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Ama Janno exposed the amazing solution to getting released from prison

Ubqari Magazine - February 2015

If a person whether innocent or not has got entrapped in a litigation, this trick does the work for his release. A captive will surely be set free if he has the clothes of primogeniture and naval cord (feeding tube) of cat. Naval cord of cat is also called anol.

(Muhammad Faran, Arshad Bhatti, Muzaffargarh)

Ama Jannat alias Ama Janno told an amazing and potent solution to get a captive released from prison, especially an innocent entrapped in litigation, “A captive will surely be set free if he has the clothes of primogeniture and naval cord (feeding tube) of cat.” Naval cord of cat is also called anol. The membrane in which new born is enclosed is usually called Jeer or Anol in (regional languages). Ama Janno was asked where to find the naval cord of cat from because clothes of the primogeniture can be arranged with comparative ease. Ama Janno told that when she heard about this strange trick she tried to test it.

She told that once she had a pet cat. It was winter when the cat was to deliver kittens. She made the cat rest under her cot. She kept an open eye on cat. After delivering kittens, cat opened her mouth wide to eat the feeding tube. Ama Janno told that she swiftly hushed the cat and drew away the naval cord from cat with the help of a stick. She cut a small piece from the naval cord and after washing, applied powder and dried that piece. When dried, she preserved that piece in fragrance and sewed in a cloth and made an amulet.

Many people tried this trick and found it successful. Possession of clothes of primogeniture, not worn by any other, and cat’s naval cord surely earns a captive release. Ama Janno testified that it was found true and working by many. She told that once a family took the amulet sewn in which was cat’s naval cord for getting their son released. After a week that family came laden with sweets for their son was declared innocent and was set free. Upon demanding the amulet back that family felt sorry for they had lost the amulet. God knows if they were speaking truth or not, Ama Janno wondered.

“Now I have lost this invaluable thing.” Ama complained her fortune and added, “Whoever wants to have this amulet should keep a cat as pet and keep an eye on cat when she is to deliver kittens for cats eat their naval cord at once after delivery. Preserve a piece of naval cord by sewing in amulet after cutting, washing and drying. And give to the people in need. God willing, they will be set free. Interstingly, this works for the guilty as well.”

We were agaped after knowing about this awesome trick. You would have been as well after reading this.

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