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Age old problem of backache, solved in 30 days only

Ubqari Magazine - February 2015

(Muhammad Latif, Islamabad)

My daughter is a student of MBBS Second Year. Thanks to Ubqari I have developed interest in Herbal Medicine. By the grace of Allah I consider the prescriptions in Ubqari as the final treatment because its authenticity comes from an integral source..

My daughter got an ear infection with pus formation. She got checked in the ENT department and also used antibiotics and ear drops but still could not even hear properly. The pus did not resolve and she complained of deafness and discomfort. Discharge from the ear did not settle either. I asked her to drink three sips of water after ablution (Wuzu) with this intention. Also according to the part on tips for ear infections in the book ‘Mere Tibi Raazon ka Khazana’ page 181, take a spoonful lemon juice and mix a pinch of soda in it. Then add this mixture in a dropper and shake well before pouring it into the ear thrice daily (three drops everytime). Do this for a few days or weeks. My daughter did this in the morning and evening. The discharge stopped, blocked ears finally opened and she started hearing properly-something expensive antibiotics ear drops couldn’t do! This is an unremarkable thing for earache, no matter how chronic or untreatable it is, pus in the ears or any other ear infection. Try this and pray for the ones sharing it. Prayer is a super antibiotic for ear infections!


Easy remedy for Diarrhea/Cholera (Hayza)

May the diarrhea be of any type, the same mixture should be given 8-10 drops to the patient. By the grace of Allah he/she will recover soon.


A Prescription Worth Millions in only Two Hundred!

Assalamoalaikum. After meeting you the biggest problem in my life got solved and I have a huge amount of respect in my heart for you. I have done my BSc and currently am a motor mechanic. I own a shop where the newspaper man delivers a newspaper daily. Almost two years back I noticed he had Ubqari magazine with him which I bought just casually but after reading it I liked it a lot and have been buying it monthly ever since. Around one year back I had pain in my left leg which became so severe I couldn’t even sit or walk properly. I got checked by a reknown hakeem in my area and he diagnosed it as arthritis. I took his prescribed medicines for two and a half months but in vain. I couldn’t go to my shop regularly and work got affected. Doctors said surgery had to be done since there was a problem with the disc that was pressing a vessel-it required a major surgery. I did not want to get operated because it might cause more problems. My father mentioned this to a friend who gave me a bottle of oil. The label read “Wonder oil” (Karaamatti tail). Here I will mention that I used to read the magazine regularly but I was never interested in the medicines nor did I have faith in them..!

So I started applying the oil as prescribed by you along with tablets named ‘Taskeen dard’ which are available at Homeopathic stores. Within a month by the grace of Allah I got 95% recovery and I stopped the medicines. Believe me, I pray for you form the deepest core of my heart. Because of this problem I spent 25 to 30 thousand rupees for doctors and hakeems but in vain. And your Wonder oil gave me recovery just for 200 rupees. Everyone I tell this to is amazed. People still ask me how my pain got relieved and I tell them about your magazine and wonder oil. This is a prescription worth millions which you only give for two hundred rupees. May Allah bless you for serving humanity. Ameen!(Syed Amir Ali Shah, Sukkur)

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