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Wazifa to Find Lost Thing, Person and Wealth

Ubqari Magazine - January 2015

Episode 8

Now we have started feeling that that indeed we are also human beings… ! Now we sisters sit together every evening. We talk to each other. My mother tells us many things and we laugh a lot… !

From the Pen of the Editor

Readers! Every month read the unique style of Hazrat hakeem sahib that is full of spiritual secrets.

I saw a letter while checking the diurnal mail and more secrets of this waif revealed upon me. That letter is presented to the readers with corrections that more people benefit from this.

Respected hakeem sahib, Assalamoalaikum! I hope that you would be fine.How I got introduced to you and how my problems were solved, I would talk about this at the end of the letter. First, I would tell you abut my problems. And I am telling you about my familial circumstances briefly. We are three sisters and a mother in our home. I am the youngest among my sisters. Whereas the father, grandmother and brother have died. We have a small house. And both of my elder teachers are working as school teachers to run house. Our mother is aged and she is often ill. One thing is sorrow and the other is senility that make a person irritable. She is always angry. Her attitude with us sisters was really bad. So much so that she could not see us sisters happy with each other. She never liked us to be happy with each other and never let us meet any relative. Our whole family had disputes with each other and there was no unity among us. Other than this we had to face the bad attitudes and behaviors of people. Whoever used to meet us, after some time he would become our enemy. What to say about our acquaintances or strangers, neighbors, everyone tried to dominate us. A big reason for all of this was that there was no man in our house. Every one used to feel jealous of us that why are we alive? People could not do this, but they would have killed us. And then blinded with jealousy they would start casting magic spells on us. There were hurdles on every step. No one on the house was healthy. In the past a few relatives also tried to assassinate us. Everyone had stuck their eyes on our house and the little land that our father had left behind. I wonder why people used to look at us with inferiority. We could not tolerate so much humiliation. We used to cry in private. These were the circumstances of our house stated briefly yet comprehensively. Now I want to tell you something about my health. My health used to be bad all the time. One day I used to have one illness. That would not have healed yet and I would contract another disease. I have black pimples on my face for the past 15 years. I tried to get cured according to my financial situation. But after the benefit of 3--4 days everything would become the same again. I contacted many people who make amulets. They told me that filthy things had stuck to my face. They do not let me have any benefit. And that someone had cast a spell so that my face would get distorted. Other than this any thing that I eat or drink does not show a healthy sign on my face.

Other than this the biggest torment that was inflicted on me was that I am suffering from this problem for the past four years. Meaning that I am continuously awake for the past four years. I cannot sleep. Not at any time. Something used to be hit on my head like a hammer. Sleep would circle inside my head, but it would not come into my eyes. Sometimes it used to feel as if something had entered my head from outside. And after roaming in the whole head it has vanished after a while. My head would be exploding with pain all the time. Due to lack of sleep my color had become black. If I treat myself with spiritual cure then after a few days I would want to sleep a lot, but it would not come in my eyes. After this this episode would end as well. During these four and a half years only one day it happened that at 8:00 o clock at night someone made me sleep in a way that I could not feel. And I abandoned all of my activities and slept even unwillingly. I did not know the whole night that how I spent my night? The next day I did not feel that whether I slept at night or not. I used to feel as if my ability to sleep is in someone else's hands. I would sleep if he wills and if he does not will I would not sleep. My plight became that of mad people by staying awake. Then one woman gave us priceless treasure due to which we got an introduction about you. Due to which many of our problems were solved. After getting introduced to you we came to know about monthly Ubqari magazine. The wazaaif present in this magizine solved many of our problems. But one waif that I would particularly like to mention here was یَارَبِّ موسٰی یَا رَبِّ کَلِیْم بِسْمِ اللہِ الرَّحْمٰنِ الرَّحِیْمِ. When I made a routine of this waif my problems have resolved so quickly that sometimes I myself become dumbfounded that what is happening with me. Happiness is all around me. Every day we hear a new good news. Strangers are becoming friends. AMong our relatives and neighbors a strange change is coming. Now they do not look at us with disgust. When they cook something they send it to us. Now some person or the other comes to ask about our mother. I don't know why now everyone meets us with love and respect. Now we have started feeling that that indeed we are also human beings… ! Now we sisters sit together every evening. We talk to each other. My mother tells us many things and we laugh a lot… ! The black spots that I have on my face they have drastically reduced. 50% of my sleep disorder has cured. Now at some of hour of night I can feel that I want to sleep and I sleep well for a few hours. My health has improved a lot. The biggest happy news is that wedding proposals have started coming for my sisters. SO much so that initially no one even liked to talk to us and even see us. Respected hakeem sahib! We have achieved all of this due to reciting the wazifa of [SPACE FOR ARABIC TEXT]. All praise be to Allah! This waif is still continued. And till the time we are alive, this would continue. And prayers for you and your generations as well….!

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