observations was natural. I immediately told him that you also tell. Three experiences of vegetable seller jinn? Vegetable



Disasters for Human: Most of the disasters which occur on animals is because of their having no ability of speech whereas the reason of disasters is their misuse of tongue (speech).


seller jinn told his experiences from which I shall narrate three instances before the readers.

Said that I was busy in my routine work, my distant relatives Jinnat who were my mother’s relatives and were much older than my mother, we all used to call them uncle, one day came to our house, when I observed their conditions I felt that they were poor and were suffering from poverty, I felt sympathy and realized that their financial condition is very weak , so I inquired about their circumstances but they did not tell me and would say again and again that thanks ALLAH , we are absolutely all right . There is ALLAH’s mercy, there is no trouble, no worry nothing. But I did not say anything more just quietly respected them and said that if I come to your house some time, they said do come, we will be pleased. I decided that I will go to their house suddenly, permission I have already taken and would go suddenly and will observe their circumstances with my own eyes to find out the factual position. Story of relative suffering from Poverty: He said that I went to their house and saw their situation with my own eyes and I was surprised as there was poverty and a lot of worries - - - ! If they have to wear then could not eat and if they eat cannot wear but - - - ! so honourable that would not ask for help and I got to know that even if somebody tries to give something they do not accept. As they do not want that anybody should say that they are beggars – He said that I asked them if there is any such place in your house where you can sit for some time and do ALLAH’s Zikar. Surprisingly they said that me and ALLAH’s zikar - - - It is with ALLAH’s zikar that ALLAH has given me all this. He asked me that what do I want, I said that I have observed your circumstances and whether you tell me or not but I understand the situation of your house and know your circumstances? If you would not tell me, I will protest. You are my elder uncle and I insist, there were tears in his eyes and said there was a time - - - ! My circumstances were good rather excellent. Then the nature’s system turned around and me, who was a giver, became a deserving one but the hands who always gave how can they become takers? I was patient, gathered myself and started hard work but everything was fine outside and when money would come in the house it would just finish, this is my worry, I have responsibility of my daughters and sons. Circumstances are worrisome and I do not see any way out. Poverty and financial problems have surrounded me since 22 years and poverty is so intense that circumstances trouble me too much. I kept on hearing - - - and hearing all this, I was surprised that he did not tell me anything till today - - - then I was ashamed myself that why did we not inquired about them. If we would have taken care of them, this might not have been the situation? I fell on his feet and ask for his forgiveness that it is all my fault; he was surprised and said that it is not your fault; it is the law of nature. End of poverty and financial problem with wazifa (recitation) of Surah Muzammil: After this I told them to kindly give attention to one wazifa, I knew that they recited Holy Quran everyday with lot of attention and faith. I asked them that if they assure me that they will pay attention to a wazifa then I will give you one wazifa---would do it? He said, I will definitely do it, I have to learn to beg from Allah and if I have reluctance in begging from Allah then what type of a Muslim I will be---I gave them the wazifa and it was to recite Surah Muzammil 41 days daily at one place and at the same time with 7 times darood sharif before and after, and every time Bismillahir Rahmanir Raheem 7 times and I also told them that if there is some compulsion then there is no harm. He said that now there is no problem, I will do it. I requested him to do this act for 40 days, 70 days, 90 days rather even after this make it a permanent wazifa in your life and asserted that if all the members of the family can do it, it will be better and if everybody cannot read it then few people or atleast you must read it. I came back after this conversation. They thanked me a lot and came to the door to see me off. I decided that I have to ask about them, two months passed by, he came to meet me and I could feel from his expressions that the circumstances are somewhat better than before. He said I am doing the same labour which I used to do before but now there is peace in it, I get harmony, barkat and get blessing. My household problems are being resolved, marriage problems of the daughters are being solved, financial matters are being resolved and life has taken a turn around and those people who would not even look towards me have started respecting me and son I have come to thank you.

Vegetable Seller Jin started crying after saying this and when I heard him say thank you, I myself got emotional and started crying that Oh Allah, somebody got benefit through me and such a person who himself is honourable and does not want to beg before anybody but when he begged before you, through Surah Muzammil, you did so much mercy on him (continued)

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