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Ubqari Magazine - January 2015

Dear Readers ! I bring precious pearls for you and does not conceal them. You are also requested to be generous and please share your comments.

(Editor Hakim Muhammad Tariq Mehmood Majzoobi Chughtai)


“If loose motion of children does not stop by any measures and you are tired of visiting hospitals and giving various capsules, tablets, syrups and injections. You are getting hopeless. Just take a pinch equal to a grain of black pepper and give it to the child according to his age. You will be amazed…”



Due to ongoing construction of Roohani Manzil, I frequently visit Murree. This herb is actually very common in the belt of Murree and Azad Kashmir. I had already heard about its powers and effects but one of our well-wishers, Mr. Naseer Abbasi revealed such facts that I was compelled to pick up my pen and write those experiences for the readers. Dear readers, all the experiences I heard about this herb, I am sharing with you. Returning your safe deposits is my life’s department and profession. Come ! collect your deposits:


Zakham Hayat (Healer of wounds) actually gives life to wounds. Oldest of injuries, wound, diabetes, fistula of any type which is incurable, filled with pus and have grown pests, flesh might have rotten to a limit that even bone may be visible so much so that doctors have advised and decided for amputation of that part of leg or body, then this herb of mountains which is well known to all sensible and experienced people of Kashmir is very effective. Just take a few leafs and dry them in shade. Grind them into a fine powder, apply on the effected part and a cover it with cotton dressing. Change this dressing twice a day or after 24 hours. You will get such a result which you cannot imagine. What are its results, its wonders and effects? Human mind is astonished. A gentleman said: “Doctors of CMH Rawalpindi had decided to amputate three fingers of my maternal cousin’s foot due to high level diabetes. Somebody told him about an old man living in a small house in Rawalpindi who can cure this disease. He gives some powder to sprinkle on the wound and anyone who practices this, his wound gets cured, flesh grows again, pus eliminates and the body is saved from amputation. In my helplessness, I went to this Hakim. He inspected my wound. It started to discharge as soon as it was opened. He had a small dirty cloth near him with which he cleaned my wound. Then cleaned it again with clean cotton. He then picked up an old and shabby medicine box and took out a powder from it. He sprinkled that powder on my wound and than bandaged it. He also gave me some of this powder and instructed that: ‘just use this medicine continuously and change the bandage twice a day. Show me this wound again after 8 days.’ I kept changing the bandage twice a day as instructed. After the fourth day, I felt that the wound is getting better. Secretions have stopped and the wound is being healed. When I went to him after 8 days, I decided to give him 500 Rupees. He had earlier charged me Rupees 70 only. When I gave him 500 Rupees, Hakim Sahib was delighted. He gave me more medicine. I used this medicine and after 5 weeks, my wound was fully cured. He gave me the same medicine to take orally as well. He said: ‘Eat this medicine, your diabetes will also get fine’. Readers! You will be surprised. I ate the same medicine and applied the same as well. Diabetes got normal, the wound got cured.” This gentleman added: “I referred 7 or 8 people to that old man. Who so ever used this medicine, his diabetes got cured and wounds healed. Whatever type of wound, either old or fresh, actually heals with this medicine.”


Another Astonishing Benefit:          If loose motion of children does not stop by any measures and you are tired of visiting hospitals and giving various capsules, tablets, syrups and injections. You are getting hopeless. Just take a pinch equal to a grain of black pepper and give it to the child according to his age. You will be amazed. In our old books of medicine it has been mentioned that a Hakim Sahib had some medicine which when he used to pour in flowing water, the water would stop flowing. People were amazed of the skill of that Hakim for stopping the flow of water, whereas it was not the skill of the Hakim but the effect of this herb. When it  has such powers which can stop the flow of water, can’t it stop such loose motions for which all medicines, treatment and remedies by doctors have failed? You use this medicine, only a pinch of it and give such an amazing treatment to your patients with incurable diseases that will eliminate forever.


I submitted to Abbasi Sahib that: “Pse give me your observations and experiences in writing. I will be extremely thankful.” The observations and experiences he shared are given as under:


Grind Zakham Hayat to an extent that it becomes a fine powder which can pass through a cloth, and preserve it. It is exceptional for loose motions. For grown up people suffering from upset stomach, give them half teaspoonful of this medicine with cold milk or water as required. For young children, give them a pinch of Zakhm Hayat with teaspoon of milk. The powder may be mixed with milk in the spoon. It will provide instant relief. A young boy remained admitted in PIMS hospital for few months but his lose motions could not be controlled by doctors’ medicines. When he was given half a spoon of Zakham Hayat mixed in milk thrice a day, he got well within a few days. A young girl of 4 years age whose stomach used to continuously remain upset, I saw her grandfather crying. When enquired, he said that they have been blessed with this child by Almighty after a lot of prayers and the girl is now admitted in Christian Hospital, Taxila. I provided that gentleman with Zakham Hayat. A pinch of the medicine was given with milk to the child for three days. The child got healthy. She is now 12 years old and has never suffered from any stomach ailment since then.


External use of Zakham Hayat:       An elderly woman was bitten by a dog. Her wound developed parasites. When I came to know, I brought them powdered Zakham Hayat and told her daughter in law to apply it on her wound every day. Application of the same for a week cured her wound which was 2 to 2½ years old. The parasites also died.


I saw a man who had a bruise on his foot. When enquired he informed that it is an old wound and as he is diabetic, the same is not being healed. When I gave him the powdered Zakaham Hayat, he used it only for 15 days and the old bruise got cured.


In short, Zakham Hayat is an exceptional medicine for taking orally and applying externally. It is also excellent for joint pains. Whoever used it, he found great results.

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