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Dangerous Conditions and Effective Treatment of Depression

Ubqari Magazine - February 2015

(Dr. Nasir)

If you pick up the newspapers for the last few days you would view a lot of news that is deeply troubling. Any man that is a father or who earns halal income would be silenced for a few seconds or so after reading news of such sorts. Normally news that is quite distressing can have its effect only for a day since more news comes up to bother us yet again. But household where young children are exposed to news like this might be more affected by this especially those who are of a sensitive nature. Children, like these, when come to know of such news where fathers kill their own children may have such a fear take root in their own minds too. We all know that our offspring are much too dear to us, which is why we fail to understand how someone could be this insensitive and without conscious so as to kill their own children. You must have noticed that recently such cases where parents kill their own children are growing at an alarming rate. These cases are very hard to believe since everyone loves their young ones. It is a true fact that no matter how pretty another person’s child is, our own child still is dearer to us. Without doubt, such happenings cannot be righted now but we can prevent God forbid future events like these from happening.

After reading news such as this you must have noticed that people who commit such murders have a peculiar sort of mental state that is evident by their agitation stress and restlessness. Along with this there may be signs of a strong temper, sleeplessness, and insomnia, talking to oneself, lack of social interaction, as well as indecisiveness and lack of understanding about what to do. If one views symptoms of this sort then we can categorize these symptoms under the title of ---------.

This is mental state where the patient is affected by the pressure, burden and uncertainty of ones surroundings. This develops further into 4 different states; first there is suspicion, then hysteria related problems come up, followed by sadness and dejection and then there is madness and extreme obsession of something. This mental disturbance is the reason that someone could have a strong desire to kill.

Tension in the surrounding could be related to one’s home too where family pressures can lead to an environment of worries and depression. Every wants to provide well for their children but spending wisely and being satisfied on less is not everyone’s strong forte. This is further enhanced by the fact that everyone is mad in the desire to attain more and more money in a lesser amount of time. Amidst worries such as these family guidance and attention can prove to be healing whereas lack of attention or fights can aggravate the condition. To prevent cases like the one mentioned above, one must pay proper attention to their own actions or if this self-realization is not possible then those around him should pay attention and take proper measures.

When financial constraints are present then fights between a husband and wife do come up which lead to irritation and disturbance, something that young ones are sensitive to. Hence, a husband and wife should work out their money troubles in isolation by cutting down some of the unnecessary expenditure or looking for more halal means to earn income. This is because the love between a husband and wife can help make the household more blessed.

Parents should be careful in not fighting in front of their children since the experiences gained by children at such a young age sometimes leave their effects for a lifetime. Also do not let out your anger on your children since such lack of care or ignorance can lead to defects in a child’s mental abilities. All family members must look out for each other and even though it is a man’s responsibility to fulfil monetary needs of the household but that can only be done successfully if a good atmosphere is provided. After a full tiring day at the workplace, a husband can be readily pleased with some attention and a wife can be acknowledged for her work in the house by some words of approval. This two way recognition for each other’s efforts can help a lot in keeping the atmosphere calm which can help in solving all troubles that life may throw at us.

Also homeopathic treatment can be helpful in curing a disturbed mental state too, some of which are mentioned below and would be of great help to those who are involved in homeopathic treatment.

Whenever one feels distressed, head feels heavy, there is a headache due to financial worries, or dizziness, or feels low blood pressure, then taking four pills of Kalium Phosphoricum 6x, 4 times a day can help cure this condition.

  • If there is an inclination to kill: then take INCARDIUM,STRAMONIUM,HEMOSAMIS,ARSENIC,KAMPHIR,HEER
  • Thinking that people who disagree with something deserve to die:

Then take MARG

  • Desire to kill someone upon seeing a blade:

Then take PLATINA

  • Desire to kill someone upon seeing a pistol:

Then take ALUMINA

  • thinking that someone deserves to die: then take


  • sudden desire to kill a person related to oneself:


  • person shaving another feels the desire to kill the other


  • intense love for the husband but the desire to kill him:


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