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Relationship with Nature,. Create Pleasant Winters

Ubqari Magazine - February 2015

It’s the month of February. Winter is at its peak and from the northern areas to the southern; all places are cloaked with icy winds. The business of those who sell medicines is at its peak in this weather since almost everyone comes down with flu cough or fever in the harsh cold. But would welcoming winters in such a manner be correct?

So what should we eat in these winters?

In the northern areas February is a month of extreme cold. Rise up early in the morning before dawn, offer fajr prayer and then walk out into some open area outside and then take a walk briskly for half an hour. This would warm you up but if the weather is such that it does not allow going out then perform exercise in an open room and after the perspiration has dried take a shower with warm water in a washroom that is not too airy. After the shower dry your body vigorously and in the season of winters taking a shower twice in a week is enough. Use desi wheat or barley flour with warm milk as well as desi chick peas which are good source of nutrition. Prior in the evening soak a handful of chickpeas in a bowl of water and in the morning cook them in oil, chilli and salt. You can add onions,tomatoes,garlic etc. In this season,carrots are also readily available and boiling them in  milk and adding brown sugar can make a nutritious breakfast. According to your need, use eggs, butter, and warm milk along with onions cut in gram flour(baison), coriander,red chilli, fenugreek(methi),spinach and broccoli, tomatoes, and salt mixed and added within a roti, and this roti can be eaten with garlic paste or even alone to make a healthy meal. Also in this season radish potatoes, and roti filled with pulses can prove to be a good breakfast too. if in the afternoon you feel hungry then eating vegetables as well as fruits would be better. Eat your dinner early in the evening and this meal can have vegetables, meat ,pulses ,kabab, eggs or fish . many people in the winters complain about cold feet and hands and according to speacialists this complaint is most common amongst people who do not have a healthy diet. Due to this deficiency in diet, blood does not readily flow to their extremities. Everybody needs to cover up in winters and especially your head, chest, back and neck. While sleeping the room should have some source of ventilation.  Also if you burn coals then you must take care to prevent collection of the dangerous gases and also while sleeping cover your head with a lose shawl.

Prevention is necessary:

Like every season, winters come with a variety of aspects that need to be taken care of, one of which is to avoid cold water and gargling with warm water and salt before going to bed. Also putting some balm or Vaseline in the nose helps prevent flu too. In this weather some people drink lesser water which may lead to constipation so as to avoid that use some fruits and vegetables that can to the water level in your body. In the whole day drink at least 7 to 8 glasses of water.

Why autumn troubles us?

Seasons are a blessing of Allah Almighty. Because it is during seasons that the natural resources of this earth get renewed and healthy changes appear the surroundings around us. Specifically in the season of autumn, the energy within the earth is at its max and animals become healthy too such that they cows, buffaloes and goats produce more milk in this season so butter, yogurt, and ghee is made in greater quantities. So if this season brings about such positive changes for animals then it must have something in store for us humans too. Why do we get dejected by the arrival of summers? Why does rain bother us? And why does autumn cause us trouble?

The true reason behind this is that we have widened the gulf between nature and ourselves. We as ashraf-fal-makhlooqat( the creation with the highest status) think that every season arrives just to bother us. But this perception of ours is wrong since we need to keep in mind that being physically fit is essential for us to work on a day to day basis. As seasons change one must adapt to them and get benefits from the numerous aspects that are unique to each season. The season of autumn is one that replenishes our energy level. And this can only be done by doing some sort of workout so that moving the body can assist in the circulation of blood. Always staying in bed with a coverlet does not increase the body heat but rather just protects it. So in this season one must plan some sort of routine that can help in maintaining the health of your body. And if you do this, then winters won’t be a source of trouble for you but would rather be enjoyable.

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