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Tolerance increases with exercise

Ubqari Magazine - September 2014

Warzish sey Qowat-e-bardasht mein Izafa

What is happiness? It is very difficult to define it. Similarly it is difficult to define health. You feel the real value of health only when you fall sick. Otherwise we never realize how food and exercise is important for our health. Some people consider healthy food as an important part of health whereas others consider exercise as a vital part of health. Some people also take it as a psychological matter. It means that if you think are healthy then you are healthy, if you think you are sick then ultimately you will be sick.

This school of thought is wrong. As fresh water, fresh air is required apart from food is essential for health, then exercise is also very much important for good health. Only good food cannot be the only reason for good health.

Exercise is necessary. But the requirement of exercise is power and energy. As we feel more hungry in childhood, young age, we also are very active is everything else. People who full fill these requirements are able to have an energy filled body.

This type of energy is also referred as Tolerance. It is impossible to have any physical activity with it. That is the reason why elder people used to advice that children should increase their energy level and tolerance level by eating and different physical activities.

What is tolerance? It is the ability of a body to do any physical activity with full involvement. This ability is provided by our lungs, heart, arteries, and veins. This is important that these organs are all healthy and involved equally. One expert have said that any type of physical activity ranging from a walk to horse riding are totally based on tolerance level. If your tolerance level is less then you will not be able to do a walk. If your tolerance level is high then you can even do tough activities like horse riding.

During any physical activity, our organs consume three times more energy than usual. This decreases the oxygen level in our lungs. The lungs then try to get more oxygen by pumping more blood through heart. That is the reason that our heart rate increases and we breathe vigorously.

For example: before your exercise, your heart rate is 120 per minute. But after you are used to of exercising, you heart rate will be equal to 120 per minute during the exercise also. Your body will be consuming more oxygen on the same heart rate. Because your body has developed higher tolerance level.

The raise n tolerance level has very good effect on the overall body. You will not need to require more energy to do any physical activity as your body is used to it already and you will remain active for longer period of time. You will also not get tired easily. The person who exercises more is able to provide more oxygen to its organs.

You must have heard of air book exercise that means Air/oxygen exercise. Organs need energy during exercising. And oxygen is needed to provide that energy to organs.

Muscles shrink and then expand during any exercise like cycling and jogging. When these muscles shrink, the blood vessels also shrink which ends in less supply of blood. Whereas when these muscles expand, the blood vessels also expand resulting in providing blood to the organs and this blood provides them oxygen.

Jogging, cycling and swimming exercise are known as air book exercises. The practice of breathing should continue in all exercise. Many of yoga exercises and Chinese exercise have demonstrated the breathing practices during exercise. The oxygen level decreases if the breathing is not done properly and that is the reason that you get tired quickly.

Therefore think properly before you start exercising that you should be continuing it forever. And also you need to understand that the result of exercise will not be shown right away. After preparing yourself mentally, then you can start exercising. In the beginning start with little exercise so that you organs will get use to off muscle shrinking and expanding. This will also develop your tolerance level and you will be able to do more exercise without getting tired.




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